University Of Kansas Medical Center Jobs

A total of 103 University Of Kansas Medical Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $56,590
Salary Range: $24,858

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Professor Of Medicine1$240kNA
Pediatrician Assistant Professor3$173k
Assistant Professor Physician1$148kNA
Professor Pharmacology Toxicology1$135kNA
Clinical Instructor1$122kNA
Assistant Professor Internal Medicine4$119k
General Pediatrician1$114kNA
Assistant Professor41$101k
Associate Chair For Educational Program1$91kNA
Genetic Counselor1$90kNA
Assistant Professor Nephrology1$88kNA
Assistant Professor General Surgery1$88kNA
Assistant Professor Neonatology1$88kNA
Associate Professor Pediatrics1$88kNA
Assistant Professor Ophthalmology1$88kNA
Identity Management Engineer1$83kNA
Assistant Professor Pediatrics3$82k
Assistant Professor Biochemistry1$73kNA
Senior Application Developer3$71k
Assistant Professor Pharmacology1$71kNA
Senior Specialist Java Application Programmer Anal1$70kNA
Java Application Programmer Analyst1$70kNA
Bioinformatics Analyst1$70kNA
Senior Network Specialist1$69kNA
Senior Specialist2$69k
Coordinator Of Public Health Informatics2$65k
Senior Specialist Clinical Application Administra1$64kNA
Web Application Developer1$62kNA
Web Developer1$61kNA
Assistant Professor Internal Medicine Cardiology1$60kNA
Information Resource Specialist3$60k
Assistant Professor Research2$59k
Assistant Director1$57kNA
Assitant Director1$57kNA
Clinical Application Administrator1$56kNA
Research Assistant Professor39$56k
Senior Research Analyst6$55k
Teaching Associate Research1$55kNA
Research Assistant Professor Nursing2$55k
Senior Scientist14$53k
Research Associate Professor1$50kNA
Fellow Gastroenterology2$50k
Research Associate51$49k
Research Instructor3$49k
Senior Research Associate20$49k
Fello Cardiac Arrhythmia1$49kNA
Clinical Fellow Nephrology2$49kNA
Fellow Cardiovascular Diseases1$49kNA
Fellow Infectious Diseases2$49kNA
Fellow Infectious Disease1$49kNA
Research Assistant Professor Physiology1$48kNA
Database Manager Research Liason1$46kNA
Medical Resident Internal Medicine1$45kNA
Research Instructor Urology1$45kNA
Research Assistant Professor Pathology1$45kNA
Research Instructor Embryology2$45kNA
Medical Resident6$45k
Fellow Endocrinology1$44kNA
Pulmonary Fellow1$44kNA
Fellow Cardiac Arrhythmia1$43kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow100$42k
Senior Research Scientist4$41k
Research Evaluation Associate1$40kNA
Research Associate Epidemiology1$40kNA
Data Manager1$40kNA
Research Analyst4$40k
Research Analyst Planning And Analysis1$39kNA
General Internist Hospitalist2$39k
Postdoctoral Fellow Pt Rehab Sci1$38kNA
Research Analyst Physiology Mrrc1$38kNA
Research Associate Anatomy2$38k
Postdoctoral Fellow Anatomy Cell Biology1$37kNA
Research Associate Brain Imaging1$37kNA
Research Associate Microbiology1$37kNA
Research Assistant32$37k
Postdoctoral Fellow Biochemistry2$37k
Postdoctoral Fellow Anatomy Cell Biol1$36kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Physiology Mrrc1$36kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Center On Aging1$36kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Physiology1$35kNA
Administrative Assistant1$35kNA
Grant Specialist1$35kNA
Research Associate Urology1$35kNA
Research Associate Oncology1$34kNA
Research Associate Nephrology1$34kNA
Research Associate Ob Gyn1$34kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Microbiology7$34k
Postdoctoral Fellow Research1$33kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Pharmacology Toxicology1$33kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Gastroenterology1$33kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Pathology2$33k
Neuro Imaging Research Assistanct1$33kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Nephrology3$33kNA
Research Assistant Microbiology1$30kNA
Research Assistant Pharmacology2$29kNA