Western Union Jobs

A total of 131 Western Union jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $103,981
Salary Range: $40,063

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Evp Prod Innovation Alternate Channels1$500kNA
Senior VP Customer Strategy Analytic1$322kNA
Senior VP Business Development Strategy2$275kNA
Svp Customer Strategy Analytics1$261kNA
Senior Vice Pres Customer Analytics Strategy1$255kNA
Senior Vp Customer Analytics Strategy1$255kNA
Svp Of Hispanic Product Development1$240kNA
Director Big Data Engineering1$220kNA
Product Integration Architect1$180kNA
Director Alternative Channels1$175kNA
Senior Manager Data Transformation Product Lead1$175kNA
Director Product Marketing1$172kNA
Senior Manager Predictive Modeling Product1$170kNA
Marketing Manager Laca1$170kNA
VP Human Resources1$165kNA
Director Product Delivery1$164kNA
VP Of Human Resources1$152kNA
Management Analyst1$150kNA
Director Product Management D2b Bank Acct Payout Distrib2$150kNA
Senior Manager Middleware Engineering Product Lead1$150kNA
General And Operations Manager1$149kNA
Marketing Director3$146k
Technical Delivery Manager Payments Business Intel1$145kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$144kNA
Technical Product Manager2$140kNA
Senior Manager Mobile Product1$140kNA
Senior Manager Payments Platform1$140kNA
Director IT Service Delivery Provider Governance1$140kNA
Senior Manager Decisioning Fraud Analytics1$135kNA
Site Optimization Product Lead1$130kNA
Business System Architect7$125k
Information Technology Director1$124kNA
Manager Technical Implementation1$120kNA
Director Operations2$120k
Director Of Operations1$120kNA
Senior Manager Customer Analytics1$119kNA
Senior Database Administrator Data Warehouse2$118kNA
IT Manager2$115k
Senior System Analyst Decision Engine1$115kNA
Senior Database Administrator3$114k
Software Developer Application4$111k
Information Technology Manager4$109k
Senior Manager Finance2$108k
IT Project Manager1$105kNA
Technical Product Manager Web Engineer1$105kNA
Web System Analyst1$105kNA
Sales Director Southeast Region1$105kNA
Director Project Management Product Deployment1$104kNA
Director New Product Development1$104kNA
Business Finance Manager1$104kNA
Director Regional Marketing3$104k
Senior Application Architect15$102k
System Engineer1$102kNA
System Analyst Quality Assurance Analyst1$101kNA
Senior Application Developer Bpms1$100kNA
Data Architect1$100kNA
Operations Research Analyst3$100k
Senior Manager Marketing3$98k
Senior Finance Manager2$97k
Specialist Business Analysis1$97kNA
Marketing Manager9$97k
Director Product Development1$96kNA
Manager Customer Analytics5$96k
Application Architect20$96k
Senior System Administrator1$95kNA
Senior Application Architect Java Developer1$95kNA
Director Regional Planning1$95kNA
Senior Application Developer Application Integra1$94kNA
Application Developer Application Integration1$94kNA
Software Engineer1$93kNA
Net Application Architect1$93kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application8$93k
Senior Fraud Analyst2$92k
Senior Risk Analyst2$92k
Senior Market Research Analyst1$92kNA
Finance Manager1$91kNA
Administrative Services Manager1$91kNA
Manager Alternative Channels1$91kNA
Senior Specialist Customer Advocate1$90kNA
Senior Analyst Web Operations1$90kNA
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents1$90kNA
Senior Manager Treasury1$90kNA
Web Engineer3$90k
Senior Marketing Manager3$88kNA
Database Administrator2$88k
Senior Manager Operations2$88k
Advertising And Promotions Manager3$88k
Computer System Analyst6$87k
Senior Business Analyst3$87k
Front End Development Specialist1$85kNA
Manager Project Management1$85kNA
Key Account Executive1$83kNA
Sales Manager1$82kNA
Senior Lan Administrator2$81k
Market Research Analyst4$80k
Country Development Manager1$79kNA
Senior Data Analyst3$79k
Regional Operations Manager Business Development1$78kNA
Senior Application Developer8$78k
Regional Planning Manager1$78kNA
Interaction Designer2$78k
Assistant Product Manager1$78kNA
Decision Scientist1$77kNA
Quality Assurance Analyst1$75kNA
Assistant Marketing Manager4$74k
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst3$74k
Field Marketing Manager1$71kNA
Analyst Customer Analytics2$71k
Fraud Analyst1$70kNA
Manager Of Accounting1$70kNA
Marketing Manager Web Content Editor1$65kNA
Regional Operations Manager1$64kNA
Senior Financial Analyst3$64k
Computer Softwawre Engineer Application1$63kNA
Senior Accountant1$62kNA
Senior Analyst Governance And Internal Controls1$60kNA
Market Research Analyst Alternative Channel Cont1$60kNA
Application Developer1$60kNA
Account Executive2$59k
Key Account Manager1$59kNA
Territory Sales Executive1$59kNA
Sales Agent Financial Services4$58k
Sales Agent1$53kNA
Sales Analyst Financial Analyst1$53kNA
Business Operations Specialist1$52kNA
Analyst Anti Money Laundering Compliance1$52kNA
International Coordinator1$51kNA
Sales Agents Financial Services1$49kNA
Graphic Designer1$46kNA