Xerox Jobs

A total of 206 Xerox jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $80,996
Salary Range: $32,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Chief Financial Officer1$650kNA
Vp Strategy1$202kNA
Vp Strategy Business Development1$186kNA
Director Business Strategy2$175k
Director Corporate Strategic Intelligence1$160kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$136kNA
Director Of Business Operations2$136k
Marketing Manager2$133k
Director Of North American Customer Support Center1$122kNA
Manager Strategic Initiatives1$122kNA
Business Manager Consultant1$120kNA
Design Hardware Engineer1$107kNA
Research And Technology Computer Scientist II1$106kNA
R T Computer Scientist Engineer II1$102kNA
Senior Software Engineer3$101k
System And Control Engineer1$101kNA
Member Of Research Technology Staff1$100kNA
Research Scientist Large Scale Machine Learning1$100kNA
Mgr Customer Engagement Solutions1$100kNA
Manager Customer Engagement Solutions1$100kNA
Computer System Analyst6$100k
Manager Of Network Services4$99k
Engineering Specialist Project Manager I1$96kNA
Finance Planning And Analysis Manager2$95kNA
Engineering Specialist Marking Process1$95kNA
Research And Technology Imaging Color Scientist II1$95kNA
Mechanical Engineer Technical Project Lead2$95kNA
Mrts II Diagnostics System Engineer2$95k
Member Research Technology Staff1$94kNA
Software Localization Project Manager1$94kNA
Research And Technology Computer Scientist Engineer7$94k
Research Scientist1$94kNA
Member Of Research Staff1$94kNA
Design Software Engineer1$94kNA
Manager Of System Engineering Platform Adv1$93kNA
Senior Finance Software Engineer7$93k
Member Research Tech Staff II2$93k
Postdoctoral Researcher1$93kNA
Software Localization Project Engineer5$93k
Research And Technology Engineer II1$92kNA
Research Staff1$92kNA
Research Technology Operations Research Industri1$92kNA
System Analyst Team Lead2$92kNA
Member Research And Technology Staff II1$91kNA
Offshore Coordinator2$91k
Software Design Development Engineer1$90kNA
Lead Oracle Erp Database Administrator7$90k
Manager Of Professional Services1$90kNA
Research Member III1$90kNA
Member Research Tech II Social Comp Res1$90kNA
Research And Staff Member1$90kNA
Senior Engineer Chemicals Materials Design Develo1$90kNA
Technical Specialist Program Manager1$89kNA
Member Of Research Technology Staff Electrical III1$89kNA
Software Developer Application3$88k
Imaging Design Development Engineer1$88kNA
Member Research Technology Staff II10$87k
Research And Technology Engineering System Scient3$87k
Color And Imaging Engineer1$87kNA
Usability Specialist1$86kNA
Senior Marking Scientist1$86kNA
Functional Test Engineer1$86kNA
Member Of Research Technology Staff II8$86k
Member Of Research Tech Staff II2$85k
Database Administrator1$85kNA
Enterprise Database Architect1$85kNA
Internal Controls Manager1$85kNA
Member Research Technical Staff II1$85kNA
Senior Chemist Materials Research And Technology1$85kNA
Mrts Multi Disciplinary Complex System Research1$85kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow R T Computer Science Engineer1$85kNA
Engineer II Real Time Control Software1$85kNA
Fusing System Engineer1$84kNA
Member Of Research And Technology Staff III2$84k
Image Scientist1$84kNA
Nanoscientist Nanotechnologist2$84k
Business Change Manager2$84k
Software System Engineer1$83kNA
Material Scientist Solid Ink Print Process Dev1$83kNA
Senior Engineer5$83k
Member Of Research And Technology Staff II4$82k
Senior Chemical Engineer Emulsion Polymers1$82kNA
Eng Spec I Product System Development1$82kNA
Technical Task Manager Technical Lead1$82kNA
Materials Engineer2$82k
Member Of Research And Technology II1$81kNA
Senior Engineer Marking Process2$81kNA
Technical Assistant Global Purchasing1$81kNA
Datawarehouse Architect1$80kNA
Software Localization Prj Eng1$80kNA
Member Of The Research And Technology Staff1$80kNA
Technical Specialist Project Manager1$80kNA
Engineer I Real Time Control Software1$79kNA
Mechanical Engineer5$79k
Senior Engineer Print Head Jetting1$79kNA
Engineer I Electrical Design Development Engineer1$78kNA
Electrical Engineer7$78k
Process Development Engineer1$78kNA
Mechanical Design Engineer2$78k
Senior IT Engineer2$77k
Color And Imaging Scientist1$77kNA
Associate Eng II System App Software Design Developm1$77kNA
Associate Eng II Real Time Control Software Design De1$77kNA
Associate Eng I Real Time Control Software Design D1$77kNA
Senior Engineer System Application Software Design D1$77kNA
Senior Engineer System Application Software D D2$77kNA
Engineer II System Application Software Design1$77kNA
Remanufacturing Engineer2$76k
Senior Engineer System Application Software4$76k
Technical Team Lead1$76kNA
Engineer Marking Process1$75kNA
Embedded Design System Engineer1$75kNA
Member Of Research Technical Staff II1$75kNA
Marking System Engineer1$74kNA
Associate Eng II Marking Process Design And Devel1$74kNA
Realtime Control Sw Design Development Engineer1$74kNA
Member Of The Research And Technology Staff I1$73kNA
Mechatronics Mechanical Engineer2$73k
Marking Process Design Dev Engineer3$73k
Engineer I System Application Software Developme1$73kNA
Mechanical Engineer Analyst1$73kNA
Associate Engineer I Marking Process D D1$73kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software2$73k
Computer Software Engineer Application3$72k
Senior Analyst Strategy Business Development1$72kNA
Member Of Research And Technology Staff I1$72kNA
Software Engineer34$72k
Financial Analyst2$72k
Associate IT Delivery Analyst Data Warehouse Envir1$72kNA
Engineer II Mechanical Design Development Engineer1$71kNA
System Application Software D D Engineer1$71kNA
Information Architect Documentation Training A1$71kNA
Member Of Research Tech Staff I System Apps1$71kNA
Member Of Research Technology Staff I5$71k
Software Developer8$70k
Marking Process Design Development Engineer1$70kNA
Digital Imaging Engineer1$70kNA
Research Scientist II1$70kNA
Electrical Hardware Engineer2$70kNA
Engineer Real Time Control1$70kNA
Xerographics System Engineer1$70kNA
Manufacturing Engineer Technical Support1$70kNA
Software Developer Senior Consultant1$70kNA
Engineering Specialist1$69kNA
Embedded System Engineer1$69kNA
Industrial Designer1$69kNA
Technical Publications Writer1$69kNA
Associate Engineer II Marketing Process D D1$68kNA
Associate Engineer5$68k
Application Developer1$68kNA
Engineer I System Software1$67kNA
Fusing Process Engineer2$67k
Mechatronics System Engineer1$67kNA
Associate Eng II System Application Software Design D1$67kNA
System Architect2$66k
Integrated Supply Chain Analyst1$66kNA
System Architech1$66kNA
Computer Support Specialist1$65kNA
Real Time Controls Engineer1$65kNA
Business Operations Analyst2$65k
Communication And Strategy Analyst1$65kNA
Senior C Developer1$65kNA
Product Marketing And Launch Specialist2$65kNA
Member Research Technology Staff I3$65k
Mechanical Design Development Engineer4$65k
Macrouniformity Engineer2$65kNA
Platform Developer2$64k
Engineer II Mechanical D D Engineer3$63kNA
Incubation System Manager1$62kNA
System Engineer Project Planner1$62kNA
Customer Solution Specialist1$62kNA
Database Administrator Tech Support Engineer1$62kNA
Engineering System Integration Engineer1$62kNA
Associate IT Service Delivery Analyst1$62kNA
Project Chemist2$61k
Process Engineer2$61k
Associate Engineer II5$60k
Software Tester1$60kNA
Fusing Design Engineer1$60kNA
Associate Engineer II Electrical D D1$59kNA
Senior Contract Specialist2$59k
Internal Control Specialist2$58kNA
Finance And Marketing Analyst1$58kNA
System Analyst1$58kNA
Member Research And Technology Staff I1$57kNA
Associate System Engineer2$56k
Associate Engineer II Real Time Control Software D D1$56kNA
Embedded Realtime Controls Software Engineer1$56kNA
Inventory Analyst1$55kNA
Staff Accountant1$55kNA
Prof Svcs Tech Consultant1$55kNA
Electrical Design Enginner1$55kNA
Associate Engineer I System Application D D1$55kNA
Associate Engineering System Integration Engineer II1$54kNA
Project Analyst1$53kNA
Associate Engineer II Mech D D1$51kNA
Contract Specialist1$51kNA
Engineer I Chemical Materials Design Development1$48kNA
Senior Document Processing Analyst2$47kNA
Technical Lead Operations2$46kNA
Weekend Operations Manager1$46kNA
Software Quality Assurance Tester1$45kNA
Data Analyst1$44kNA
Dmo Human Resources Specialist1$37kNA
Account Associate System Analyst1$32kNA