Woodbridge Salary, NJ

A total of 68,066 real salary data found within 10 miles of Woodbridge, NJ.

Salary Average: $64,052
Salary Range: $14,020

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Marketing ManagerV Spice$71kGillette, NJ (07/2009)
Marketing ManagerV Spice$70kGillette, NJ (06/2009)
Nursery WorkerGreat Swamp Greenhouses$29kGillette, NJ (09/2012)
Instructional CoordinatorWashington Sports Group$55kGillette, NJ (03/2012)
Director Of AthleticsWashington Sports Group$60kGillette, NJ (08/2011)
Industrial EngineerSabinsa$52kPiscataway, NJ (06/2009)
Computer Software Engineer ApplicationEz Solutions$63kPiscataway, NJ (03/2009)
Computer Software Engineer ApplicationExternetworks$77kPiscataway, NJ (08/2009)
Software EngineerDatametrics Software Systems$63kPiscataway, NJ (01/2009)
Computer System AnalystPrg Systems$74kPiscataway, NJ (06/2009)
Computer ProgrammerPrg Systems$68kPiscataway, NJ (03/2009)
Engineering ManagerIngersoll Rand$87kPiscataway, NJ (04/2009)
Computer Specialists All OtherSubex Technologies$51kPiscataway, NJ (04/2009)
Java DeveloperNcs Technologies$91kPiscataway, NJ (04/2009)
Computer ProgrammerBluesoft Solutions$68kPiscataway, NJ (08/2009)
Programmer Analyst IIISynechron$60kPiscataway, NJ (07/2009)
Programmer AnalystLogistic Solutions$73kPiscataway, NJ (07/2009)
Database AnalystAvenir Associates$60kPiscataway, NJ (07/2009)
System AnalystNexabyte Consulting Group$84kPiscataway, NJ (07/2009)
Programmer AnalystPronest$55kPiscataway, NJ (07/2009)