Valley City Salary, OH

A total of 364 real salary data found within 10 miles of Valley City, OH.

Salary Average: $64,124
Salary Range: $16,990

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Network AdministratorAtit$45kNorth Ridgeville, OH (09/2009)
CombustionBeckett Gas$48kNorth Ridgeville, OH (04/2009)
Electronics Engineer Except ComputerR W Beckett$56kNorth Ridgeville, OH (05/2010)
Engineering ManagerBeckett Gas$79kNorth Ridgeville, OH (06/2010)
Network AdministratorAtit$45kNorth Ridgeville, OH (10/2009)
Quality EngineerGreenfield Solar$49kNorth Ridgeville, OH (05/2010)
Director Of EngineeringBeckett Air$94kNorth Ridgeville, OH (08/2010)
Engineering ManagerR W Beckett$103kElyria, OH (08/2012)
Engineering ManagerBeckett Air$132kElyria, OH (02/2011)
Engineering ManagerBeckett Air$132kElyria, OH (04/2011)
Senior System Software EngineerR W Beckett$80kElyria, OH (02/2011)
Electronics Hardware Design EngineerR W Beckett$57kElyria, OH (03/2011)
Battery Management Power Electronics Design EngiR W Beckett$80kElyria, OH (03/2011)
CombustionBeckett Gas$60kElyria, OH (08/2011)
EngineerBeckett Gas$68kElyria, OH (05/2014)
Management System AnalystViking Solutions$45kMedina, OH (03/2003)
Graphic DesignerVanpac International$43kMedina, OH (07/2003)
Associate BuyerHawk$39kMedina, OH (08/2003)
Civil EngineerGranite Marble And More$42kMedina, OH (01/2004)
Marketing DirectorInternational Rubber Distributors$62kMedina, OH (02/2004)