University Of Pittsburgh Physicians Jobs

A total of 129 University Of Pittsburgh Physicians jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $144,525
Salary Range: $28,550

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Visiting Associate Professor2$410k
Assistant Professor Of Neurosurgery1$405kNA
Associate Professor Of Surgery1$390kNA
Staff Cardiologist1$305kNA
Assistant Professor Neurological Surgery1$300kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor Gastroenterology1$260kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor Anesthesiology1$260kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor Neurological Surgery3$240k
Assistant Professor Dermatology1$230kNA
Clinical Assistant Professoe Of Radiology1$220kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor Radiology5$220kNA
Associate Professor Plastic Surgery1$215kNA
Assistant Professor Of Medicine2$213k
Clinical Associate Professor3$212k
Assistant Professor Transplant Surgery3$210k
Associate Professor4$200k
Associate Professor Thoracic Surgery1$200kNA
Assistant Professor Surgery3$200k
Clinical Assistant Professor Of Radiology14$200k
Biological Sciences Teacher Postsecondary1$195kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor61$186k
Clinical Instructor Hospitalist Division1$185kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor Of Surgery2$178k
Clinical Assistant Professor Of Neurology3$177k
Associate Professor Radiology1$170kNA
Assistant Professor37$169k
Associate Professor Neuro Oncology1$165kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other32$164k
Assistant Professor Radiology3$163k
Assistant Professor Of Radiology5$162k
Internist General8$161k
Assistant Professor Ped Cardiac Cc Med2$160k
Instructor Of Anesthesiology1$160kNA
Pediatric Neuroradiologist2$160k
Clinical Assistant Professor Pediatric Surgery1$160kNA
Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology3$160k
Clinical Assistant Professor Neurology3$158k
Clinical Instructor Hospitalist2$153k
Family And General Practitioner6$152k
Clinical Instructor Medicine2$151k
Family General Practitioner2$151k
Clinical Instructor Anesthesiology1$150kNA
Assistant Clinical Professor1$150kNA
Assistant Professor Cardiothoracic Surgery1$150kNA
Assistant Professor Of Neurology4$149k
Clinical Instructor Of Anesthesiology5$148k
Assistant Professor Anesthesiology2$148k
Assistant Professor Of Surgery11$146k
Faculty Physician2$143k
Clinical Assistant Professor Of Medicine5$141k
Clinical Assistant Professor Of Geriatric Medicine1$140kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology2$140kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor Geriatrics1$140kNA
Assistant Prof Of Otolaryngology1$140kNA
Assistant Professor Of Critical Care Medicine2$138k
Health Specialties Teacher Postsecondary3$133k
Interventional Radiologist1$132kNA
Clinical Instructor Of Medicine13$131k
Visiting Assistant Professor4$128k
Attending Physician1$127kNA
Clinical Instructor124$123k
Assistant Professor Pathology1$121kNA
Clinical Instructor Of Gastroenterology1$120kNA
Health Specialities Teacher Postsecondary1$120kNA
Instructor Anesthesiology1$120kNA
Visiting Instructor Of Anesthesiology1$110kNA
Pediatrician General1$110kNA
Psychiatrist Attending Physician1$109kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pathology4$107k
Assistant Professor Pediatric Radiology1$100kNA
Assistant Professor Pediatric Pathology1$100kNA
Assistant Prof Critical Care Medicine1$100kNA
Assistant Professor Hospitalist1$100kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists1$100kNA
Assistant Clinical Professor Family Medicine1$95kNA
Clinical Instructor General Medicine1$95kNA
Assistant Professor Of Opthalmology1$94kNA
Assistant Professor Critical Care Medicine4$94k
Assistant Professor Pediatrics6$93k
Nurse Practitioner1$91kNA
Assistant Professor Of Otolaryngology2$82k
Assistant Professor Neurology1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pediatrics5$78k
Senior Manager Revenue Cycle2$75kNA
Computer Software Engineer2$72kNA
Clinical Instructor Of Rheumatology1$70kNA
Instructor Of Rheumatology1$70kNA
Assistant Professor Of Child Neurology1$70kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$70kNA
Visiting Instructor Of Surgery1$65kNA
Clinical Instructor Neurological Surgery1$65kNA
Clinical Instructor Cardiothoracic Surgeon1$65kNA
Clinical Instructor Cardiothoracic Surgery1$65kNA
Assistant Clinincal Prof Family Practice1$65kNA
Financial Analyst1$64kNA
Visiting Instructor5$61k
Clinical Instructor Of Surgery17$61k
Assistant Professor Of Psychiatry3$61k
Instructor Of Surgery1$60kNA
Clinical Instructor Cardiac Imaging1$58kNA
Clinical Instructor Of Urology1$56kNA
Clinical Instructor Critical Care Medicine1$56kNA
Clinical Instructor Radiology1$55kNA
Clinical Visiting Instructor1$52kNA
Clinical Instructor Pediatric Surgery1$52kNA
Visiting Instructor Pediatric Otolaryngology2$50k
Psychiatric Clinical Educator1$50kNA
Clinical Instructor Of Radiology1$50kNA
Clinical Visiting Instructor Otolaryngology1$47kNA
Clinical Instructor Otolaryngology2$45kNA
Clinical Instructor Of Surgery Clinical Fellow1$43kNA
Health Specialty Teacher Post Secondary1$42kNA
Clinical Instructor Ophtalmology1$40kNA
Clinical Instructor Of Ophthalmology1$40kNA