University Of Arizona Jobs

A total of 89 University Of Arizona jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $51,974
Salary Range: $17,104

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Professor Of Medicine1$200kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Medicine4$194k
Hospitalist Family Medicine1$164kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor5$162k
Assistant Professor Of Medicine1$150kNA
Assistant Professor Clinical1$130kNA
Director School Of Music And Dance1$122kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor Of Neurology1$120kNA
Assistant Professor In Pediatric Gastroenterology2$120kNA
Pediatric Nephrologist Endocrinologist1$115kNA
Associate Professor Of Law1$100kNA
Principal Engineer1$95kNA
Research Associate Professor1$77kNA
Poison Control Specialist1$75kNA
Associate Professor8$72k
Computer Data Base Specialist Principal1$68kNA
Assistant Professor57$65k
Research Assistant Professor Scientist1$65kNA
Assistant Staff Scientist2$56k
Information Architect1$56kNA
Research Assistant Professor7$55k
Head Coach2$54kNA
Assistant Research Manager1$52kNA
Research Specialist Principal2$52k
Assistant Professor Computer Science1$51kNA
Assistant Astronomer1$50kNA
Associate Staff Scientist1$50kNA
Associate Librarian1$50kNA
Clinical Physicist Associate1$50kNA
Assistant Librarian2$49k
System Programmer Senior3$49k
Instructional Designer1$48kNA
System Programmer2$47k
Clinical Assistant V2$47k
Senior Research Specialist1$46kNA
Application System Analyst Senior1$46kNA
Icp Ms Laboratory Manager1$46kNA
Clinical Assistant IV2$45k
Assistant Coach Womens Gymnastics1$45kNA
Assistant Marketing Director1$45kNA
Clinical Assistant III3$45k
Assistant Research Scientist13$43k
Coordinator Sequence Center1$43kNA
Research Specialist Senior1$43kNA
Tax Manager1$42kNA
Geospatial Analyst1$42kNA
Clinical Assistant II7$41k
Academic Advisor Senior2$41k
Assistant Research Professor1$41kNA
Research Scientist5$40k
Lecturer Research Associate1$40kNA
Reseach Associate1$40kNA
Assistant Coach2$40kNA
Computer Data Base Specialist1$40kNA
Application System Analyst5$40k
Clinical Assistant I4$39k
Assitant Research Scientist1$39kNA
Research Engineer6$38k
Assistant Plant Breeder2$38k
Research Associate Postdoctoral1$38kNA
Research Assistant Scientist1$37kNA
Program Manager1$37kNA
Computer Database Specialist2$37kNA
Research Project Coordinator1$36kNA
Research Associate88$36k
Associate Research Scientist1$36kNA
Adjunct Lecturer2$36k
Adjunct Instructor Italian1$35kNA
Support System Analyst1$35kNA
Research Intern2$34kNA
Graphic Artist Artificial Intelligence Lab1$34kNA
Program Coordinator3$33k
Insect Specialist1$33kNA
Adjunct Instructor5$32k
Hall Director1$32kNA
Research Specialist12$32k
Lab Coordinator Senior1$31kNA
Program Coordinator For Membership Inform Service1$31kNA
Adjunct Professor1$30kNA
Adjunct Instructor Math1$30kNA
Research Technician8$28k
Graphic Artist1$26kNA
Outreach Information Specialist1$25kNA
Assistant Wildlife Biologist1$25kNA