Worleyparsons Group Jobs

A total of 178 Worleyparsons Group jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $106,458
Salary Range: $45,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Facilities Manager1$306kNA
Project Director1$306kNA
Senior Program Director3$294k
Lead Electrical Engineer Hebron1$283kNA
Department Manager Senior Engineer1$282kNA
VP Director Of Finance Major Projec1$274kNA
Department Manager Senior Engineering1$261kNA
Project Procurement Manager1$260kNA
Principal Technical Consultant6$250k
Marketing Communications Director1$250kNA
Principal Safety And Risk Consultant1$248kNA
Principal Pipe Stress Engineer1$244kNA
Director Of Asset Services1$220kNA
System Engineering Manager2$205kNA
People Director Vp Worleyparsons Services North1$200kNA
Principal Technical Consultant Completions Manage2$198kNA
Chief Process Engineer1$198kNA
Senior Technical Consultant3$195k
Process Engineering Specialist1$195kNA
Senior Engineering Manager1$185kNA
Principal Structural Designer1$183kNA
Senior Project Manager2$181k
Principal Project Manager1$180kNA
Senior Supervising Engineer Metallurgist1$177kNA
Senior Supervising Naval Architect1$171kNA
Commissioning Manager1$170kNA
Construction Manager1$168kNA
Senior Supervising Process Engineer2$166k
Engineering Data Management System Specialist1$165kNA
Technical Consultant II2$161k
Supervising Structural Engineer2$156kNA
Completions Manager1$155kNA
Senior Supervising Engineer8$154k
Lead Supplier Data Document Controller1$151kNA
Senior Supervising Designer1$151kNA
Director Of Operations1$150kNA
Supervising Naval Architect1$149kNA
Senior Project Principal Piping Designer1$148kNA
Specialist Piping Engineer Technical Consultant1$146kNA
Senior Principal Designer2$144k
Architectural And Engineering Manager9$144k
Project Manager II1$144kNA
Business Services Manager1$143kNA
Supervising Process Engineer8$141k
Principal Engineer8$141k
Business Development Manager Caribbean1$140kNA
Principal Construction Specialist1$139kNA
Project Manager5$138k
Marian System Interface Coordinator1$138kNA
Supervising Civil Structural Engineer1$137kNA
Supervising Engineer4$137k
Engineering Manager7$136k
Lead Process Engineer1$136kNA
Project Engineering Manager1$136kNA
Senior Project Control Manager2$136k
Supervising Engineer Instrument Control1$135kNA
Technical Consultant I2$133k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$133kNA
Technical Constultant I1$131kNA
Project Control Manager1$130kNA
Engineering Project Manager1$130kNA
Principal Project Engineer5$129k
Software Developer Application1$126kNA
Project Manager Engineering1$125kNA
Senior Environmental Specialist1$125kNA
Principal Engineer Instrumentation Control Syste1$125kNA
Senior Telecommunications Engineer1$125kNA
Principal Structural Engineer2$125k
Supervising Instrumentation Engineer2$124kNA
Principal Cad Analyst3$124k
Senior Principal Piping Designer2$123k
Principal Civil Structural Engineer1$121kNA
Supervising Engineer Telecommunications1$120kNA
Principal Engineer Instrumentation Controls1$119kNA
Principal Designer2$117k
Technical Information Manager1$114kNA
Principal Control System Engineer1$114kNA
Senior Supervisnig Process Engineer1$113kNA
Principal Process Engineer10$113k
Senior Project Control Analyst1$110kNA
Principal Engineering Specialist1$108kNA
Senior Engineer Instrument Control System1$108kNA
Senior Materials Engineer1$106kNA
Senior Civil Structural Engineer1$104kNA
Lead Mechanical Engineer1$104kNA
Senior Process Engineer23$104k
Engineering Specialist Naval Architect1$104kNA
Health And Safety Engineer Except Mining Safety Engineer And Inspectors1$104kNA
Principal Project Control Specialist3$103k
Senior Project Engineer1$103kNA
Principal Mechanical Engineer1$102kNA
Senior Engineering Specialist Structural1$102kNA
Senior Instrument And Control Engineer1$101kNA
Principal Piping Designer4$101k
Senior Structural Engineer2$100k
Electrical Engineer6$100k
Mechanical Engineer16$100k
Senior Principal Design Designer1$100kNA
Senior Mechanical Engineer6$99k
Senior Engineer12$98k
Environmental Engineer2$98k
Chemical Engineer16$98k
Principal Engineer Instrument And Controls1$95kNA
Civil Structural Engineer II1$95kNA
Senior Structural Designer1$94kNA
Pipeline Engineer II1$94kNA
Senior Engineer Water Waste Water1$94kNA
Specialist Principal Engineering4$94k
Civil Structural Engineer1$94kNA
Principal Engineer Civil Structural1$94kNA
Mechanical Engineer II7$92k
Project Engineer Instrumentation Control System1$92kNA
Process Engineer II19$92k
Principal System Technician1$92kNA
Senior Technical Specialist2$91k
Environmental Engineer II2$90k
Civil Engineer10$90k
Information System Project Coordinator2$88k
Structural Engineer II4$88k
Project Engineer4$86k
Senior Engineer Process Safety Fire Protection1$85kNA
Geotechnical Engineer2$85kNA
Engineer II15$85k
Senior Engineer Fire Protection1$84kNA
Senior Plant Operations Engineer1$84kNA
Engineer II Civil Structural1$84kNA
Senior Mechanical Engineering Consultant1$84kNA
Consultant Water Waste Water1$83kNA
Senior Civil Structural Designer1$83kNA
Associate Process Safety Engineer1$82kNA
Senior Electrical Engineering Consultant1$82kNA
Piping Technical Specialist II1$81kNA
Electrical Engineer II2$81k
Instrumentation Engineer II2$81k
Process Engineer I31$81k
Project Engineer I1$81kNA
Business Development Coordinator1$80kNA
Civil Structural Engineer I1$80kNA
Field Liaison Structural Engineer1$79kNA
Computer System Analyst1$79kNA
Civil Engineer I1$78kNA
Instrument Engineer II1$78kNA
Engineer II Structural1$78kNA
Structural Engineer5$76k
Tendon Riser Engineer1$76kNA
Engineer Instrumentation Control1$76kNA
Structural Engineer I11$76k
Electrical Engineer I6$76k
Engineer I Instrumentation Control System1$75kNA
Construction Specialist1$75kNA
Engineer I31$74k
Process Engineer10$73k
Civil Engineer II1$73kNA
Pipelines Mechanical Engineer1$72kNA
Pressure Vessel Engineer I1$71kNA
Mechanical Engineer I6$71k
Asssociate Electrical Engineer1$70kNA
Supervising Civil Engineer1$70kNA
Naval Architect I2$70k
Associate Structural Engineer6$69k
Project Control Analyst I1$69kNA
Project Controls Analyst1$68kNA
Associate Process Engineer13$67k
Enginer I Instrument Controls1$67kNA
Engineer I Instrument Controls1$67kNA
Associate Civil Structural Engineer1$67kNA
Associate Mechanical Engineer7$66k
Project Control Specialist I1$65kNA
Project Controls Specialist I1$64kNA
Project Control Specialist2$63k
Associate Technical Specialist3$63k
Associate Electrical Engineer2$63k
Associate Engineer12$62k
Associate Instrument Engineer1$60kNA
Associate Piping Engineer1$58kNA
Architectural Drafter1$58kNA
Hydrogeologist I2$57k
Associate Project Controls Specialist1$48kNA