Ubs Services Jobs

A total of 168 Ubs Services jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $92,847
Salary Range: $50,627

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Executive Director Fixed Income Buc2$190kNA
Executive Director Head Of Projects And Strategic1$183kNA
Director Valution Director1$164kNA
Director Analyst1$159kNA
Director Credit Officer1$154kNA
Director Developer1$145kNA
Director Market Risk Analysis Reporting Special1$142kNA
Director Market Risk Officer Equities1$140kNA
Executive Director Credit Officer1$140kNA
Director Fixed Income Valuation Controller Secu1$137kNA
Financial Manager1$137kNA
Director Project Manager1$135kNA
Associate Director Analyst Programmer1$132kNA
Associate Director Senior Developer7$127k
Associate Director IT Security Specialist Arcsig1$127kNA
Director Risk Control Specialist1$126kNA
Director Business Analyst1$125kNA
Senior Middleware Developer1$125kNA
Financial Analyst15$123k
Associate Director Senior Data Analyst2$122kNA
Associate Director Application Developer IT Eq Sb1$122kNA
Director IT Architect1$122kNA
Associate Director1$120kNA
Associate Director Application Developer Java Da2$120k
Associate Director Quantitative Developer2$120k
Director Application Architect3$119k
Director Credit Risk Analyst Emerging Markets1$119kNA
Director Risk Controller Environmental Social1$119kNA
Associate Director Developer5$119k
Associate Director Stress Testing Analyst Risk M1$119kNA
Associate Director Stress Testing Analyst1$119kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application5$118k
Associate Director Application Developer IT Eq1$118kNA
Application Developer Group Technology1$118kNA
Associate Director Senior Developer Group Technol1$118kNA
Associate Director Senior Developer Prime Brokera1$117kNA
Associate Dir Fixed Income Valuation Controller2$116k
Associate Director Quantitative Strategist1$115kNA
Project Manager1$115kNA
Credit Risk Analyst1$115kNA
Java Database Developer1$115kNA
Director Credit Officer Risk1$114kNA
Director Credit Officer Risk Control Ib1$114kNA
Computer System Analyst3$113k
Associate Director Valuations Controller Ficc B1$112kNA
Associate Director Software Engineer3$112k
Executive Director Quantitative Risk Analyst Ib R1$111kNA
Associate Director Senior Auditor2$111k
Associate Director Analyst Developer1$110kNA
Associate Director Credit Analyst1$110kNA
Associate Director Risk Analyst2$110kNA
Associate Director Product Controller1$110kNA
Tech Expert Senior Unix Administrator1$110kNA
Director Quantitative Risk Analyst Control1$110kNA
Director Structured Credit Product Controller2$108k
Associate Director Quantitative Risk Analyst2$108k
Director Business Product Controller1$107kNA
Associate Director Application Developer3$105k
Client Technology Program Manager1$105kNA
Quantitative Risk Analyst1$105kNA
Associate Director Software Engineer Desk Develope1$105kNA
Director IT Security Specialist1$105kNA
Associate Director Business Analyst IT1$104kNA
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents1$104kNA
Associate Director Credit Associate1$103kNA
System Administration Supervisor2$102k
Network Analyst1$102kNA
Associate Director Credit Risk Analyst1$100kNA
Associate Director Market Risk Officer1$100kNA
Associate Director Senior Business Analyst1$100kNA
Associate Director Senior Support Analyst1$100kNA
Network And Comp System Administrator1$97kNA
Accountant And Auditor3$97k
Associate Director Market Risk Associate1$96kNA
Associate Director Counterparty Risk Analyst1$96kNA
Associate Director Structured Credit Product Cont2$95kNA
Portfolio Accounting Developer1$95kNA
Associate Director Senior Programming Manager1$95kNA
Associate Director Project Manager System Analys1$95kNA
Network Computer System Administrator1$95kNA
Associate Director Valuation Controller3$94k
Authorized Officer Business Analyst IT1$94kNA
Swaps Developer Ibit Equities1$91kNA
Authorized Officer Quantitative Analyst Cc Risk1$91kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Analyst Cc Risk1$91kNA
Director Risk Control Specialist Environmental1$91kNA
Treasurers Controller And Chief Financial Officer1$90kNA
Associate Director Structured Product Valuation C1$90kNA
Authorized Officer Market Risk Officer Commodit1$90kNA
Associate Director Release Manager1$90kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Risk Analyst Inve1$90kNA
Credit Analyst9$90k
Associate Director Technical Business Analyst1$89kNA
Valuation Controller1$89kNA
Authorized Officer Java Developer Group Technol1$89kNA
Associate Director Risk Control Reporting Special1$88kNA
Authorized Officer Market Risk Controller Credit1$88kNA
Associate Director Valuation Controller Commercia1$88kNA
Associate Director Credit Analyst Leveraged Finan1$87kNA
Associate Director Credit Risk Officer Ib Portf1$87kNA
Associate Director Securitized Products Valuation1$87kNA
Associate Director Fixed Income Valuation Control1$87kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Credit Risk Analy1$87kNA
Associate Director Credit Analyst Leveraged Fin1$86kNA
Director Business Unit Controller1$86kNA
Director Market Risk Associate1$86kNA
Software Engineer Prime Services IT1$86kNA
Associate Director Valuation Product Controller2$85k
Associate Director Mortgage Analytics Developer1$85kNA
Associate Director Business Analyst Firmwide Ri1$84kNA
Credit Associate1$83kNA
Authorized Officer Risk Modeling Analytics Spec1$83kNA
Interface Developer1$80kNA
Technology Team Lead1$80kNA
Software Developer2$80k
Service Introduction Technician1$78kNA
Associate Director Risk Analyst Credit Portfolio1$77kNA
Application Developer Ib IT1$76kNA
Application Developer IT Eq1$76kNA
Application Security Analyst Group Technology1$76kNA
Instrument Ui Developer1$75kNA
Technical Business Analyst1$74kNA
Authorized Officer Developer Statistical Risk M1$74kNA
Crm Developer4$73k
Authorized Officer Team Lead Global Reconciliat1$73kNA
Authorized Officer System Administrator Group T1$73kNA
Authorized Officer Reconcilation Supervisor Glo1$73kNA
Java Developer1$70kNA
Support Analyst2$70k
Software Engineer Group Technology14$70k
Application Developer Risk IT1$69kNA
System Engineer2$69k
Business Analyst9$69k
Software Developer Ib IT3$68k
R E Securitization Product Controller Authorize1$68kNA
Test Engineer2$68k
Authorized Officer Product Conroller Group Treasu1$68kNA
Authorized Officer Service Management And Deliver1$68kNA
Risk Analyst Ib Credit Risk Analysis And Reporti1$68kNA
IT Business Analyst Group Technology5$67k
Software Engineer12$67k
Risk Control Analyst5$66k
Counterparty Risk Analyst1$66kNA
Authorized Officer Credit Risk Analyst1$66kNA
IT Software Engineer Group Technology2$65k
Risk Analyst Ib Credit Risk1$65kNA
Programmer Analyst Information Technology3$65k
Quantitative Analyst Market Risk Methodology1$65kNA
System Engineer Group Technology5$63k
Authorized Officer Developer Statistical Risk Mea1$63kNA
IT Software Engineer1$62kNA
Data Management Reporting Analyst Valuation Co1$62kNA
Business Analyst Group Technology5$62k
System Administrator Group Technology2$59kNA
Risk Control Analyst Quantitative Risk Control2$59k
System Administrator1$59kNA
Operations Analyst1$59kNA
Business Unit Control Analyst1$58kNA
Credit Analyst Managed Funds1$58kNA
Authorized Officer Risk Reporting Analyst1$57kNA
Business Unit Control Analyst Product Controller1$57kNA
Corporate Lending Analyst Ficc1$57kNA
Operations Research Analyst2$56k
Structured Credit Product Controller1$56kNA
Risk Reporting Analyst Firm Wide Risk Reporting1$55kNA
Senior Developer1$53kNA