Wright State University Jobs

A total of 105 Wright State University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $56,047
Salary Range: $20,031

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Medical And Health Services Manager1$270kNA
Assistant Professor Clinical1$160kNA
Director Med Educ Vascular Surgery1$160kNA
Business Teacher Postsecondary1$120kNA
Global Hlth Syst Dirct R Assistant Professor1$115kNA
Plastic Surgeon1$104kNA
Assistant Professor Of Finance1$104kNA
Computer And Research Scientist1$81kNA
Assistant Dean Program Director1$80kNA
Assistant Professor86$79k
Associate Professor4$75k
Computer Science Teacher Postsecondary2$73k
Health Specialties Teacher Postsecondary1$72kNA
Biomedical Engineer1$70kNA
Biological Science Teacher Postsecondary2$69k
Research Engineer8$66k
Associate Director Post Award1$62kNA
Senior Research Associate2$61k
Image Processing Specialist1$60kNA
System Programmer Analyst4$60k
Visiting Scientist1$57kNA
Senior Research Assoicate1$57kNA
Mathematical Science Teacher Postsecondary4$57k
Social Work Teacher Postsecondary1$56kNA
Director Development Program1$56kNA
Chemistry Teacher Postsecondary1$56kNA
System Prgrammer Analyst1$56kNA
Education Teacher Post Secondary1$56kNA
Computer System Analyst2$55k
Assistant Director Post Award1$55kNA
Assistant Director International Gateway1$55kNA
Programmer Analyst I3$55k
Research Scientist11$55k
Engineering Teacher Postsecondary2$54k
Visiting Assistant Professor4$54k
Electrical Engineer R D1$53kNA
English Language And Literature Teacher1$50kNA
Postdocotoral Research Fellow1$50kNA
Web Developer3$49k
Software Engineer Application1$48kNA
History Teacher Post Secondary1$48kNA
System Developer3$47k
Education Teacher Postsecondary2$47k
Web Application Multimedia Developer4$46k
Research Assistant16$46k
Dir International Student Recruitment1$45kNA
Director International Student Rectruitment1$45kNA
Mba Advisor2$45k
Research Assistant Professor4$44k
Research Associate24$44k
Software Developer8$43k
Assistant Dir Development Alumni Relations1$43kNA
Assistant Prof Of Spanish1$42kNA
Image Prpocessing Specialist1$42kNA
Instructor Of Finance4$42k
Head Swimming Diving Coach1$42kNA
Foreign Language And Literature Teacher Postsecondary2$41k
Educational Vocational And School Counselor1$41kNA
Research Programmer2$41kNA
Human Factors Engineer2$40kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow7$40k
Clinical Research Associate2$40kNA
Business Analyst1$40kNA
Postdoctoral Research Scientist1$40kNA
Usability Analyst1$40kNA
Software Tester2$40kNA
System Engineer1$40kNA
Test Evaluation Engineer2$40kNA
Research Business Coordinator2$40k
Postdoctoral Fellow3$39k
Biochemist And Biophysicists2$39k
Transfer Articulation Encoder Cas Administrator1$38kNA
Research Associate I5$38k
Faculty Associate3$37k
Postdoctoral Researcher14$37k
Postdoctoral Research Associate10$36k
Assistant Director Undergrad Admissions1$36kNA
Academic Advisor1$36kNA
Visiting Researcher3$35k
Surgery Postdoctoral Fellow1$35kNA
Assistant Research Professor1$34kNA
Community Coordinator1$34kNA
Coordinator Of Technology2$34k
Instructor Of Spanish1$32kNA
Research Assistant II3$32k
Education Abroad International Visitor Advisor1$32kNA
Educ Abroad International Visitor Advisor1$32kNA
Track Field Coach2$32k
Adjunct Instructor Of Economics1$31kNA
Assistant Swimming Coach1$28kNA
Research Assistant I4$27k
Life Scientist R D1$27kNA
Program Coordinator2$26k
Community Director2$26k
Coaches And Scouts1$25kNA
Community Director Residence Life1$25kNA
Assistant Swim Coach1$24kNA
Assistant Men S Women S Cross Country Track Coac1$24kNA