Uchicago Argonne Jobs

A total of 69 Uchicago Argonne jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $77,639
Salary Range: $52,272

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Program Manager Senior Computer Scientist1$240kNA
Division Director1$164kNA
Group Leader Emmd Group1$149kNA
Principal Computer System Engineer Group Leader1$138kNA
Computational Biologist1$127kNA
Environmental Microbiologist1$123kNA
Principal Process Development Engineer1$113kNA
Computational Scientist1$110kNA
Nuclear Engineer9$102k
Atmospheric Remote Sensing Engineer2$101k
Principal Atmospheric Remote Sensing Engineer2$100k
Controls Engineer1$99kNA
Materials Scientist2$98k
Assistant Nuclear Engineer4$96k
Computer And Information Research Scientist3$94k
Assistant Electrical Engineer Accelerator1$93kNA
Assistant Computational Atmospheric Modeler1$92kNA
Assistant Computational Scientist7$92k
Assistnat Computational Scientist1$92kNA
Assistant Scientist Nanoscience2$92k
Mechanical Engineer R D1$91kNA
Assistant Computer Scientist5$91k
Principal Control System Engineer2$91k
Nuclear Engineer Life Cycle System Development1$90kNA
Principal Structural Biology Specialist1$90kNA
Engine Research Engineer1$90kNA
Computational Engineer Energy System1$90kNA
Computational Engineer1$90kNA
Software Development Specialist2$90k
Software Engineer1$89kNA
Computational Application Developer1$89kNA
Mechanical Engineer8$88k
Assistant Computational Mathematician2$87k
Assistant Physicist Accelerator Physicist1$87kNA
Mechanical Engineering Specialist3$86k
Assistant Chemist9$86k
Engine Emissions Research Engineer1$85kNA
Technical Support Specialist2$85k
Assistant Chemical Engineer1$85kNA
System Modeling Analysis Engineer1$85kNA
Assistant Materials Scientist5$85k
Principal Engine Research Engineer2$84kNA
Software Developer Gm Ca Cat1$82kNA
Assistant Physicist28$82k
System Analysis Engineer2$82k
Assistant Mechanical Engineer1$81kNA
Software Developer1$81kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow1$80kNA
Transportation Engineer1$80kNA
Argonne Scholar Dpf1$79kNA
Argonne Scholar13$79k
Computational Postdoctoral Fellow5$78k
Assistant Environmental Scientist1$78kNA
Nuclear Engineering Associate1$77kNA
Assistant Engine Research Engineer2$76kNA
Assistant Cryogenic Engineer1$72kNA
Assistant Energy Power Market Analyst1$72kNA
Associate Software Development Engineer1$71kNA
Assistant Scientist Physical Sciences1$70kNA
Assistant Protein Crystallographer1$67kNA
Assistant Physicist Theorist1$67kNA
System Modeling And Analysis Engineer1$67kNA
Assistant Application Scientist1$67kNA
Postdoctoral Appointee157$67k
Postdoctoral Appointee Energy Storage1$64kNA
Predoctoral Appointee6$59k
Software Engineering Associate1$52kNA