Verona Salary, NJ

A total of 47,170 real salary data found within 10 miles of Verona, NJ.

Salary Average: $70,549
Salary Range: $14,583

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Senior Software ConsultantInfovista Technology$70kWhippany, NJ (07/2009)
ChemistHalo Pharmaceutical$50kWhippany, NJ (07/2009)
System AnalystInfovista Technology$67kWhippany, NJ (07/2009)
Software Product Support SpecialistImage Solutions$50kWhippany, NJ (08/2009)
Database AdministratorInfovista Technology$60kWhippany, NJ (08/2009)
Senior Implementation ConsultantXchanging Systems Services$85kWhippany, NJ (08/2009)
Market And Sales AnalystImage Solutions$50kWhippany, NJ (08/2009)
Programmer AnalystScandent Group$60kWhippany, NJ (09/2009)
Software EngineerImage Solutions$77kWhippany, NJ (10/2008)
RecruiterStele$37kWhippany, NJ (11/2008)
Manager Intercarrier Compensation AnalysisNational Exchange Carrier Association$84kWhippany, NJ (12/2008)
Manager Average Schedule ForecastingNational Exchange Carrier Association$84kWhippany, NJ (12/2008)
Network AdministratorStele$74kWhippany, NJ (01/2009)
Marketing Analyst DirectorPolygel$48kWhippany, NJ (03/2009)
Programmer AnImage Solutions$55kWhippany, NJ (03/2009)
Programmer AnalystImage Solutions$55kWhippany, NJ (03/2009)
Manager Special Access Forecasting Demand AssurNational Exchange Carrier Association$72kWhippany, NJ (03/2009)
Scientific DirectorLetters Sciences$174kWhippany, NJ (03/2009)
Software EngineerImage Solutions$75kWhippany, NJ (04/2009)
Software ProgrammerInfovista Technology$60kWhippany, NJ (04/2009)