Wal Mart Associates Jobs

A total of 391 Wal Mart Associates jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $104,506
Salary Range: $25,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Chief International Leverage Officer2$404k
Senior VP International Leverage1$400kNA
Senior VP International Projects2$379k
Divisional President Mid West Operations1$375kNA
Svp International1$350kNA
Senior VP Finance Operations Walmart2$350kNA
Senior VP International1$333kNA
Vp Of Business Growth1$289kNA
VP Of Market Development Global Ecomm1$275kNA
Distinguished Architect1$267kNA
Director Engineering Search And Relevance1$220kNA
VP Global Regulatory Compliance1$220kNA
Human Resources Manager1$211kNA
Distinguished Software Engineer3$208k
Director Of Operations1$200kNA
VP Global Procurement Food1$200kNA
Transportation Storage And Distribution Manager2$199k
Senior Director I Talent Development1$195kNA
Director Commercial Management1$190kNA
Senior Architect Engineering2$182k
Principal Database Architect1$180kNA
Director Network Analytics1$180kNA
Financial Manager Branch Or Department1$179kNA
Scientist Supply Chain Optimization1$175kNA
Senior Director Risk Management1$175kNA
Principal Software Engineer12$169k
Principle Software Engineer2$168k
Senior Manager Mobile Analytics1$165kNA
Principal Engineer1$164kNA
Senior Manager Site Analytics Site Conversion1$163kNA
Management Analyst4$162k
Principal Project Manager1$161kNA
Senior Director Global Business Processes1$160kNA
Staff Software Engineer Store Services2$158k
Senior Manager Software Engineering4$156k
Senior Product Manager Order Fulfillment1$155kNA
Quality Assurance Manager2$155kNA
Director Product Management1$154kNA
Architect Vudu Wec1$153kNA
Senior Solutions Architect2$152kNA
Senior Software Engineer Targeting1$150kNA
Staff Mobile Engineer1$150kNA
Director Business Sustainability1$150kNA
Architect Software Engineering1$150kNA
Senior Manager User Experience Wec1$150kNA
Senior Architect3$148k
Computer And Information System Manager4$148k
Staff Engineer2$148k
Staff Software Engineer87$147k
Senior Software Engineer Corejava1$145kNA
Engineering Architect Content Administration1$145kNA
Computer And Information Research Scientist1$145kNA
Data Scientist2$145k
Senior Product Manager Front End Site Optimizatio2$145kNA
Senior Manager Engineering1$144kNA
Principal Information Architect1$143kNA
Architect Engineering2$143k
Android Engineer2$143k
Sourcing Manager Vendor Management1$140kNA
Senior Software Engineer Baas1$140kNA
Senior Software Engineer Atg1$140kNA
Senior Full Stack Java Engineer1$140kNA
Senior Manager Operations1$140kNA
Staff Quality Engineer1$140kNA
Walmart Labs Automation Engineer Senior Software E1$140kNA
Staff Sotware Engineer1$140kNA
Senior Manager Compensation1$140kNA
Senior Product Manager11$140k
Web E Commerce Architect3$140k
Pharmacy Area Manager3$140k
Technical Expert Dba1$140kNA
Senior Mobile Interaction Designer1$139kNA
Senior Director Of Finance2$138k
Architect Supply Chain Order Management System1$138kNA
Architect Order Management System2$136k
Manager Product Management2$136kNA
General And Operations Manager2$136k
Senior Front End Engineer3$136k
Senior Software Engineer Tools Dashboards Portal1$135kNA
Source To Pay Process And Operations Manager1$135kNA
Qa Manager Engineering1$135kNA
Senior Release Manager1$135kNA
Senior Content Management System Developer1$135kNA
Manager Engineering5$135k
Staff Data Scientist6$133k
Architect Customer Support Center1$133kNA
Senior Software Engineer In Test2$133k
Computer Software Engieneers Application1$132kNA
Senior Qualty Engineer1$131kNA
Manager Of Engineering1$131kNA
Software Developer System Software7$131k
Architect Fulfillment Localization Global Ecommer1$130kNA
Senior Product Manager Mobile1$130kNA
Senior Project Manager Scrum Master2$130kNA
Senior Software Engineer Global Inventory Shipping1$130kNA
Manager Order Management System1$130kNA
Senior Software Engineer Global Ecommerce1$130kNA
Architect Front End Localization1$130kNA
Senior Manager Privacy1$130kNA
Architect Integration3$130kNA
Senior Middleware Engineer2$130kNA
Senior Ruby Developer1$130kNA
Senior Product Manager Site1$130kNA
Engineering Manager7$129k
Architect Supply Chain3$129k
Pharmacy Manager229$127k
Senior Quality Engineer6$127k
Senior Software Quality Engineer3$127k
Senior Architect User Experience3$126k
Data Science Engineer1$126kNA
Senior Qe Engineer3$126k
Computer Sytems Analyst1$126kNA
Director International Financial Services1$126kNA
Senior Software Engineer Wec2$125k
Senior Softawre Engineer1$125kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$125kNA
Front End Software Engineer1$125kNA
Senior Software Engineer Mobile1$125kNA
Senior Manager Strategy1$125kNA
Senior Android Engineer1$125kNA
Senior Software Engineer185$124k
Senior Devops Engineer1$124kNA
Financial Manager2$124k
Senior Software Engineer Dev Ops1$123kNA
Senior Manager II Insights Partner Gcia2$123kNA
Senior Manager II1$123kNA
Senior Software Engineer Bi Dw Etl1$122kNA
Senior Software Engineer Payment Processing2$122kNA
Merchandising Director1$122kNA
Floating Staff Pharmacist1$122kNA
Software Architect1$122kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software3$121k
Product Manager8$121k
Senior Database Administrator2$121k
Senior Sqa Engineer8$121k
Senior Manager Global Competency Service Center Accn1$120kNA
Senior Manager Apparel Strategy2$120k
Software Engineer Automation Tools Frameworks1$120kNA
System Admin III1$120kNA
Senior Manager Global Compliance Controls1$120kNA
Senior Software Engineer Data Warehouse1$120kNA
Senior Security Engineer1$120kNA
Finance Manager Multichannel1$120kNA
Manager Strategy Store Only Items1$120kNA
Senior Software Engineer Marketing System1$120kNA
Product Manager Search1$120kNA
Senior Manager Strategy Member Program Development1$120kNA
Senior Software Engineer Mom1$120kNA
Senior Project Manager Wec1$119kNA
Assistant Pharmacy Manager53$118k
System Analyst Infrastructure1$118kNA
Senior Software Engineer Ios1$118kNA
Advanced Network Engineer2$118k
Senior Manager Finance Strategy1$117kNA
Senior Manager International Benefits1$117kNA
Manager Site Analytics3$117k
Senior Software Engineer Search System1$117kNA
Senior Project Manager3$116k
Advanced System Engineer Monitoring1$115kNA
System Administrator Collaboration Tools1$115kNA
Performance Engineer1$115kNA
Senior Software Engineer Analytics2$115kNA
Sdet Software Quality Engineer III2$115k
Manager Finance1$115kNA
Product Manager Online Marketing1$115kNA
Senior Engineer Database Administrator1$115kNA
Network Engineer III1$115kNA
Senior Financial Analyst Multichannel Finance1$115kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$115kNA
Software Engineer5$114k
Network And Computer System Administrator4$114k
Pharmacist Manager1$114kNA
Software Engineer In Test3$113k
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer2$113k
Software Engineer III Search2$113k
Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer20$112k
Financial Analyst3$112k
Content System Support Engineer1$112kNA
Software Engineer III Ecommerce System Support1$112kNA
Software Engineer III Integration System Suppor1$112kNA
Product Manager Multi Channel Integration1$112kNA
System Administrator III6$112k
Advanced System Engineer Wec1$111kNA
Technical Expert6$111k
Senior Software Engineer Crm3$111k
Divisional Merchandise Manager3$110k
Information Security Analyst Web Developer And Computer Network Architect1$110kNA
Sdet Quality Engineer III2$110kNA
Manager Supply Chain Optimization1$110kNA
Customer Service Operations Manager1$110kNA
Marketing Manager2$110k
Senior Financial Analyst Corporate Reporting1$110kNA
Senior Manager Functional Process Team1$110kNA
Senior Designer1$110kNA
Linux System Admin III1$110kNA
Front End Test Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Software Engineer Platform1$110kNA
Software Engineer III Wec1$110kNA
Architect User Experience2$110kNA
Technical Engineer1$110kNA
Product Manager Payments And Taxes1$110kNA
Software Quality Engineer2$110kNA
Senior Manager II Business Solutions Specialist1$110kNA
Product Manager Supply Chain Logistics3$109k
Software Engineer III109$108k
Accountant And Auditor1$107kNA
Software Engineer III Data Warehouse1$107kNA
Quality Engineer III8$107k
Software Developer Application120$106k
Project Manager11$106k
Assistant Pharmacist1$106kNA
Sqa Engineer III3$106k
Manager Customer Insights And Analytics1$106kNA
Software Quality Engineer III3$105k
Director Of Strategy Operations1$105kNA
Software Qa Engineer III2$105k
Pharmacy Manager Pharmacist1$105kNA
Product Manager Seo And Search1$105kNA
Software Engineer III Dw Etl Bi1$105kNA
Software Engineer III Cms1$105kNA
Senior Manager II Customer Analytics1$105kNA
Android Engineer III1$105kNA
Automation Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer1$105kNA
Analytics Specialist2$105k
Senior Software Qa Engineer1$105kNA
Software Qa Engineer III Mobile1$105kNA
Technical Expert Isd1$105kNA
Manager I Gcia1$105kNA
Industrial Engineer5$104k
Computer Software Engineer System1$103kNA
Product Manager Item Data Management1$103kNA
Director Sourcing Analytics1$103kNA
Senior Manager Global Business Processes2$103k
Director Us Finance Strategy Merchandising1$103kNA
System Analyt1$102kNA
Senior Business Analyst2$102k
Senior Operations Analyst1$101kNA
Database Administrator5$101k
Product Manager Store Integration1$101kNA
Senior System Engineer22$101k
Software Engineer III Bi Dw Crm1$100kNA
Software Engineer III Merchandising Tools1$100kNA
Senior Strategy Analyst1$100kNA
Senior Software Engineer Web Application1$100kNA
Researcher User Experience1$100kNA
Platform Engineer2$100kNA
Director Country Support Integration Internatio1$100kNA
Software Quality Assurance Engineer III Vudu1$100kNA
Advanced System Engineer Cloud Engineering1$100kNA
Senior Manager Network Strategy1$100kNA
Senior Manager Of Finance International1$100kNA
Software Engineer II18$100k
Senior Developer Warp3$100k
System Administrator3$98k
Staff Pharmacist2$98k
Senior Manager Technical Accounting1$98kNA
Site Analytics Analyst1$98kNA
Senior Analyst Operations3$98kNA
System Engineer6$97k
Automation Engineer Sqa III1$97kNA
Manager Global Finance Transformation Accounts1$96kNA
Advanced System Engineer7$96k
Release Engineer1$96kNA
Software Engineer III Ui Development3$96k
Software Quality Assurance Engineer III15$95k
Information Architect4$95k
Senior Manager I Gip3$95k
Advanced System Engineer Sap Security Grc Ana1$95kNA
Senior Supply Chain Analyst1$95kNA
Quality Assurance Software Engineer III1$95kNA
Associate Doctor Of Optometry1$95kNA
Site Performance Engineer1$95kNA
Senior Manager I Travel Expense1$95kNA
Senior Mgr International Mergers Acquisitions1$95kNA
System Engineer Esm1$94kNA
Business System Analyst2$94k
Senior Manager International Financial Services2$94k
Senior Quality Engineer Warp3$93k
Computer System Analyst37$93k
Senior Analyst1$93kNA
Compliance Project Leader4$93kNA
Manager Global Finance Transformation2$93k
Software Quality Engineer II4$93k
Manager Financial Planning Analysis3$92k
Senior Software Engineer Mobile Web Team1$92kNA
Developer II Isd East1$91kNA
Senior System Support Analyst1$90kNA
Software Quality Assurance Engineer2$90kNA
Associate Brand Manager Private Brands1$90kNA
Manager II Financial Services1$90kNA
Manager II Customer Analytics Gcia1$90kNA
Associate Optometrist2$90k
Software Quality Assurance Engineer II2$90kNA
Associate Product Manager1$90kNA
Sqa Engineer II4$89k
Sales Manager1$89kNA
Manager I Customer Analytics Gci1$88kNA
Senior Category Manager I Global Services Global S1$87kNA
Senior Predictive Analyst1$86kNA
System Analyst43$85k
Manager Financial Services2$85kNA
Software Engineer III Platform1$85kNA
Manager Global Finance Transformation General Le1$85kNA
Senior Manager I Customer Analytics1$84kNA
Finance Manager Operations Finance1$84kNA
Finance Manager Real Estate1$83kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application36$81k
Analyst Operations1$81kNA
Business Manager1$80kNA
Senior Manager Employment Analysis1$80kNA
Finance Manager Real Estate Finance1$80kNA
Business Support Analyst Store Integration2$79kNA
Project Manager International M A2$78kNA
Senior Programmar Analyst1$78kNA
Senior Computer Programmer Analyst2$77k
Senior Programmer Analyst157$75k
Solutions Architect1$75kNA
Mba Strategy Manager1$75kNA
Planner Import Demand Planning1$75kNA
Associate Manager Walmart Us Analytics Hr1$75kNA
Project Manager III Gbp1$75kNA
Analyst Trends Member Insights Innovation Sa1$72kNA
Computer System Engineer Architect3$72k
Senior Manager Wal Mart Foundation1$71kNA
Senior Manager Food Safety Health1$71kNA
Solutions Architect Isd1$70kNA
International Strategy Analyst1$70kNA
Computer Programmer Analyst63$69k
Project Mgr Glob Finan Transformation Integrat1$68kNA
Associate Analyst Operations1$68kNA
Research Manager1$68kNA
Project Specialist II Gip4$67k
Real Estate Strategy Analyst Rel1$66kNA
System Analyst Strategy Innovations Gsat1$66kNA
Programmer Analyst Isd1$65kNA
System And Data Manager2$65kNA
Senior Business Analyst Real Estate Finance1$65kNA
Graduate Intern Pharmacist1$65kNA
Engineering Project Manager Logistics Engineering1$65kNA
Programmer Analyst287$64k
Associate Manager Walmart Us Analytics2$64k
Computer Progammer Analyst2$64k
Real Estate Analyst3$64k
Database Analysis Manager2$63k
Graphic Designer2$63k
Graduate Pharmacist Intern189$63k
Replenishment Analyst1$62kNA
Product Manager Always Card Program1$61kNA
Divisional Replenishment Manager1$61kNA
Field Industrial Engineer1$61kNA
Analyst Walmart Us Analytics1$60kNA
Manager Data Analytics1$60kNA
Analyst Compensation Hr1$60kNA
Associate Manager Walmart Us Analytics Human Res1$60kNA
Project Specialist II1$60kNA
Food Supplier Auditor Manager1$60kNA
Associate Manager1$60kNA
Associate Creative Director2$59kNA
Senior Replenishment Manager1$59kNA
Sourcing Analyst1$58kNA
Centers Of Excellence Specialist1$58kNA
Comp Software Engineer Apps1$57kNA
Computer Programmer36$57k
IT Rotational Analyst1$57kNA
Manager Wal Mart Foundation1$55kNA
Analyst Walmart Us Analytics Hr1$55kNA
Analyst Global Finance Transformation Bus Inte1$55kNA
Origin Services Manager1$55kNA
Now Sw Developer Application3$55k
Analyst Tax Rotation1$54kNA
Staff Auditor Data Analysis1$54kNA
Senior System Programmer3$54k
Information Technology Rotational Analyst1$53kNA
Informationtechnology Rotational Analyst1$53kNA
Regional Finance Manager1$52kNA
Pharmacy Graduate Intern3$52k
Analyst II Asset Protection1$52kNA
Computer Software Engineer Apps1$49kNA
Analyst Finance Operations1$48kNA
Pharmacy Intern2$44k
Graduate Pharmacy Intern2$43k
Marketing Trends Analyst1$43kNA
Social Responsibility Specialist1$43kNA
Business Analyst2$41k
Market Analyst1$34kNA