University Of Texas Medical Branch Jobs

A total of 93 University Of Texas Medical Branch jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $60,313
Salary Range: $24,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Associate Professor11$220k
Visiting Associate Professor1$207kNA
Assistand Professor1$203kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor3$200k
Director Of Instituional Biocontainment Resources1$150kNA
Assistant Professor43$147k
Deputy Director Institutional Biocontaintment Res1$118kNA
Physician Assistant Professor1$110kNA
Deputy Director Instituional Biocontainment Resour1$110kNA
Associate Director1$100kNA
Senior Biocontainment Veterinarian1$85kNA
Inpatient Care Pharmacist2$81k
Associate Director Of Lab Services1$77kNA
Technology Manager1$70kNA
Senior Biostatician1$64kNA
Chief Dietician2$61k
Physical Therapist III1$61kNA
Senior Medical Educator2$60k
System Analyst II1$60kNA
System Analyst III1$60kNA
Bionutrition Manager1$58kNA
Engineering Technician1$54kNA
Senior Biological And Chemical Safety Specialist1$54kNA
Visiting Professor2$51kNA
Senior Research Associate2$51k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow1$50kNA
Clinical Instructor2$50kNA
Respiratory Therapist III1$49kNA
Assistant Professor Non Tenure Track1$48kNA
Clinical Resident Pgy IV1$48kNA
Engineering Technician III1$48kNA
Research Scientist14$48k
Respiratory Therapist1$47kNA
Software Specialist I1$47kNA
Clinical Fellow Pgy4 V3$47k
Clinical Fellow Pg L IV V1$46kNA
Resident Pgl IV5$46k
Grants And Contracts Specialist II1$45kNA
Medical Technologist I3$44k
Pgy VI Radiology Resident1$44kNA
Medical Technologist II4$44k
Resident Pgl IV V1$43kNA
Resident Pgl IV VI1$43kNA
Clinical Fellow Pgy4 VI2$43kNA
Medical Oncology Fellow1$43kNA
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator3$43k
Clinical Resident Pgy III3$43k
Resident Pgl III3$43k
Clinical Resident Pgy35$43k
Ob Gyn Fellow1$42kNA
Staff Psychotherapist2$42kNA
Medical Technician III1$41kNA
Staff Therapist1$41kNA
Pgy IV1$41kNA
Clinical Resident Pgy IV VI1$41kNA
Pgy IV Resident1$40kNA
Pgy4 Int Med Pulmonary And Critical Care Fello1$40kNA
Pgy Obgyn Resident1$40kNA
Research Associate III4$39k
Pgy Resident In Ob Gyn1$39kNA
Respiratory Therapist I1$39kNA
Clinical Resident Pgy I III5$38k
Senior Research Assistant1$38kNA
Medical Technician II1$38kNA
Staff Respiratory Therapist1$38kNA
Clinical Resident Pgy I II1$38kNA
Neurology Resident3$38kNA
Research Investigator1$37kNA
Research Fellow8$37k
Pgy II Neurology Resident1$37kNA
Pgy II Internal Medicine Resident1$37kNA
Pgl II Internal Medicine Resident1$37kNA
Pgl II1$37kNA
Clinical Resident Pgy II III1$37kNA
Resident Pgy II1$37kNA
Research Associate II7$37k
Medical Technician1$37kNA
Pgy Resident1$36kNA
Internal Medicine Resident1$36kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow140$36k
Clinical Resident Pgy I1$36kNA
Pgy I Resident1$36kNA
Pgl I1$36kNA
Clinical Resident Pgy1 III1$36kNA
Clinical Resident Pgy12$36kNA
Research Associate I10$31k
Research Associate3$30k
Research Assistant II6$29k
Research Assistant I13$26k