University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine Jobs

A total of 166 University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $83,211
Salary Range: $19,730

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Chief Marketing Officer1$500kNA
Visiting Professor Professor Of Surgery2$450kNA
Associate Professor Of Medicine1$365kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Neurology2$350kNA
Professor Of Medicine1$325kNA
Associate Professor Of Clinical Radiation Oncology1$320kNA
Associate Professor Of Clinical1$270kNA
Associate Professor4$261k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Radiation Oncology1$260kNA
Associate Professor Of Clinical Urology2$250kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Orthopaedics2$250kNA
Professor Of Clinical Human Genetics1$240kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinicial Radiology1$238kNA
Assistant Prof Of Clinical Medicine1$235kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Radiology13$233k
Assistant Professor Of Radiology3$230k
Visiting Asso Professor Asso Professor Of Clinic1$225kNA
Professor Of Clinical Pediatrics2$221k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Otolaryngology1$220kNA
Associate Professor Of Clinical Radiology1$212kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Anesthesia2$208k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Pathology1$200kNA
Asistant Professor Of Clinical Obstetrics Gynecolo1$200kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Obstetrics Gynecol4$199k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Ophthalmology3$193k
Visiting Associate Professor1$191kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical21$181k
Assistant Professor Of Clinicial Medicine3$180k
Assistant Professor Of Neurology1$180kNA
Assistant Professor Clinical Surgery1$180kNA
Assistant Professor Of Psychiatry Behavioral Sci1$180kNA
Associate Chief Financial Officer1$175kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Medicine28$173k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Surgery9$171k
Visiting Professor5$170k
Assistant Professor Of Clinica Medicine1$169kNA
Instructor Of Clinical Surgery1$165kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Obstetrics Gynecology1$165kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinicial Anesthesiology1$160kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinicial1$160kNA
Pediatric Cardiologist Assistant Professor Of Clinical1$153kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Anesthesiology13$150k
Assistant Professor Of Surgery1$145kNA
Executive Director Of Finance1$140kNA
Assistant Prof Of Clinical Obstetrics Gynecology1$140kNA
Executive Director Process Improvement2$138k
Assistant Professor Of Clinicial Surgery3$135k
Director Of Business Development1$135kNA
Assistant Professor29$129k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Pediatrics7$128k
Research Associate Professor1$125kNA
Assistant Professor Of Medicine1$120kNA
Director Of Marketing Business Development2$115kNA
Finance Director1$115kNA
Research Pharmacist4$106k
Director Project Management1$100kNA
Manager Application Development1$90kNA
Director Of Research Support1$90kNA
Assistant Professor Of Neurological Surgery1$90kNA
Senior System Analyst4$87k
Senior Manager Research Laboratory1$85kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Assistant Professor2$84k
Research Assistant Professor49$83k
Robotic Cardiothoracis Program Coordinator2$83kNA
Manager Business Intelligence1$83kNA
Senior Decision Support Analyst1$82kNA
Etl Developer1$81kNA
Manager Application System Development2$81k
Clinical Research Instructor1$77kNA
Senior Manager Of Finance1$77kNA
Senior Compensation Analyst1$73kNA
Project Manager1$72kNA
Business System Analyst4$70k
Nurse Specialist II1$70kNA
Software Engineer2$69k
Research Assistant Professor Of Surgery1$67kNA
Database Administrator3$67k
Compensation Analyst1$66kNA
System Business Analyst2$64k
Computer System Validation Specialist2$63k
Programmer Analyst Senior1$63kNA
System Analyst1$63kNA
Senior Irb Regulatory Analyst3$62k
Associate Scientist20$61k
Decision Support Analyst1$59kNA
Senior Medical Technologist1$59kNA
Senior Programmer1$58kNA
Visiting Instructor2$56k
Senior Financial Analyst3$56k
Manager Research Lab1$56kNA
Senior Research Analyst2$56k
System Business Analyst I1$55kNA
Accounting System Analyst1$55kNA
Nurse Specialist Research1$55kNA
Manager II1$55kNA
Instructor Of Clinical Ophthalmology3$54kNA
General Surgery Resident1$53kNA
Senior Accountant3$53k
Senior Research Associate III Data Analyst1$52kNA
Senior Research Associate III18$51k
Clinical Research Coordinator4$51k
Software Specialist Lead1$51kNA
Medical Physics Rresident Pgy11$51kNA
Resident Pgy III2$51kNA
Program Specialist II1$50kNA
Pgy III Resident1$50kNA
Medical Technologist2$50k
Internal Medicine Resident4$50k
Assistant Scientist43$49k
Postdoctoral Associate Lab Manager1$49kNA
Internal Medicine Resident Pgy22$49kNA
Resident Pgy II1$49kNA
Assistant Scientist Som1$48kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology2$48kNA
Programmer Analyst IV1$48kNA
Manager Sponsored Program Specialist1$47kNA
Internal Medicine Resident Pgy12$47kNA
Resident Pgy12$47kNA
Resident Pgy I3$47kNA
Intermediate Programmer2$46kNA
Research Laboratory Manager1$45kNA
Research Analyst2$45k
Senior Research Associate II14$45k
Financial Analyst6$45k
Assistant Research Professor1$45kNA
Database Analyst2$43k
Postdoctoral Scholar3$43k
Programmer Analyst V1$42kNA
Senior Research Associate III Biostatistician1$42kNA
Senior Research Associate I28$41k
Network Specialist II1$41kNA
Research Associate III17$41k
Research Support Coordinator7$40k
Postdoctoral Associate144$40k
Adjunct Assistant Professor2$40kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate1$40kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow2$40kNA
Entry Scientist1$40kNA
Senior Reseach Associate I2$40k
Senior Research Associate6$39k
Social Worker II1$39kNA
Cellular Transplant Specialist II1$39kNA
Financial Analyst II1$38kNA
Postdoctoral Associate Som1$38kNA
Senior Research Assistant1$38kNA
Clinical Research Specialist II1$38kNA
Research Associate II35$38k
Irb Coordinator1$36kNA
Research Associate II Som1$36kNA
Social Worker1$35kNA
Coordinator II1$34kNA
Research Support Specialist1$31kNA
Research Assistant I1$31kNA
Research Associate I34$31k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow2$30kNA
Research Associate2$30k
Reseach Associate I1$24kNA