White Case Jobs

A total of 70 White Case jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $163,681
Salary Range: $26,340

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Attorney Partner1$657kNA
Senior Cross Border M A And Securities Spec Attorney1$657kNA
Enterprise Program Director1$350kNA
Chief People Officer1$300kNA
Program Director Enterprise System And Business1$260kNA
Senior Litigation Associate Attorney Antitrust1$255kNA
Senior Associate1$250kNA
Senior Associate Attorney5$242k
Attorney Associate1$230kNA
Global Arbitration Practice Manager2$215kNA
Senior Associate Attorney Projects Leasing1$215kNA
Mid Level Associate Attorney Projects Finance Lea1$210kNA
International Associate1$210kNA
Director Global Procurement1$200kNA
Mid Level Associate2$195kNA
Mid Level Associate Attorney Intellectual Property1$190kNA
Senior Associate Attorney Mergers Acquisitions1$190kNA
Mid Level Associate Attorney8$185k
Pre Admission Law Clerk Associate Attorney3$183k
Associate Attorney101$179k
Associate Attorney Pre Admission Law Clerk4$171k
Pre Admission Law Clerk Associate Atty1$160kNA
Pre Amitted Law Clerk Associate Attorney1$160kNA
Mid Level Associate Attorney Litigation1$150kNA
Mid Level Associate Attorney Mergers Acquisitio1$150kNA
Pre Admitted Law Clerk Associate Attorney13$149k
Associate Pre Admission Law Clerk2$148k
Foreign Legal Consultant22$140k
Law Clerk53$137k
Mid Level Associate Attorney Projects Finance1$135kNA
Communications Manager3$135kNA
International Lawyer2$128k
Foreign Legal Consultant International Arbitration1$127kNA
International Attorney6$123k
International Arbitration Practice Manager1$121kNA
Foreign Law Clerk1$120kNA
Pre Admission Law Clerk3$110k
Practice Development Manager Eipf Group1$110kNA
Americas Assistant Director Of Human Resources1$108kNA
International Trade Analyst1$104kNA
Pre Admitted Law Clerk2$98k
Corporate Practice Development Specialist1$90kNA
Technical Advisor Patent Agent1$90kNA
Technical Advisor1$90kNA
Accountant Auditor1$88kNA
Foreign Legal Analyst2$86kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$85kNA
Competitive Intelligence Librarian2$83k
Corporate Practise Development Specialist1$80kNA
Practice Development Specialist2$76k
Team Leader Partner Resources1$75kNA
Trade Analyst3$74k
Statistical Analyst1$70kNA
Foreign Legal Intern1$60kNA
Revenue Coordinator1$58kNA
Legal Recruiting Professional Development Coordi1$54kNA
Practice Development Coordinator M A Real Estate2$48k
Legal Intern1$48kNA
Client Development Analyst2$46kNA
Procurement Analyst1$43kNA
Litigation Legal Assistant1$42kNA
Practice Development Coordinator1$40kNA
Legal Secretary1$39kNA
Legal Assistant4$34k