Us Airways Jobs

A total of 162 Us Airways jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $59,113
Salary Range: $34,597

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Net Developer Senior1$107kNA
Engineer Datapower1$98kNA
Director Financial Analysis1$95kNA
Senior Manager Software Development1$95kNA
Senior Manager Of Finance Corp Division Finance1$94kNA
Architect IT 100801$92kNA
Analyst II Btd Lead3$92k
Controller I Division Finance1$92kNA
Analyst II Technologies Lead3$87k
Manager Marketing Finance1$87kNA
Manager Financial Analysis1$82kNA
Project Manager1$80kNA
Developer III Net4$78k
Senior Analyst Planning And Analysis1$78kNA
Senior Developer B Etl1$77kNA
Financial Manager Branch Or Department1$77kNA
Net Developer II1$77kNA
Software Developer Application14$76k
Engineer Senior Bse1$76kNA
Analyst Senior Financial Planning And Analysis II1$75kNA
Senior Analyst Financial Planning And Analysis2$75kNA
Express Finance Manager1$75kNA
Senior Analyst Operations Planning And Analysis1$75kNA
Supervisor Corporate Accounting1$74kNA
Director Controller Division Finance I2$74k
Technician Senior Courseware Flight Operations1$73kNA
Engineer Esc1$73kNA
Lead Financial Analyst1$73kNA
Analyst I Technologies Lead B14$72k
Manager Revenue Managment Operations Research1$72kNA
Director Crew Planning1$72kNA
Manager Project III Usit2$72k
Aircraft Engineer1$71kNA
Senior Information Security Engineer1$71kNA
Director Controller1$70kNA
Treasurer Controller Chief Financial Officer1$70kNA
Senior Analyst Customer Service Recovery Planning An1$70kNA
Manager Operations Performance And Statistics1$70kNA
Senior Analyst Operations Performance And Statistics1$70kNA
Manager Treasury1$70kNA
Senior Engineer2$70k
Computer System Analyst2$70k
Aerospace Engineer2$69k
Financial Economic Analyst3$69k
Analyst I Btd Lead1$69kNA
Senior Consultant Operations Research1$68kNA
Manager Operations Research Development1$68kNA
Manager Technology Automation1$68kNA
Manager Catering Financial Planning1$68kNA
Senior Financial Analyst3$65k
Manager Financial Planning And Analysis II1$65kNA
Senior Treasury Analyst1$65kNA
Analyst Senior Airline Business1$65kNA
Developer B Etl3$64kNA
Analyst I Technology Lead B1$64kNA
Java Developer1$64kNA
Senior Engineer Operations1$64kNA
Analyst I Technologies Lead13$63k
Senior Analyst Crew Strategy Intelligence1$63kNA
Manager Customer Experience Integration1$63kNA
Manager Ancillary Revenue Program1$63kNA
Analyst Senior II Ops Performance Stats1$62kNA
Manager Decision Support3$62k
Project Manager Route Strategy1$62kNA
Senior Analyst Decision Support Resource Optimizatio1$62kNA
Budget Analyst2$61k
Senior Analyst E Commerce Strategic Analysis1$60kNA
Director Crew Resources Planning And Analysis2$60k
Lead Analyst I1$59kNA
Analyst I Lead1$59kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application4$59k
Lead Analyst2$59k
Senior Analyst II Financial Planning And Analysis2$59kNA
Manager Ops Planning1$58kNA
Manager Optimization System1$58kNA
Senior Analyst Operations Research1$58kNA
Manager Manpower Engineering1$58kNA
Senior Analyst Revenue Analysis1$58kNA
Analyst Senior II Financial Planning Analysis7$58k
Developer II Net1$58kNA
Analyst I Technologies Lead Tealeaf Analyst1$58kNA
Manager Supply Chain System Performance1$58kNA
Financial Analyst3$57k
Manager Crew Strategic Analysis2$57k
Senior Analyst Express Route Planning1$57kNA
Senior Analyst II Financial Planning Analysis1$57kNA
Senior Analyst13$56k
Senior Decision Support Analyst1$56kNA
Analyst Senior Ops Performance3$56k
Business System Analyst III1$56kNA
Analyst III Technologies2$56k
Manager Cargo Financial Analysis1$55kNA
Program Manager Tactical Analysis1$55kNA
Analyst Senior Division Finance1$55kNA
Lead Operations Analyst2$55kNA
Analyst Quality Assurance1$55kNA
Analyst Senior II Division Finance2$55k
Project Manager Acs Performance Planning2$54kNA
Technician Courseware Flight Operations2$54kNA
Project Manager Catering System Support1$54kNA
Management Analyst3$54k
Analyst II Technologies2$53k
Analyst Senior Division Finance II2$53k
Senior Analyst Hris1$53kNA
Senior Analyst Mobile Product Development1$53kNA
Analyst Revenue Accounting System1$52kNA
Analyst Senior Resource Optimization3$52k
Operations Research Analyst12$51k
Senior Financial Analyst Customer Planning1$50kNA
Analyst Business Customer Strategy2$50kNA
Analyst Senior Business Analysis2$50k
Service Engineer8$49k
Senior Analyst Revenue Management3$48k
Analyst Senior Division Finance I1$48kNA
Analyst Senior II Division Finance Capital1$48kNA
Senior Analyst Operations Performance1$48kNA
Analyst Quality Assurance IT5$46k
Analyst Cargo Automation1$45kNA
Senior Analyst Operations Performance And Plannin3$45k
Mechanical Engineer1$44kNA
Analyst Senior Sales Planning Analysis1$44kNA
Senior Analyst Operations And Performance8$44k
Analyst Senior II Ops Perf Stats2$44k
Senior Analyst Retail Sales1$44kNA
Senior Analyst Decision Support2$44k
Analyst II Pricing Yield Management2$44k
Analyst Senior Fuel Admin Decision Support1$43kNA
Analyst Senior Crew Strategic Analysis3$43k
Senior Analyst Crew Strategic Analysis2$43k
Engineer Service1$43kNA
Senior Analyst II Express Planning1$43kNA
Senior Analyst II Express Corporate Development2$43kNA
Senior Analyst Airport Manpower Planning Engineering1$43kNA
Senior Business Analyst Hyperion2$43kNA
Analyst Senior II Decision Support1$43kNA
Project Lead2$42k
Analyst Senior Sourcing2$41kNA
Analyst Senior Operations Research Revenue Manag2$41kNA
Analyst Senior Airport Manpower Planning1$41kNA
Analyst Cargo Business1$41kNA
Senior Analyst Operations Performance And Statist1$41kNA
Senior Analyst Airline Business1$41kNA
Analyst Senior Operations Research Revenue Management1$41kNA
Senior Analyst Inventory Management1$41kNA
Lead Senior Analyst1$41kNA
Senior Analyst Decision Support And Resource Opti2$39kNA
Analyst Senior Revenue Management1$39kNA
Senior Sourcing Analyst Corporate Purchasing2$38k
Mgr Cargo Performance Analysis1$38kNA
Senior Analyst Express Route Strategy1$38kNA
Analyst Senior Airport Services II1$38kNA
Sourcing Analyst Corporate Purchasing3$38kNA
Senior Analyst Sourcing1$38kNA
Analyst I Pricing Yield Management2$38kNA
Senior Analyst Division Finance1$37kNA
Strategic Forecast Analyst1$36kNA
Analyst II International Pricing1$35kNA