University Of Missouri Columbia Jobs

A total of 81 University Of Missouri Columbia jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $45,185
Salary Range: $18,580

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Assistant Prof Of Clinical Medicine Nephrology1$125kNA
Endowed Professor1$123kNA
Assistant Prof Of Clinical Medicine Rheumatology1$115kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Medicine1$115kNA
Professor Of Industrial Engineering1$101kNA
Assistant Teaching Professor1$99kNA
Assistant Teaching Professor Of Veterinary1$93kNA
Assistant Professor Of Immunolgy1$90kNA
Assistant Professor Of Health System Mgt1$89kNA
Assistant Professor Of Computer Science Bioinforma1$87kNA
Assistant Professor Of Health Informatics1$85kNA
Assistant Professor Of Chemical Engineering1$85kNA
Assistant Professor Of Biostatistics1$84kNA
Assistant Professor Of Veterinary Pathology1$82kNA
Associate Professor1$78kNA
Assistant Professor Of Transportation Enginnering1$72kNA
Assistant Professor Of Forestry1$70kNA
Assistant Professor Of Biomedical Engineering1$70kNA
Assistant Professor Of Statistics2$70kNA
Assistant Professor47$68k
Assistant Professor Of Parks Rec Tourism1$62kNA
Assistant Professor Of Atmospheric Science1$58kNA
Assistant Professor Of Physics1$58kNA
Assistant Professor Of Geography1$57kNA
Assistant Professor Of Communication Sciences1$56kNA
Assistant Professor In Food And Hospitality System1$56kNA
Assisstant Professor1$55kNA
Assistant Research Professor2$53kNA
Database Administrator Specialist1$52kNA
Coordinator Program Project Support1$50kNA
System Administrator Entry2$50k
Assistant Professor Of Spanish2$50k
Computer Programmer Analyst II1$49kNA
Resident Instruction Assistant Professor4$47k
Programmer Analyst2$46k
Specialist In Intl Communication Translation1$46kNA
System Administrator2$46k
Clinical Assistant Professor2$45k
Research Assistant Professor18$45k
Coordinator For China Program1$45kNA
Community Development Specialist2$45k
Assistant Professor Of Music1$44kNA
Senior Research Scientist4$44k
Programmer Analyst Entry1$43kNA
Computer System Administrator1$42kNA
Research Scientist8$42k
Research Chemist1$42kNA
Data Base Administrator1$42kNA
Assistant Professor Biological Engineering1$40kNA
Research Associate19$40k
Visiting Assistant Professor2$40kNA
Senior Gis Specialist1$40kNA
Programmer Analyst Specialist1$40kNA
Licensing Associate1$40kNA
Senior Research Specialist6$39k
Agronomy Specialist1$39kNA
Resident Physician1$38kNA
Coordinator Student Government Services1$38kNA
Associate Director1$36kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow131$36k
Resident Intstruction Instructor1$35kNA
Research Specialist13$32k
Senior Researchlab Technician1$31kNA
Senior Research Lab Technician2$31k
Clinical Instructor1$31kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate5$31k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow1$30kNA
Postdoctoral Researcher2$30k
Residence Hall Coordinator1$29kNA
Senior Research Aide1$28kNA
Resident Veterinarian9$27k
Research Lab Technician1$26kNA
Small Animal Medicine Veterinary Intern1$23kNA
Research Laboratory Technician1$23kNA