Wyeth Jobs

A total of 205 Wyeth jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $90,541
Salary Range: $43,680

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Vp Worldwide Regulatory Affairs1$325kNA
Director Worldwide Regulatory Affairs1$325kNA
Vp Research1$293kNA
V P Inflammation Discovery Research Strategy1$260kNA
Vp And Global Business Manager Rapamune1$245kNA
V P Applied Immunolgy Microbiology1$235kNA
Vp Discovery Strategy Portfolio Management1$229kNA
VP Vaccine Manufacturing1$228kNA
General Manager Venezuela1$228kNA
VP Operations1$214kNA
Vp Regulatory Affairs Europe1$213kNA
VP Neuroscience Discovery Research1$210kNA
Assistant VP Strategy Portfolio Management1$200kNA
Assistant VP Discovery Operations1$200kNA
Executive Director U S Marketing1$183kNA
Assistant VP Vaccines Therapy Service1$173kNA
Executive Director1$173kNA
Director Of Project Management1$170kNA
Assistant V P Global Business Intelligence1$168kNA
Senior Dir Discovery Research Strategy Communication1$160kNA
Us Product Director Rapamune1$155kNA
Principal Pathologist1$155kNA
Industrial Production Manager1$155kNA
Associate Director Clinical Research1$151kNA
Tax Counsel1$150kNA
Director Tumor Cell Signaling1$150kNA
Director Drug Safety And Metabolism1$144kNA
Senior Director Pharma I1$144kNA
Director Clinical Research1$144kNA
VP And Global Business Manager1$140kNA
Natural Sciences Manager1$140kNA
Senior Director Polysaccharide Production Unit1$138kNA
Director Discovery Research Strategy1$137kNA
Associate Director Regulatory Affairs1$130kNA
Senior Product Manager1$129kNA
Associate Director Discovery Interface1$124kNA
Associate Director2$124k
Director Quality Validation2$123k
Director Portfolio Management2$123k
Senior Veterinary Pathologist1$123kNA
Associate Director Application Development1$120kNA
Purchasing Manager1$119kNA
Associate Director Strategic Sourcing1$119kNA
Associate Dir Medical Monitor1$115kNA
Associate Director Pharmaceutical Information System2$113kNA
Associate Director Worldwide Regulatory Affairs1$113kNA
Senior Consultant Application Development2$112k
Associate Director Of Network Planning1$111kNA
Senior Category Manager Biologics Third Party1$111kNA
Marketing Manager1$111kNA
Replenishment Supply Chain Manager1$110kNA
Associate Director External Supply Manufacturing1$110kNA
Associate Director Quality Assurance Validation1$109kNA
Senior Category Manager1$109kNA
Replenishment Manager Cst1$109kNA
Associate Director Clinical Writing3$108k
Principal Research Scientist II3$108k
Associate Director Strategic Planning1$107kNA
Product Manager1$107kNA
Associate Pathologist1$106kNA
Senior Manager Demand Planning1$105kNA
Director Sci R D1$103kNA
Associate Director Portfolio Management2$103k
Manager Regulatory Information1$102kNA
Associate Product Manager2$102k
Principal Research Scientist I11$102k
Manager Hcp Insights1$101kNA
Market Research Analyst1$100kNA
Manager Global Market Research1$100kNA
Senior Manager Global Labeling1$99kNA
Principal Resarch Scientist I1$98kNA
Assistant Director I Clinical Scientist1$98kNA
Associate Director Health Outcomes1$98kNA
Principal Research Scientist I Chem1$98kNA
Assistant Director Medical Research1$98kNA
Software Engineer System1$96kNA
Senior System Engineer1$96kNA
Principal Statistician1$96kNA
IT Consultant1$96kNA
Technology Lead Business System And Processes1$95kNA
Consultant Application Development2$95k
Application Development Consultant2$95k
Category Manager Third Party Manufacturing1$95kNA
Management Analyst1$94kNA
Commodity Manager1$94kNA
Senior Research Scientist II Chemistry1$93kNA
Senior Health Outcomes Scientist4$93k
Manager Strategic Forecasting2$93k
Principal Technical Services Scientist1$93kNA
Senior Consultant I Compliance Council1$93kNA
Global Brand Team Project Manager1$93kNA
Gdt Project Manager1$93kNA
Senior System Engineer I1$90kNA
Mba Rotational Associate1$90kNA
Principal Pre Clinical Writer1$90kNA
Validation Team Lead2$90kNA
Senior Research Scientist II43$89k
Senior Research Scientist II Api1$88kNA
Senior Information Scientist II4$88k
Senior Manager Marketed Products Forecasting1$88kNA
Application Developer1$88kNA
Project Manager New Drug Development1$88kNA
Senior Research Chemist II1$87kNA
Audit Manager II2$87k
Senior Research Scientist I Microbiology1$86kNA
Senior Research Scientist I Chemistry3$86k
Manager Asia Pacific Operations1$86kNA
Section Head Formulation Devel Vaccine Delivery1$86kNA
Senior Clinical Scientist II2$86k
Consultant Application Developer1$85kNA
Senior Research Scientist II Purification Development1$85kNA
Regional Team Leader1$85kNA
Manager Process Development And Engineering1$85kNA
Senior Clinical Pharmacokineticist1$84kNA
Quality Control Manager2$84kNA
Senior Research Scientist I46$84k
Audit Manager II Gcp1$84kNA
Senior Epidemiologist1$83kNA
Senior Engineer1$83kNA
Senior Reserach Scientist I1$83kNA
General Counsel President1$83kNA
Senior Research Scientist I Pharmacy2$83k
Senior Information Scientist I1$82kNA
Senior Biostatistician2$82k
Global Portfolio Associate1$82kNA
Assistant Product Manager1$82kNA
Staff Scientist II3$82k
Principal Biostatistician3$82k
Senior IT Engineer2$81k
Senior Quality Control Scientist II1$81kNA
Statistical Programmer II1$81kNA
Senior Analyst Promotion Response Analysis1$81kNA
Research Scientist II Chem Screening Sciences1$81kNA
Manager Health Policy Research Analysis1$81kNA
Senior Research Scientist2$80k
Biostatician II2$80k
Validation Specialist1$79kNA
Senior Statistician1$79kNA
Senior Information Technology Engineer1$79kNA
Senior Engineer Application Development1$79kNA
Research Scientist III8$78k
Technology Scientist IV1$77kNA
Cell Culture Supervisor1$77kNA
Staff Scientist I4$76k
Senior Validation Specialist I1$76kNA
Staff Scientist1$75kNA
Validation Engineer IV1$75kNA
Research Scientist I Molecular Biology1$73kNA
Human Resources Associate2$73k
Engineer IV1$72kNA
Production Supervisor1$72kNA
Manager Market Research1$72kNA
Research Scientist I Chemistry2$72kNA
Process Supervisor3$71k
Senior Nutritional Formulation Specialist3$71k
Research Scientist II10$71k
Purchasing Analyst1$71kNA
Quality Control Scientist IV2$70kNA
Industrial Engineer2$70k
Hr Rotational Associate1$70kNA
Business Analyst1$70kNA
Validation Engineer III1$69kNA
Engineer III1$69kNA
Pharmaceutical Scientist1$68kNA
Research Scientist II Biology1$68kNA
Senior Principal Pre Clinical Writer1$68kNA
Psychiatry Sales Manager1$68kNA
Psychiatry Speciality Manager1$68kNA
Research Scientist I7$68k
Bioprocess Engineer III1$66kNA
Psychiatry Specialty Manager1$65kNA
Senior Associate Scientist1$64kNA
Research Scientist I Chemical Sciences1$64kNA
Principal Lead Scientist I3$64k
Associate Scientist In Organic Chemistry2$63k
Quality Control Scientist1$63kNA
Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist II1$63kNA
Site Project Management Leader1$63kNA
Assistant Clinical Pharmacokinetics1$63kNA
Biostatistician I3$62k
Engineer II2$60k
Research Chemist II Chemistry1$60kNA
Scientist II Molecular Biology1$58kNA
Bioprocess Engineer II1$58kNA
Packaging Engineer1$58kNA
Associate Process Engineer1$58kNA
Scientist II Microbiology1$57kNA
Scientist III1$56kNA
Scientist II7$56k
Scientist I2$56k
Quality Control Scientist II1$55kNA
Territory Representative1$53kNA
Control System Engineer1$50kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Structural Biology1$48kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow6$48k
Postdoctoral Fellow23$47k
Postdoctoral Research Scientist1$45kNA
Research Associate1$45kNA
Training Specialist II1$45kNA