Wachovia Bank Jobs

A total of 141 Wachovia Bank jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $89,309
Salary Range: $39,200

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Chief Executive1$180kNA
Customer Experience Executive2$175kNA
Senior Technical Consultant1$170kNA
Sig Security Master Technology Lead1$155kNA
Director Business Development And Products Globa1$150kNA
Architect Senior1$146kNA
Senior Architect Lead1$135kNA
Analytic System1$125kNA
Trading System Associate1$125kNA
Analytic System IT Project Manager2$123k
Quantitative Analysis Associate2$123k
Application Developer Project Manager2$120k
Treasury Services Senior Strategist1$120kNA
IT Project Manager23$119k
Finance Senior Consultant1$118kNA
Quality Assurance Manager1$117kNA
Business Analyst Assistant VP1$115kNA
Business System Consultant Manager1$115kNA
Credit Risk Manager II1$110kNA
System Architect Lead IT Project Leader1$110kNA
IT Technical Expert3$110k
Application System Engineer2$109k
Finance Supervisor1$108kNA
IT Project Leader Senior Associate1$108kNA
Computer And Information System Manager22$107k
Finance Manager VP1$105kNA
Senior Application Developer Technical Expert1$105kNA
IT Project Leader2$104kNA
Application Programmer Lead1$104kNA
System Analyst Programming Technical Specialist2$103k
Senior Programmer Analyst2$101k
Aml Team Lead Of Investigative Services1$101kNA
Management Analyst1$101kNA
Trading System IT Associate1$100kNA
Quality Assurance Analyst Lead1$100kNA
Corp Investment Banking Trading System Associate1$100kNA
Corporate And Investment Banking Associate1$100kNA
System Analyst Senior1$100kNA
Computer Programmer2$98k
Knowledge Research Consultant III1$98kNA
Database Engineer II2$97k
Analytic System Quantitative Analyst2$96k
Operations Research Analyst2$96k
Web Analyst Senior2$95k
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents1$95kNA
Risk Portfolio Quantitative Analyst I1$95kNA
System Analyst Programmer Lead2$94k
Information Technology Quality Assurance Analyst L1$94kNA
System Analyst Programmer Senior5$93k
Team Manager Finance2$93k
Lead Application Programmer2$92k
Commercial Banking Relationship Manager1$91kNA
System Analyst Programming Lead1$91kNA
Analytic System Associate3$91k
Senior Web Developer IT Project Manager1$90kNA
Information Technology Technical Expert1$90kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$90kNA
Ecommerce Senior Web Developer1$90kNA
Quality Assurance Senior Analyst2$90k
Structured Product Group Origination Associate2$90kNA
Financial Services Sales Agents1$89kNA
Senior Business System Consultant2$89k
Data Backup Administrator Lead1$89kNA
Fixed Income Quantitative Analyst1$89kNA
Knowledge And Research Consultant III1$88kNA
Senior Web Developer2$87k
Computer Support Specialist1$87kNA
Web Developer Lead2$87k
System Analyst Programming Senior3$85k
Business System Consultant IV1$85kNA
Institutional Trade Sales Officer1$85kNA
Quantitative Analyst1$85kNA
Central Retail Small Business Finance Consultant1$85kNA
Commercial Strategist1$85kNA
Global Financial Institutions Assistant Relationsh1$85kNA
Senior Database Analyst1$85kNA
Senior Finance Consultant1$85kNA
Marketing Consultant1$84kNA
Software Programmer Senior1$84kNA
Product Manager II2$84kNA
Knowledge And Reseach Consultant III1$83kNA
Derivatives Project Manager3$82k
Assistant Copy Director3$82k
Application Developer Senior Business Analyst2$82kNA
Quality Assurance Analyst2$82k
Computer System Analyst6$80k
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst1$80kNA
Writer And Authors1$80kNA
Assistant VP Assistant Editing Director1$80kNA
Business System Consultant1$80kNA
Senior Credit Risk System Engineer3$80k
Retention Strategy Analyst2$79k
Finance Performance Management Advisor2$79k
Retail Credit Product Manager I2$79kNA
Database Administrator2$76k
Star Forecasting Analyst1$76kNA
Knowledge Research Consultant II7$75k
Senior System Analyst1$75kNA
Country Officer1$75kNA
Senior Risk Analyst1$75kNA
Ecommerce Project Quality Assurance Analyst5$75k
Middle Office Business Unit Analyst1$73kNA
Middle Office Financial Analyst1$73kNA
Wealth Management Credit Underwriter1$72kNA
International Compensation And Benefits Financial1$71kNA
System Analyst Programmer III1$70kNA
Treasury Services Product Associate1$70kNA
Commercial Associate Relationship Manager1$70kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application2$69k
System Analyst Senior Programmer2$69k
Knowledge And Research Consultant II11$68k
Senior Risk Management Investigator2$68kNA
Financial Analyst7$65k
Web Developer1$65kNA
Wealth Management Senior Credit Advisor1$65kNA
Statistical Modeler2$65kNA
Computer Specialists All Other1$65kNA
Customer Analyst Consultant II1$64kNA
Accountant And Auditor1$64kNA
Technology Senior Auditor1$64kNA
Knowledge And Research Analyst II2$64k
Financial Manager1$61kNA
Fixed Income Analyst1$60kNA
Risk Management Reporting Associate1$60kNA
Municipal Products Group Analyst2$60kNA
Market Research Analyst2$56k
Regional Compliance Officer1$56kNA
Vendor Management Associate1$55kNA
Investment Banking Staff Auditor1$55kNA
Risk Analyst1$54kNA
International Country Officer1$54kNA
Credit Advisor Underwriter1$50kNA
Staff Auditor5$46k
Marketing Research Analyst1$46kNA
Staff Internal Auditor1$45kNA
Internal Staff Auditor4$45k
Enterprise Support Services Loss Specialist1$39kNA