University Of Medicine And Dentistry Of New Jersey Jobs

A total of 67 University Of Medicine And Dentistry Of New Jersey jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $47,867
Salary Range: $32,687

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Professor And Associate Dean1$220kNA
Assistant Professor Director1$150kNA
Assistant Professor Of Medicine1$105kNA
Assistant Professor25$98k
Director Of Education Assistant Professor1$92kNA
Senior Research Associate2$82kNA
Staff Pharmacist2$82kNA
Ist Analyst I1$80kNA
Specialist Poison Information III1$75kNA
Programmer Analyst I1$71kNA
Forensic Mental Health Clinician2$71k
Ist Analyst II1$71kNA
Senior Technologist1$70kNA
Instructor Basic Science1$66kNA
Basic Science Instructor1$66kNA
Ophthalmology Resident2$66k
Contract Administrator1$66kNA
Programmer Analyst II3$64k
Biomedical Software Engineer2$63k
Housestaff Surgery1$63kNA
House Staff Officer1$63kNA
Portal System Adm Software Application Developer1$62kNA
Informatics Specialist2$61kNA
Programmer Analyst 111$59kNA
Research Associate I11$58k
Research Teaching Specialist I6$58k
Administrative Analyst II2$57k
Research Teaching Specilist III1$56kNA
Principal Statistician3$55k
Research Teaching Specialist 112$55kNA
Mental Health Clinician II1$55kNA
Research Teachiong Specialist III1$53kNA
Programmer Analyst III1$53kNA
Research Teaching Specialist II11$53k
Fellow In Vascular Neurology Pgy VI1$53kNA
Clinical Research Review Specialist3$52k
Research Associate II36$51k
Digital Media Technology Support System Engineer1$51kNA
Coordinator Data System1$51kNA
Research Associate Ll1$51kNA
Pgy IV Housestaff1$50kNA
Research Assoiate II1$50kNA
Research Associate 115$49k
Research Teaching Speciliast III1$49kNA
Clinical Research Associate1$48kNA
Registered Dietitian1$48kNA
Research Analyst2$48k
Mental Health Clinician III1$47kNA
Housestaff Postgraduate Year II1$46kNA
Research Teaching Specialist III90$45k
Health Educator III1$45kNA
Research Teaching Specialist 1118$44k
Grants And Contracts Analyst1$44kNA
Senior Statistician1$42kNA
Research Teaching Speciliat IV1$42kNA
Research Teaching Specilaist IV1$42kNA
Health Program Analyst3$41k
Research Associate III117$41k
Research Teaching Specialist 1v19$41k
Research Teaching Specialist IV82$40k
Research Teaching Specialist3$39k
Research Associate 11126$39k
Research Associate Lll3$38k
Research Teaching Spelist V1$38kNA
Research Teaching Specialist V60$36k
Biological Technician1$36kNA