Wachovia Securities Jobs

A total of 102 Wachovia Securities jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $80,017
Salary Range: $27,710

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Managing Director Structured Product Syndicate1$150kNA
Financial Manager1$150kNA
IT Technical Manager1$150kNA
Listed Options Exchange Traded Funds Manager5$130k
Mergers And Acquisitions VP3$125kNA
Synthetics Quantitative Deal Manager Vp1$125kNA
Client Server Technology Specialist1$125kNA
VP Listed Trading1$125kNA
Quantitative Analyst2$122k
Fixed Income Securities Analyst1$120kNA
IT Technical Expert3$120k
Trading System Quantitative Associate1$120kNA
Senior Structurer VP1$115kNA
Quantitative Analysis Associate2$115k
IT Project Manager9$112k
Client Server Technology Associate1$108kNA
Rates Quantitative Associate1$105kNA
IT Technical Lead Web Development1$101kNA
Vp Financial Analyst1$100kNA
Analytic System Quantitative Analyst3$100k
Corporate Banking VP1$100kNA
Corporate Banking Associate1$100kNA
Senior Financial Advisor1$98kNA
Web Developer Software Engineer1$98kNA
Senior Application Programmer2$97k
IT Project Leader1$96kNA
Actuate IT Technical Lead2$96k
Investment Banking Quantitative Associate1$95kNA
Invesment Banking Associate1$95kNA
Investment Banking Associate6$95kNA
Commercial Real Estate Cdo Associate1$95kNA
Equity Origination Associate1$95kNA
Corporate Investment Banking Associate1$95kNA
Corporate And Investment Banking Associate10$95k
Trading System Associate3$93k
Lead Quality Assurance Analyst3$90kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Product Specialist1$90kNA
Information Technology Project Manager1$90kNA
IT Product Business Manager Avp1$88kNA
Senior Analysis Consultant2$88kNA
Senior Business System Analyst2$86k
Web Developer Lead2$86k
Information Technology Analysis Senior Consultant2$85kNA
Credit Management Associate3$85kNA
System Developer1$85kNA
Finance Associate1$85kNA
Quality Assurance Senior Analyst3$83k
Computer System Analyst1$82kNA
Business System Senior Consultant1$82kNA
Securities Trader Financial Advisor5$82k
Fixed Income Research Analyst1$80kNA
Financial Sponsor Group Analyst1$80kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Technical Engineer1$78kNA
Senior Operation Risk Analyst1$78kNA
Application Developer3$77k
Quality Assurance Analyst4$76k
Alternative Investments Analyst1$76kNA
Senior Finance Consultant1$75kNA
Convertibles Research Analyst1$75kNA
Senior Investment Analyst1$75kNA
Finance Consultant2$74k
Information Technology Test Analyst1$74kNA
Sourcing Recruiter1$73kNA
Credit Risk Quantitative Analyst1$68kNA
Accounting Consultant1$68kNA
Analyst Consultant1$66kNA
Budget Analyst1$66kNA
Vendor And Strategic Analyst2$65kNA
Vendor Strategic Analyst1$65kNA
VP Financial Advisor2$65k
Trading System Technology Associate1$65kNA
Information Technology Analysis Consultant1$65kNA
Quantitative System Associate1$65kNA
Customer Analyst Consultant II1$64kNA
Financial Advisor14$63k
Sales Agents Financial Services1$63kNA
Corporate And Investment Banking Analyst11$62k
Fixed Income Business Support Associate1$61kNA
System Analyst Programmer II2$60kNA
Investment Analyst1$60kNA
Financial Consultant4$59k
Corporate Investment Banking Analyst11$59k
Personal Financial Advisors3$57k
Market Research Analyst1$57kNA
Business Development Strategist4$54k
Financial Analyst6$53k
Regulatory Complaint Analyst1$53kNA
Business System Analyst1$50kNA
Compliance Surveillance Analyst2$50k
Senior Financial Analyst1$48kNA
System Business Analyst I1$46kNA
Trading Analyst2$45kNA
Registered Accounts Administrator2$45kNA
Risk Analyst1$45kNA
Credit Analyst1$40kNA
Registered Representative Accounts Administrator1$35kNA
Associate Product Specialist2$34k
Registered Account Administrator1$31kNA
Registered Representative Account Administrator2$30k
Securities Commodities Sales Agent1$30kNA
Fee Billing Analyst1$30kNA