Verisign Salary

A total of 815 real salary data listed for Verisign.

Salary Average: $94,697
Salary Range: $44,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Quality Assurance EngineerVerisign$1,236kMountain View, CA (02/2007)
Director Of EngineeringVerisign$206kSanta Cruz, CA (08/2008)
Director Of EngineeringVerisign$197kMountain View, CA (08/2007)
Senior Product ManagerVerisign$153kMountain View, CA (06/2008)
Director Of Sales And MarketingVerisign$152kNorcross, GA (03/2006)
Senior Manager Corporate StrategyVerisign$151kReston, VA (05/2014)
Senior Product ManagerVerisign$149kMountain View, CA (04/2010)
Senior Engineer Applied SecurityVerisign$148kVenice, CA (08/2014)
ManagerVerisign$147kMountain View, CA (04/2009)
Senior Software EngineerVerisign$146kMountain View, CA (07/2008)
Senior Manager Corporate StrategyVerisign$145kReston, VA (12/2012)
Senior Manager Business DevelopmentVerisign$145kSan Diego, CA (07/2008)
Senior Manager Network EngineeringVerisign$143kMountain View, CA (06/2007)
Senior Software EngineerVerisign$142kMountain View, CA (05/2007)
Dir Business Develop Wireless Content ServicesVerisign$141kMountain View, CA (08/2004)
Network ArchitectVerisign$140kMountain View, CA (06/2009)
Sales ManagerVerisign$137kSavannah, GA (02/2007)
Senior Manager Business DevelopmentVerisign$135kMountain View, CA (09/2009)
Senior ManagerVerisign$135kMountain View, CA (10/2010)
Consulting ManagerVerisign$132kMountain View, CA (07/2009)