University Of Arkansas For Medical Sciences Jobs

A total of 162 University Of Arkansas For Medical Sciences jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $87,519
Salary Range: $17,714

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Neurosurgery Faculty Member1$347kNA
Instructor Assistant Professor1$317kNA
Assistant Prfofessor1$254kNA
Assistant Professor In The Division Of Pediatric R2$227k
Health Specialties Teacher Postsecon1$202kNA
Assistant Prof Of Pediatric Anesthesiology1$200kNA
Academic Hospitalist Assistant Professor1$195kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other23$191k
Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology5$189k
Assistant Professor Radiation Oncologist1$182kNA
Associate Professor5$175k
Internist General12$170k
Assistant Professor307$169k
Assistant Professor In Regulatory Sciences2$169k
Assistant Professor Of Pediatric Anesthesiology3$167k
Family And General Practitioners1$160kNA
Assistant Professor Medical Physicist1$160kNA
Health Diagnosing And Treating Practioners All Other1$160kNA
Physician Surgeon All Other5$156k
Assistant Professor Of Medicine2$139k
Health Specialties Teacher Postsecondary8$138k
Physician Staff Psychiatrist1$131kNA
Pediatrician General1$130kNA
Assistant Professor Hospitalist2$128k
Family Practice Physician1$125kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pediatrics And Developmenta1$125kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pediatrics12$124k
Assistant Professor In Pathology1$122kNA
Physician And Surgeon1$120kNA
Instructor Of Pediatrics1$120kNA
Pediatric Cardiologist1$120kNA
Assistant Professor Of Cardiology1$120kNA
Health Diagnosing And Treating Practicioners All Other1$120kNA
Health Specialties Teacher Post Secondary2$115k
Physician Suregons All Other1$114kNA
Instructor Medical Physicist1$106kNA
Hospitalist Internist General2$105k
Computer Science Teacher Postsecondary1$104kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pediatric Cardiology1$100kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pedicatrics1$100kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pediatric Gastroenterology1$100kNA
Assistant Professor Clinical Attending1$90kNA
Application System Analyst Programmer Staff Spec1$90kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pediatric Endocrinology1$90kNA
Bioinformatics Manager1$84kNA
Associate Research Professor1$84kNA
Senior Technical Project Manager1$82kNA
Computer Specialists All Other1$79kNA
Faculty Mathematician1$75kNA
Health Diagnosing And Treating Practitioners All Other1$74kNA
Research Associate Professor1$72kNA
Senior Project Program Director1$71kNA
Senior Web Developer1$69kNA
Application System Analyst Programmer7$66k
Chief Resident Instructor1$66kNA
Project Program Director2$65k
Software Developer Application R D1$64kNA
Senior Web Client Server Developer Analyst1$64kNA
Application System Analyst Programmer Intermed1$61kNA
Senior Application System Analyst Programmer Senior1$61kNA
Senior Application System Analyst Programmer1$61kNA
Instructional Development Specialist1$61kNA
Software Developer Application Non R D2$61k
Research Assistant Professor35$60k
Chief Medical Resident4$60k
Instructor Mri Fellow1$60kNA
Application System Analyst Programmer Intermedia1$60kNA
Medical Fellow Assistant Professor1$60kNA
Senior Compter Specialist1$60kNA
Senior Computer Specialist1$60kNA
Educational Evaluator1$57kNA
Interventional Cardiology Fellow1$56kNA
Resesarch Assistant Professor1$56kNA
Physical Therapist1$56kNA
Genetics Counselor1$55kNA
Instructor Otology Fellow1$55kNA
Commercial Manager1$54kNA
Endocrinology Housestaff1$53kNA
Medical Fellow11$53k
Cardiovascular Disease Fellow2$52k
Assistant Professor Dept Pediatrics Medical Sciences1$52kNA
Computer System Leader1$52kNA
Assistant Research Professor1$52kNA
Rheumatology Fellow2$51kNA
Child And Adolescent Psychiatry Resident1$51kNA
Nephrology Fellow2$51kNA
Endocrinology Fellow1$51kNA
Research Assistant Statistical Analyst1$50kNA
Diagnostic Radiology Resident1$50kNA
Research Instructor14$50k
Medical Resident Fellow86$50k
Statistical Analyst1$50kNA
Genetic Counselor2$49k
Geriatric Fellow1$48kNA
Client Server Web Developer6$47k
Health Service Research Program Manager1$47kNA
Pre Health Professions Recruiter3$46k
Medical Resident Assistant Professor1$46kNA
Medical Resident164$45k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow1$44kNA
Grants Specialist1$43kNA
Network Staff Specialist1$43kNA
Resident Physician3$43k
Bioinformatics Specialist2$43k
Research System Analyst2$42k
Medical Physics Resident2$42k
Medical Clinical Laboratory Technologist1$41kNA
Reseach Assistant1$41kNA
Research Assocciate1$40kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists1$40kNA
Certified Technologist2$40k
System Analyst1$40kNA
Resident Nuclear Medicine1$40kNA
Medical Physicist Resident1$40kNA
Telemedicine Coordinator1$40kNA
Research Associate52$40k
Postdoctoral Research Associate2$39kNA
Resident In Family Practice2$39k
Clinical Research Postdoctoral Fellow1$39kNA
Medical Technologist13$39k
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Program2$38k
First Year Resident1$38kNA
Resident Physician Family Practice1$38kNA
Medical Physicist2$38k
Database Administrator1$38kNA
System Documentation Specialist1$37kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow157$36k
Research Assistant86$35k
Accounting Business Officer1$35kNA
Program Specialist1$35kNA
Management Analyst1$35kNA
Resesarch Associate2$35k
Biological Technician5$34k
Database Analyst1$34kNA
Project Program Specialist7$34k
Resesarch Technician1$33kNA
Rsearch Assistant1$33kNA
Management Project Analyst1$32kNA
Research Fellow1$32kNA
Physics Teacher Postsecondary1$32kNA
Data Manager1$30kNA
Research Techologist II1$29kNA
Research Technologist II1$29kNA
Research Technologist24$28k
Program Eligibility Specialist1$27kNA
Resesarch Assistant1$26kNA
Research Technician3$26k
Medical Billing Specialist1$25kNA