Wilbur Smith Associates Jobs

A total of 59 Wilbur Smith Associates jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $59,703
Salary Range: $32,100

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Planner VII1$168kNA
Transportation Analyst III9$85k
Senior Planner II1$84kNA
Engineer II2$82k
Project Manager I2$80k
Traffic Project Manager1$80kNA
Civil Engineer V1$76kNA
Planner IV1$73kNA
Bridge Engineer1$72kNA
Transportation Engineer II1$71kNA
Manager Of Traffic Services2$70kNA
Transportation Civil Engineer1$70kNA
Senior Staff Analyst1$69kNA
Senior Transportation Planner3$69k
Modeler II1$66kNA
Drainage Engineering Designer2$65kNA
Civil Engineer24$65k
Senior Transportation Analyst11$64k
Project Geotechnical Engineer1$63kNA
Engineer I2$63k
Planning Analyst13$63k
Structural Engineer1$63kNA
Graduate Engineer II3$62k
Transportation Engineer9$62k
Staff Planner1$62kNA
Transportation Planner Analyst3$61k
Transportation Analyst Planner1$60kNA
Economist Analyst1$60kNA
Transportation Project Engineer1$59kNA
Staff Roadway Design Engineer1$58kNA
Geography Information System Analyst1$58kNA
Transportation Engineering Designer2$58k
Traffic Engineer2$57k
Modeler I3$57k
Engineering Associate1$57kNA
Civil Engineer Transportation Planner1$57kNA
Drainage Analyst1$55kNA
Transportation Planner8$55k
Civil Engineering Designer2$55k
Gis Programmer4$54k
Senior Transportation Engineer2$54k
Traffic Analyst5$54k
Gis Analyst Transportation Engineer2$53kNA
Gis Transportation Planner Modeler2$53k
Gis Analyst1$53kNA
Transportation Demand Modeler1$52kNA
Transportation Demand Er1$52kNA
Engineer Designer1$51kNA
Urban And Regional Planner14$50k
Transportation Analyst32$50k
Structural Analyst1$47kNA
Transportation Analyst IV3$47kNA
Transportation Engineer Analyst2$45kNA
Civil Engineer Transportation Analyst1$45kNA
Trainee Engineer1$44kNA
Engineer Designs2$42k
Computer Programmer1$41kNA
Gis Transportation Planner1$40kNA