Wachovia Jobs

A total of 257 Wachovia jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $84,060
Salary Range: $24,149

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Chief Financial Officer1$260kNA
Director Outsourcing Strategy And Governance1$220kNA
Senior Special Initiatives IT Manager1$210kNA
Director Assessments And Negotiations Outsourcin1$210kNA
General And Operations Manager1$175kNA
Head Of Model Validation And Approval Group2$170kNA
Director Model Risk Credit Counterparty Risk1$155kNA
Managing Director1$150kNA
Director Capital Management Group Program Office1$150kNA
Managing Director Senior Credit Trader1$150kNA
Senior Program Trader1$150kNA
Risk Quantitative Credit Methodologist Manager3$147kNA
VP Of Performance Development1$144kNA
Director Head Of Commodity Derivatives Trading1$140kNA
Database Administrator Senior1$139kNA
Portfolio Manager Senior Staff2$137k
V P Corporate Investment Banking Technology1$135kNA
Risk Credit Quantitative Methodologist II1$135kNA
IT Technical Lead1$134kNA
Quantitative Portfolio Analysis Consultant1$126kNA
Vp Risk Modeling And Analytics3$125kNA
Senior Quantitative Analyst1$125kNA
Trading System VP2$125kNA
Senior Quantitative Analyst Equity Linked Porducts1$125kNA
Portfolio Manager1$123kNA
Portfolio Management Senior Staff1$123kNA
Quantitative Methodologist II5$122k
System Analyst Programming Lead1$120kNA
Application Developer Senior Manager1$120kNA
IT Senior Project Program Manager1$120kNA
VP Quantitative Analyst2$118k
Senior Software Developer And Architect1$117kNA
VP Senior Credit Advisor1$115kNA
Strategic Financial Analyst1$115kNA
Senior Technical Consultant1$115kNA
Treasury Services Analyst Bus Development Associate1$115kNA
Senior System Engineer2$115k
Quality Assurance Manager2$114k
Vp Quantitative Research1$113kNA
Supervisor Electronic Messaging Solutions1$112kNA
Senior Quantitative Portfolio Analyst2$112kNA
Senior Quantitative Portfolio Analytics1$112kNA
Director Bus Dev Prod Global Foreign Exchange1$112kNA
Quality Assurance Information Technology Manager1$110kNA
System Architect Lead1$110kNA
IT Technical Consultant1$110kNA
V P Collaterilized Debt Offering Analyst1$110kNA
IT Technical Expert7$105k
Financial Engineer1$105kNA
Web Developer Lead1$105kNA
Unix System Administrator1$104kNA
IT Project Manager20$103k
Application Developer Project Manager5$102k
Computer And Information System Manager4$100k
Corporate And Investment Banking Trading System A1$100kNA
Investment Analyst1$100kNA
Trading System IT Associate1$100kNA
Asset Securitization Associate1$100kNA
Software Engineer Developer1$100kNA
IT Product Manager III Business Architect1$100kNA
Senior Structurer1$100kNA
Manager System Development And Design2$100kNA
System Analyst Lead2$98k
Quantitative Methodologist6$98k
Senior Oil Trader2$98k
Analytic System Quantitative Analyst11$97k
Lead Application Programmer2$97k
System Analyst Technical Lead2$97k
Software Programmer Lead2$96k
Principal Credit Research Analyst1$95kNA
Risk Modeling And Analytics Associate2$95k
Associate Fixed Income Analytics1$95kNA
Trading System Associate1$95kNA
Equity Derivatives Analyst2$95k
System Analyst Programming Senior1$95kNA
Audit Project Manager2$95kNA
Fixed Income Quantitative Analyst1$95kNA
Senior Software Programmer2$95k
Senior Developer Assistant VP1$95kNA
Software Programmer Technical Specialist1$95kNA
Business Process Improvement Manager II2$95k
Nt Server System Administrator2$94k
Senior IT Associate1$94kNA
System Analyst Programmer1$94kNA
Programmer Analyst1$93kNA
Finance Manager2$92kNA
Senior Database Analyst2$91k
IT Technical Expert Lead1$91kNA
Investment Banking Associate7$90k
Quality Assurance Analyst Lead1$90kNA
Risk Portfolio Quantitative Analyst I1$90kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$90kNA
Equity Derivatives Associate1$90kNA
Corporate And Investment Banking Associate2$90k
Equity Derivatives Product Analyst1$90kNA
Fixed Income Sales Associate2$90k
Equity Derivatives Product Associate1$90kNA
Equity Research Associate1$90kNA
Business Administration1$90kNA
IT Project Leader3$89k
Operations Research Analyst1$89kNA
Developer Program Analyst1$89kNA
IT Developer IV4$88k
IT Technical Lead Project Manager1$88kNA
Senior Investment System Analyst1$88kNA
Financial Manager1$88kNA
Corporate And Investment Banking Risk Manager1$88kNA
Trading System Developer2$88k
Finance Senior Consultant2$87k
Senior Server System Administrator2$86k
Corporate Financial Services Senior Consultant II1$86kNA
IT Business Manager1$85kNA
IT Developer III10$85k
International Corporate Finance Analyst2$85kNA
Trading Associate1$85kNA
Structured Products Associate1$85kNA
Senior System Analyst Programmer1$85kNA
Senior Web Developer9$84k
System Analyst Programmer III3$84k
Finance Consultant1$84kNA
Research Economist2$84k
Retail Segment Business Manager2$84k
System Analyst Programmer Lead2$83k
Marketing Manager1$83kNA
Ecommerce Product Manager1$83kNA
Senior Risk Officer1$83kNA
Risk Oversight Officer2$83k
Quantitative Portfolio Analyst II2$82kNA
Quantitative Methodologist I2$82k
Application Developer2$82k
Structured Credit Products Associate2$82k
Network Project Manager Assistant VP5$81k
Quality Assurance Senior Analyst5$81k
Senior Technology Auditor2$80kNA
Trading System Quantitative Associate1$80kNA
Client Server Technical Associate1$80kNA
IT Risk Oversight Officer1$80kNA
Foreign Exchange Middle Office Supervisor1$80kNA
Fixed Income Product Control Senior Analyst1$80kNA
Quantitative Strategist1$80kNA
Senior Investment Banking Auditor1$80kNA
Knowledge And Research Analyst1$80kNA
Senior Risk Management Investigator1$80kNA
IT Business Manager III1$78kNA
Star Forecasting Senior Analyst3$78k
Middle Office Financial Analyst1$78kNA
Senior System Analyst3$77k
Computer System Analyst III1$77kNA
System Analyst Programmer Senior5$77k
Computer Programmer4$77k
Computer Information System Manager1$76kNA
Mortgage Structuring Finance1$75kNA
Structured Derivatives Credit Equities Analyst1$75kNA
Mortgage Structuring Finance Associate1$75kNA
Unit Manager Management Reporting2$75kNA
International Banking Associate4$74k
Web Usability Engineer1$73kNA
Application Support Technical Analyst2$73kNA
Quantitative Analyst5$73k
Operations Support Technical Specialist1$72kNA
Credit Products Advisor1$72kNA
Treasury Services Business Development Strategy Co1$72kNA
Senior Forecasting Analyst1$71kNA
Client Server Technology Associate1$70kNA
Commercial Banking Associate2$70kNA
A D Associate Client Server Tech1$70kNA
Credit Management Associate1$70kNA
Financial Planning Tax Analyst1$70kNA
Compensation Consultant1$70kNA
Computer System Analyst4$70k
Business System Consultant1$70kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$69kNA
Statistical Modeling Analyst1$68kNA
Star Forecasting Analyst2$68k
Application Analyst Programmer Intermediate1$68kNA
Mortgage Profitability Analyst1$68kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application3$67k
System Analyst2$67k
Corporate Investment Banking Analyst6$67k
Senior Auditor3$66k
Leveraged Finance Analyst1$65kNA
Management Reporting Consultant2$65k
Programmer Analyst Developer2$65k
Credit Analyst2$65k
International Compliance Banking Officer1$64kNA
Market Research Analyst10$64k
Business System Analyst5$64k
Test Environment Support Analyst1$63kNA
Country Officer5$63k
Quality Assurance Tester1$62kNA
Network Computer System Administrator1$62kNA
Web Developer1$62kNA
Quality Assurance Analyst3$62k
Staff Suditor1$62kNA
Senior Risk Analyst1$61kNA
Risk Officer II2$61k
Risk Senior IT Analyst1$61kNA
Senior Cmg Wealth Strategic Sourcing Consultant1$61kNA
Risk Management Reporting Associate1$60kNA
Financial Services Sales Representative1$60kNA
Product Risk Analyst1$60kNA
IT Developer1$60kNA
Risk Senior Analyst2$59k
Middle Office Analyst2$59k
Staff Auditor5$58k
Market Risk Associate1$58kNA
Profitability Financial Analyst1$57kNA
Corporate And Investment Banking Analyst9$56k
Origination Associate1$56kNA
Financial Analyst5$55k
Investment Banking International Associate1$55kNA
Derivatives Analyst1$55kNA
Investment Banking Analyst1$55kNA
Business Information Architect1$55kNA
Product Manager I1$55kNA
Management Reporting Risk Analyst1$55kNA
Fx Middle Office Operations Supervisor1$55kNA
Information System Auditor3$54k
Software Programmer1$54kNA
Finance Senior Analyst2$53k
Credit Portfolio Analyst1$52kNA
Structured Products Research Associate1$52kNA
Financial Branch Manager1$52kNA
Loan Syndication Analyst1$50kNA
Lead Software Developer1$49kNA
Insurance Integration Analyst1$49kNA
Lead Sofware Developer1$49kNA
Senior Finance Analyst1$49kNA
Commercial Strategies Analyst1$48kNA
Portfolio Management Risk Associate1$47kNA
Insurance Operations Management Trainee1$46kNA
Accounting Analyst1$45kNA
Merger And Acquisitions Analyst1$45kNA
Marketing Specialist1$45kNA
System Programmer Analyst1$45kNA
Commodity Derivative Analyst1$45kNA
Corporate Investment Banking Risk Officer1$45kNA
IT Process Analyst I2$44kNA
Corporate And Investment Banking Risk Officer1$44kNA
IT Data Analyst I1$43kNA
Finance Enterprise Analyst1$43kNA
Finance Enterprise Associate1$43kNA
Structured Credit Products Middle Office Analyst1$40kNA
Capital Strategies Analyst1$40kNA
Quantitative Portfolio Analyst I1$40kNA
Assistant Vp Market Research Analyst1$40kNA
Actuarial Mathematics1$40kNA
Performance Analyst2$40kNA
Country Risk Officer2$39k
Securities Commodities Financial Services Sales1$39kNA
Instit Trust Services Relationship Manager II2$37k
Settlement Trade Support Derivatives Specialist1$37kNA
Trust Associate II Financial Specialist1$37kNA
Commercial Loan Analyst3$34k
Mortgage Consultant2$33k