Wicked Fashions Jobs

A total of 68 Wicked Fashions jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $72,478
Salary Range: $30,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Private Sector Executive1$200kNA
Senior VP2$199k
Design Director1$141kNA
Sourcing Division Head3$133k
Director Of Business Planning2$130kNA
Management Analyst1$129kNA
Design Development Manager1$127kNA
Technical Design Director1$125kNA
Trade Development Planner3$125k
Computer And Information System Manager1$120kNA
Production Sourcing Manager1$117kNA
Fahion Designer1$115kNA
Production General Manager1$115kNA
Industrial Production Manager3$107k
Design Art Director2$97k
Fashion Merchandising Manager1$97kNA
Head Merchandising Manager1$93kNA
Technical Designer Production Manager1$93kNA
Fashion Designer Youth Line Boy Design Unit Hea1$91kNA
Market Research Analyst And Marketing Specialists1$90kNA
Fashion Design Consultant1$90kNA
Art Director1$90kNA
Computer System Manager2$90kNA
Merchandise Production Sourcing Mgr1$89kNA
Purchasing Manager4$86k
Operations System Manager1$85kNA
Market Research Analyst5$84k
Product Development Researcher1$80kNA
Merchandising Manager1$78kNA
Merchandise Manager7$76k
Computer Programmer1$75kNA
Product Development Manager1$75kNA
Product Merchandise Manager1$75kNA
Operations Manager1$75kNA
Senior Fashion Designer4$74k
Materials Scientist1$74kNA
Financial Analyst3$72k
Database Administrator1$70kNA
Production Coordination Manager2$70kNA
Credit Analyst1$68kNA
Financial Manager3$66k
Tax Specialist1$65kNA
Fashion Designer88$65k
Apparel Designer2$63k
Fianancial Manager1$62kNA
Technical Designer1$62kNA
High Fashion Designer1$60kNA
Textile Designer1$60kNA
Fashion Merchandiser11$60k
Production Merchandiser1$57kNA
Technical Writer Spanish Translator1$55kNA
Technical Design Consultant1$55kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$54kNA
Textile Engineer1$54kNA
Textile R D Engineer2$52k
Graphic Designer12$50k
Production Coordinator5$49k
Purchasing Import Manager2$48k
Public Relations Specialist1$45kNA
Fashion Graphic Designer1$45kNA
Media Marketing Promotions Specialist1$42kNA
Human Resources Administrator1$40kNA
Garment Merchandiser1$38kNA
Business Analyst1$38kNA
Creative Graphic Designer1$37kNA