Urs Jobs

A total of 164 Urs jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $67,427
Salary Range: $34,278

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Transportation Traffic Engineer2$458k
Global Mining Business Line Director1$250kNA
VP Investor Relations1$175kNA
Director Investor Relations3$148k
Senior Instrument And Controls Engineer1$125kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$124kNA
Engineering Manager2$120k
Financial Compliance Manager2$114k
Project Manager Tunnels3$109k
Geoscientists Except Hydrologists And Geographers1$108kNA
Compensation Manager2$103k
Project Manager Project Scientist1$102kNA
Senior Internal Auditor4$100k
Principal Programmer Analyst1$97kNA
Urban And Regional Planner2$91k
Resident Engineer3$90k
Senior Mechanical Engineer1$90kNA
Pipeline Engineer1$90kNA
Accountant And Auditor1$90kNA
Senior Roadway Civil Transportation Engineer1$89kNA
Project Controls Analyst2$87kNA
Project Civil Engineer1$87kNA
Project Geotechnical Engineer1$86kNA
Project Structural Engineer2$85k
Project Planner Manager1$85kNA
Gis Visualization Specialist2$83k
Software Developer Application1$82kNA
Anthropologists And Archeologists1$81kNA
Senior Resident Engineer3$81k
Cost Estimator1$80kNA
Senior Claims Analyst1$80kNA
Senior Planner2$79k
Validation Specialist2$79k
Senior Civil Engineer2$78k
Process Engineer1$78kNA
Chemical Engineer Controls System1$78kNA
Environmental Scientist And Specialists Including Health2$77k
Traffic Transportation Engineer1$77kNA
Relay Setting Engineer1$77kNA
Project Control Specialist2$76kNA
Senior Civil Geotechnical Engineer1$76kNA
Chemical Engineer3$76k
Software Engineer6$75k
Construction Project Manager1$74kNA
Senior Environmental Engineer2$74k
Civil Engineer Senior Geotechnical2$73kNA
Senior Electrical Engineer1$73kNA
Project Civil Airport Engineer1$73kNA
Lead Process Engineer1$72kNA
Senior Water Wastewater Engineer1$72kNA
Controls Engineer1$71kNA
Travel Demand Modeler2$71k
Senior Civil Design Project Engineer1$70kNA
Project Engineer Design And Construction1$70kNA
Senior Urban Planner5$70k
Civil Engineer76$69k
Senior Soil Structure Interaction Engineer2$69k
Senior Information Technologist1$69kNA
Assistant Structural Engineer1$69kNA
Senior Program Accountant1$69kNA
Graduate Engineer16$69k
Project Engineer6$67k
Senior Geotechnical Engineer3$67k
Senior Civil Bridge Engineer1$65kNA
Air Quality Engineer1$65kNA
Structural Civil Engineer1$65kNA
Environmental Project Engineer1$65kNA
Mechanical Piping Designer1$64kNA
Geotechnical Analyst1$64kNA
Geotechnical Engineer3$64k
Mis Coordinator1$64kNA
Assistant Engineer1$62kNA
Traffic Engineer6$62k
Landscape Architect1$62kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$62kNA
Wastewater Engineer1$62kNA
Staff Engineer18$62k
Drainage Engineer3$62k
Civil Rail Engineer1$61kNA
Flood Map Revisions1$61kNA
Bridge Design Engineer Structural1$61kNA
Air Quality Environmental Engineer2$61k
Structural Engineer10$60k
Mechanical Engineer1$60kNA
Transportation Engineer16$60k
Staff Geotechnical Engineer5$60k
Civil Consultant1$60kNA
Graduate Structural Engineer2$60k
Junior Transportation Planner2$60k
Graduate Transportation Engineer9$60k
IT Network Administrator2$59kNA
Graduate Traffic Transportation Engineer1$59kNA
Design Review Engineer1$58kNA
Water Resources Engineer6$58k
Environmental Engineer43$58k
Bridge Engineer3$58k
Civil Sanitary Engineer2$58k
Senior Biologist1$58kNA
Civil Traffic Engineer1$58kNA
Transportation Traffic Engineer2$57kNA
Graduate Industrial Engineer1$57kNA
Air Quality Specialist4$57k
Environmental Engineer Junior1$57kNA
Gis Specialist3$56k
Transportation Planner4$56k
Senior Staff Engineer Geotechnical1$56kNA
Environmental Scientist4$56k
Civil Geotechnical Engineer12$56k
Electrical Engineer3$56k
Civil Geotechnical Consultant1$55kNA
Graduate Structural Facility Foundation Engineer1$55kNA
Senior Accountant International Accountant2$55kNA
Graduate Consultant1$55kNA
Senior Cadd Designer1$55kNA
Graduate Architect Designer1$55kNA
Marine Engineer2$55kNA
Staff Engineer Water Wastewater1$55kNA
Senior Gis Specialist1$54kNA
Graduate Civil Bridge Engineer1$54kNA
Cartographers And Photogrammetrists1$54kNA
Air Quality Analyst1$54kNA
Civil Bridge Engineer1$53kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$53kNA
Graduate Geologist1$53kNA
Air Quality Graduate Engineer1$53kNA
Staff Scientist2$52k
Staff Environmental Engineer1$52kNA
Financial Analyst3$52k
Staff Engineer Water Wastewater II1$52kNA
Graduate Electrical Engineer1$52kNA
Assistant Gis Specialist1$51kNA
Water Wastewater Engineer1$51kNA
Graduate Civil Geotechnical Engineer2$51k
Senior Environmental Specialist1$50kNA
International Senior Accountant1$50kNA
Graduate Civil Engineer9$49k
Gis Analyst1$49kNA
Graduate Civil Highway Engineer2$49k
Graduate Mechanical Engineer1$49kNA
Roadway Engineer1$49kNA
Environmental Geologist1$48kNA
Interior Designer1$48kNA
Commercial Designer1$48kNA
Civil Highway Engineer1$48kNA
Airport Civil Engineer1$47kNA
Information Technology Specialist3$46k
Graduate Environmental Engineer3$44k
Urban Planner5$43k
Joint Venture Accountant1$42kNA
Graduate Environmental Scientist1$42kNA
Junior Project Engineer1$41kNA
Staff Programmer1$40kNA
Staff Accountant2$39k
Staff Programmer Analyst1$36kNA
Project Account Specialist1$36kNA
Computer Programmer Analyst1$35kNA