Visa Usa Jobs

A total of 165 Visa Usa jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $108,952
Salary Range: $50,800

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Group Country Manager Latin America1$400kNA
General And Operations Manager1$325kNA
Global Marketing Executive1$250kNA
VP Global Football Marketing1$222kNA
Regional Head Of Marketing1$216kNA
Vp Product Digital Developed Markets1$215kNA
Director Consumer Credit Product Management1$205kNA
Engineering Manager Developer Console1$156kNA
Senior Business Leader13$152k
Software Developer System Software1$150kNA
Business Leader Consumer Product Marketing1$150kNA
Computer And Information System Manager2$148k
Senior Director2$147k
Finance Business Leader1$146kNA
Natural Science Manager1$145kNA
Financial Manager6$144k
Technical Engineering Lead1$142kNA
Business Leader Revenue Audit1$138kNA
Business Leader Risk Application Product Developm1$138kNA
Business Leader IT Audit1$136kNA
Senior Business Leader Strategy1$136kNA
Senior Product Manager Client Operations1$135kNA
Lead Software Engineer1$134kNA
Staff Ux Designer1$134kNA
Business Leader Global Business Analysis1$133kNA
Director Visa Security Analytics1$132kNA
Market Research Analyst Group Director2$132k
Business Leader Core Payment Development1$132kNA
Head Of Corporate Strategy1$131kNA
Senior Business Leader Financial Institution Mktg1$131kNA
Director Reporting Analytics1$131kNA
Data Architect Chief1$130kNA
Senior Product Manager3$127k
Marketing Manager17$127k
Business Leader27$123k
Director Analytics And Decision Sciences2$123k
Director Consumer Credit Products1$122kNA
Product Director2$122k
Public Relations Manager1$122kNA
Business Leader Information Platform Development1$122kNA
Information Security Analyst Web Developer And Computer Network Architect1$121kNA
Staff Software Engineer8$120k
Business Leader IT Internal Audit1$120kNA
Business Leader Commercial Product Development1$120kNA
Staff Quality Assurance Engineer3$119k
Business Leader Small Business Credit Product2$119k
Senior Staff Software Engineer4$119k
Senior Marketing Director1$118kNA
Credit Analyst1$117kNA
Sales Manager2$117k
Senior IT Auditor2$117k
Computer Security Specialists1$117kNA
System Business Partner1$116kNA
Financial Examiners1$115kNA
Public Relations Specialist1$115kNA
Management Analyst2$115k
Senior Financial System Analyst1$114kNA
Senior Dec Analytics Architect Mgr Analytic Delivery1$114kNA
Business Leader Financial Analyst1$113kNA
Software Developer Application11$112k
Director Of Analytics Planning And Research1$112kNA
Computer Software Engineer System2$111k
Network And Computer System Administrator1$110kNA
Manager In Financial Planning And Analysis1$109kNA
Senior Release Engineer1$107kNA
Senior Program Manager6$107k
Employment Recruitment And Placement Specialists1$106kNA
Lead Engineer1$106kNA
Public Relations Manager Brand Marketing2$105kNA
Computer System Analyst12$105k
Director Business Development3$104k
Program Manager6$104k
Business Leader Payment Management Solutions1$102kNA
Accountant And Auditor5$102k
Manager Global Consumer Product1$102kNA
Senior Business System Analyst1$102kNA
Business Development Leader3$102k
Manager Client Solutions1$102kNA
Senior Analyst Business Intelligence Visa Analyti1$102kNA
Senior Decision Analytics Architect4$101k
Senior Auditor Forensic Anti Fraud1$101kNA
Senior Software Engineer12$101k
Information Security Specialist2$101k
Senior Product Analyst2$100k
Senior Qa Engineer2$100k
Revenue Auditor1$100kNA
Manager Global Consumer Marketing1$99kNA
Analyst Global Pricing Strategy1$99kNA
Senior Auditor2$99k
Business Financial Analyst2$99k
Financial Specialist1$99kNA
Market Research Analyst Product Director1$98kNA
Senior System Administrator1$98kNA
Business Development Manager3$96k
Program Manager Acceptance North America1$96kNA
Senior Risk Management Analyst2$96k
Product Manager Processing Management3$96k
Business Intelligence And Data Warehouse Engineer1$95kNA
Staff Software Qa Engineer1$95kNA
Manager Marketing Analytics1$95kNA
Senior Financial Analyst22$95k
Senior Internal Controls1$94kNA
Senior Web Designer1$93kNA
Program Manager Director1$92kNA
Product Manager6$92k
Senior Account Manager1$91kNA
Senior Business Analyst8$90k
Business Leader Commercial Solutions1$90kNA
Financial System Analyst1$89kNA
Field Marketing Manager Lac1$89kNA
Analyst Global Corporate Strategy1$89kNA
Market Research Analyst2$88k
IT Auditor4$88k
Director Visa Signature1$87kNA
Senior Analyst3$87k
Manager Marketing Performance Management1$87kNA
Program Manager Debit Analytics1$87kNA
Product Manager Affluent Credit Products Lac1$87kNA
Decision Analytics Architect2$86k
Computer Support Specialist1$86kNA
Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Engineer1$86kNA
Senior Sw Engineer1$85kNA
Business Analyst Director Of New Products1$85kNA
Senior System Analyst3$85k
Senior Technical Support Analyst3$84k
Market Research Manager Brand Management1$84kNA
Financial Analyst9$83k
Implementation Support Engineer2$83k
Senior Engineer1$83kNA
Senior Ariba Engineer Software Engineer1$83kNA
Senior Accountant2$82k
Senior Analyst Analytic Delivery3$82k
Product Support Engineer1$81kNA
Senior Sourcing Analyst1$81kNA
Software Engineer4$80k
Pricing Analyst1$80kNA
Program Manager Compliance Validation1$78kNA
Qa Engineer1$77kNA
Business Analyst3$77k
Senior Operations Analyst Finance1$76kNA
System Analyst3$76k
Senior Certification Analyst1$75kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer2$75k
Software Developer1$71kNA
Product Analyst2$70k
Associate Web Manager Computer System Analyst1$69kNA
Information Security Analyst1$69kNA
Corporate Relations Manager1$69kNA
Associate Financial Analyst1$67kNA
Senior Executive Administrator Global Processing Ac1$66kNA
Sourcing Recruiter1$64kNA
Fraud Analyst3$64k
Operations Research Analyst2$62k
Associate Marketing Analyst1$60kNA
Financial Analyst Associate Cash Manager1$60kNA
Associate Product Analyst1$59kNA
Financial Analyst Assciate Cash Manager1$58kNA
Associate Hr Analyst1$52kNA