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A total of 4,867 real salary data listed for Yahoo.

Salary Average: $94,086
Salary Range: $40,227

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Senior Vp Corporate DevelopmentYahoo$300kSunnyvale, CA (09/2003)
VP Product Management Local ProductYahoo$285kSunnyvale, CA (02/2011)
VP General Manager Yahoo PersonalsYahoo$250kSunnyvale, CA (09/2004)
Management AnalystYahoo$235kNew York, NY (09/2014)
VP Corporate ControllerYahoo$230kSunnyvale, CA (12/2005)
Senior Director Design LanguageYahoo$230kSunnyvale, CA (09/2011)
Senior Director Product ManagementYahoo$205kSan Francisco, CA (07/2014)
Senior Director Ops Finance Fa RYahoo$203kSunnyvale, CA (11/2012)
General And Operations ManagerYahoo$200kSan Francisco, CA (01/2014)
Software Developer ApplicationYahoo$198kSan Francisco, CA (09/2012)
LogisticianYahoo$197kSunnyvale, CA (10/2012)
Computer And Information System ManagerYahoo$197kSunnyvale, CA (08/2012)
Computer And Information System ManagerYahoo$195kSunnyvale, CA (05/2011)
Computer And Information System ManagerYahoo$193kSanta Clara, CA (08/2011)
VP Product ManagementYahoo$191kSan Francisco, CA (07/2012)
Director Program ManagementYahoo$190kSunnyvale, CA (04/2010)
Software Developer ApplicationYahoo$190kSunnyvale, CA (02/2012)
Software Developer ApplicationYahoo$188kSunnyvale, CA (06/2014)
Director Business Planning And OperationsYahoo$188kSunnyvale, CA (01/2014)
Director Software System Developer EngineeringYahoo$185kSunnyvale, CA (03/2012)