Vertex Pharmaceuticals Jobs

A total of 203 Vertex Pharmaceuticals jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $92,586
Salary Range: $44,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Executive Vp Strategic And Corporate Development1$450kNA
Exec Vice Pres Strategic Corp Development1$375kNA
VP Strategic Development1$200kNA
Director Global Patient Safety1$180kNA
Director Clinical Operations1$170kNA
VP Strategic Development Operations1$165kNA
Scientific Fellow Process Analytical Technology2$165k
Director Of Process Chemistry1$160kNA
Program Executive1$150kNA
Senior Director Drug Evaluation Approval1$150kNA
Scientific Fellow II1$150kNA
Manager All Other1$143kNA
Research Fellow II1$141kNA
Financial Analyst1$140kNA
Scientific Fellow I2$135k
Senior Scientist Pk Modeling Simulations1$135kNA
Manager Gcp Quality Compliance2$135k
Management Analyst2$133k
Director Commercial Strategy And Integration1$130kNA
Associate Director Strategic Planning Analytics1$130kNA
Principal Non Clinical Biostatistician1$130kNA
Associate Director Discovery Toxicology1$130kNA
Senior Scientist Pharmacokinetics Modeling Simu1$130kNA
Principal Biostatistician3$128k
Natural Sciences Manager4$126k
Associate Director Service Quality Assurance1$125kNA
Senior Pharmacometrician1$125kNA
Associate Director Formulation Development1$125kNA
Senior Program Manager1$125kNA
Research Fellow I2$125k
Senior Clinical Pharmacologist3$122k
Lead System Analyst2$120k
Senior Manager Global Health Economics Outcomes1$120kNA
Manager Gcp Quality Confidence1$120kNA
Associate Dir Bioanalytical Sci Glp Compliance1$119kNA
Associate Director Clinical Site Services2$118k
Software Developer System Software Soc O Net1$116kNA
Senior Ncd Scientist Research Scientist1$115kNA
Senior Scientist Materials Discovery Characteri1$115kNA
Senior Ncd Scientist1$115kNA
Senior Clinical Pharmacology Manager1$115kNA
Scientist Formulations Development1$114kNA
Oracle Ebs Lead System Analyst2$114k
Chemical Engineer4$112k
Lead Clinical Programmer2$112kNA
Associate Director Strategic Research Alliances1$110kNA
Associate Director Analytical Development1$110kNA
Lead Business Analyst2$110kNA
Principle Statistical Programmer1$110kNA
Senior Scientific Program Manager1$108kNA
Quality Manager2$108kNA
Senior Analyst Application Development4$108k
Senior Scientist1$105kNA
Clinical Pharmacology Project Manager1$105kNA
Senior Research Scientist2$105k
Manager Compliance Oversight System1$105kNA
Scientist II Chemical Development1$105kNA
Senior Analyst Obiee1$105kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists5$104k
Senior Biostatistician6$103k
Network And Computer System Administrator1$100kNA
Software Developer Application1$100kNA
Senior Scientific Software Analyst1$100kNA
Automation Engineer Gmp Services1$100kNA
Market Research Analyst1$100kNA
Manager Kilo Laboratory1$100kNA
Program Manager1$100kNA
Regulatory Affairs Manager1$100kNA
Regulatory Cmc Manager1$100kNA
Senior System Analyst10$99k
Non Clinical Development Scientist1$98kNA
System Analyst III2$98k
Senior Statistical Programmer6$97k
Computer System Analyst6$97k
Finance Application Manager1$96kNA
Senior Analyst4$95k
Scientist I Dmpk Exploratory Development1$95kNA
Senior Analyst Gis Application Development2$95kNA
Pharmacometrician II Clinical Pharmacology1$95kNA
Senior Research Scientist Chemist1$95kNA
Clinical Sas Programmer1$95kNA
Research Scientist Computational Biologist1$95kNA
Scientist II Formulation Development1$95kNA
Clinical Pharmacologist1$95kNA
Technical Accounting Manager1$94kNA
Senior Research Scientist Molecular Modeling2$93k
Scientist II6$93k
Scientist I Non Clinical Development1$93kNA
Staff Investigator Bioanalytical Scientist1$92kNA
Statistical Programmer3$91k
System Analyst Global Information System1$91kNA
Software Analyst2$91kNA
Research Scientist II9$91k
Senior System Analyst Glp Support1$91kNA
Scientist II Materials Disc Characterization1$90kNA
Senior Non Clinical Development Scientist1$90kNA
Scientist II Formulations Development1$90kNA
Scientist Materials Discovery Characterization1$90kNA
Staff Investigator Toxicology2$90k
Investigator Pharmaceutical Scientist1$90kNA
Clinical Data Study Lead1$90kNA
Scientist Formulation Development4$90k
Ncd Scientist II Biochemist1$90kNA
Research Scientist4$90k
Research Scientist II Life Scientist1$89kNA
Senior Software Analyst4$89k
Biochemist And Biophysicists12$88k
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$87kNA
Analyst III1$87kNA
Clinical Pharmacologist II6$87k
Scientist I Formulation Development5$86k
Software Engineer Application1$85kNA
Staff Investigator Medicinal Chemistry1$85kNA
Competitive Intelligence Analyst1$85kNA
Senior Technical Specialist Technical Operations1$85kNA
Senior Clinical Safety Specialist1$85kNA
Staff Investigator Chemist1$85kNA
Manager Data Coordination Clinical Pharmacology1$85kNA
Senior Staff Investigator Organic Chemist1$85kNA
Senior Technical Specialist5$84k
Research Scientist I14$83k
Scientist I Analytical Development3$83k
Scientist I11$82k
Scientific Software Analyst5$82k
System Analyst5$82k
Staff Investigator Bioanalytical Sciences1$80kNA
System Analyst Gis Application Development1$80kNA
Technical Operations Manager1$80kNA
Scientist I Chemist2$80kNA
Research Scientist I Neurogenesis2$80kNA
Investigator Medicinal Chemist1$80kNA
Non Clinical Development Scientist Dmpk Group1$80kNA
Scientist I Formulation Scientist1$80kNA
Clinical Programmer1$80kNA
Investigator Metabolite Id1$80kNA
Ncd Scientist I2$80kNA
Investigator Process Chemistry2$80kNA
Investigator Pk Pd Sciences1$80kNA
Clinical Safety Specialist3$80k
Investigator Formulation Development2$80k
Research Scientist I Computational Biology1$80kNA
Medical Writer1$79kNA
Research Scientist I Biology2$79kNA
Research Scientist Biochemist2$79k
Scientist I Process Chemist1$78kNA
Investigator Analytical Development2$78k
Financial Application Manager3$77k
Staff Investigator Biochemist1$76kNA
Scientist I Formulations Development1$76kNA
System Analyst Glp Support1$75kNA
Research Associate I2$75kNA
Scientist I Process Chemistry1$75kNA
Pharmacometrician I1$75kNA
Research Scientist I Gene Expression1$75kNA
Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate4$75k
Staff Investigator In Vivo Pharmacology1$74kNA
Clinical Trials Manager1$74kNA
Research Scientist I Biologist3$74k
Investigator Medicinal Chemistry1$73kNA
Senior Nonclinical Development Associate1$72kNA
Senior Clinical Pharmacology Associate1$72kNA
Scientist Senior Non Clinical Development Associa1$71kNA
Scientist I Postdoctoral1$70kNA
Regulatory Affairs Associate1$70kNA
Scientist Drug Discovery Analytical Development1$70kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$70kNA
Investigator Pharmaceutical Sciences1$70kNA
Financial Specialists All Other1$70kNA
Research Scientist I Bioanalysis1$69kNA
Clinical Pharmacology Associate II1$69kNA
Investigator Non Clinical Development2$69kNA
Research Scientist Bioanalysis1$66kNA
Research Scientist II Biochemist1$66kNA
Research Associate II1$65kNA
Senior Research Associate3$64k
Scientist I Formulations Group1$64kNA
Associate Scientist Process Chemistry2$64k
Senior Scientific Associate13$63k
Investigator Biology1$63kNA
Associate Scientist3$62k
Biological Scientist All Other1$62kNA
Senior Scientific Associate Formulations1$61kNA
Scientist I Drug Discovery And Analytical Develop1$60kNA
Clinical Pharmacology Associate2$60k
Senior Scientific Associate Pharmaceutical Operations1$60kNA
Senior Ncd Associate1$60kNA
Senior Scientific Associate Formulation Developme1$60kNA
Research Associate2$59k
Senior Research Associate Formulations Development1$58kNA
Associate Scientist Pharmacology1$58kNA
Associate Scientist L Scientist Analytical Chem1$56kNA
Associate Scientist Pharmacokinetics1$56kNA
Associate II Exploratory Development1$55kNA
Senior Scientific Associate Analytical Chemist1$55kNA
Investigator Cell Biology1$52kNA
Associate System Programmer Analyst2$50kNA
Scientific Associate II2$47k