Yale New Haven Hospital Jobs

A total of 47 Yale New Haven Hospital jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $62,981
Salary Range: $38,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Associate Hospital Epidemiologist2$141kNA
Associate Physician Hospital Epidemiologist1$141kNA
Ob Gyn Attending Physician1$138kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists1$136kNA
Medical Physicist II Radiation Oncology2$133k
Medical And Health Services Manager2$133k
Medical Physicist1$114kNA
Health Care Program Manager1$113kNA
Radiological Physicist6$102k
Management Analyst1$99kNA
Radological Physicist1$96kNA
Project Management Analyst1$85kNA
Executive Project Specialist3$80kNA
Resident Physician Fellow1$78kNA
Fellow In Hospital Administration1$75kNA
Radiation Therapist1$75kNA
Administrative Fellow3$72k
Medical Technologist2$71k
Clinical Fellow4$70k
Nuclear Cardiology Fellow1$69kNA
Resident Physician VII2$66k
Resident Physician Clinical Fellow3$66k
Resident Physician VI5$65k
Resident Permit1$62kNA
Resident Physician V4$61k
Bmdi Analayst1$59kNA
Medicine Cardiology Fellow1$59kNA
Nuclear Cardiology Fellow Resident Physician1$59kNA
Nephrology Fellow1$59kNA
Resident Physician IV11$58k
Resident Physician95$57k
Resident Physician III7$55k
Infectious Disease Fellow1$55kNA
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Program1$55kNA
Medical Technologist A1$55kNA
Physical Therapist1$54kNA
Credentialing Specialist1$52kNA
Resident Physician Dentistry1$52kNA
Resident Physician II14$51k
Certified Medical Technologist1$50kNA
Resident Physician I12$49k
Resident Physican II1$47kNA
Resident Podiatric Medicine1$42kNA
Resident Podiatry Physician1$42kNA
Residen Podietry Medicine1$42kNA
Residen Physician1$42kNA
Pharmacy Resident1$38kNA