Ubs Securities Jobs

A total of 704 Ubs Securities jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $98,469
Salary Range: $40,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Correlation Trader1$500kNA
Co Head Of Us Rates And Head Of Us Swaps Trading1$475kNA
Associate Director Credit Analyst2$451k
Associate Director Aircraft Banker1$400kNA
Managing Director Equities2$307kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$275kNA
Executive Director Senior Credit Desk Analyst1$275kNA
Trader Latam Local Markets1$265kNA
Executive Director European Sales Equities1$265kNA
Managing Director Global Head Of Commodities1$250kNA
Credit Trader Latin America1$250kNA
Executive Director Global Spg Head For Equities S1$232kNA
Latam Consumer Analyst1$230kNA
Executive Director Fx Sales1$225kNA
Executive Director Global Head Of Equity Finance1$225kNA
Executive Director Asia Cash Equities Salesperson1$225kNA
Executive Director Brazil Local Markets1$225kNA
Executive Director Global Equity Sales1$223kNA
Executive Director Complex Derivatives Trader1$222kNA
Executive Director Salesperson Australian Hedge1$222kNA
Executive Director Salesperson Equities Japan D1$222kNA
Director Usd Swap Trader1$222kNA
Executive Director Equity Derivatives Operating O1$219kNA
Executive Director Latin America Institutional Sa1$215kNA
Executive Director Etd Head Of Electronic Trading1$214kNA
Managing Director Research Analyst2$213k
Executive Director Client Solutions Manager1$200kNA
Structured Financing Trader1$200kNA
Latin America Structurer1$200kNA
Executive Director Natural Gas Trader2$192k
Executive Director Us Access Team Corporate Rela1$187kNA
Em Credit Trader1$180kNA
Delta One Salseperson1$178kNA
Executive Director Energy Utilities Sector Specia1$178kNA
Managing Director Global Head Of Delta I Synthe2$177k
Chief Operating Officer1$175kNA
Executive Director Debt Capital Markets1$175kNA
Director Risk Management Marketing1$175kNA
Executive Director Head Of Broadcasting Ib2$175k
Director Investment Banker Investment Banking Dep1$175kNA
Executive Director Quantitative Analyst2$173k
Executive Director Fx Ecommerce Salesperson Ficc1$172kNA
Executive Director Equities1$170kNA
Executive Director Senior Research Analyst1$170kNA
Executive Director Oil Economist1$170kNA
Managing Director Regional Head Of Us Rates Glo1$170kNA
Director Latin America Analyst1$170kNA
Executive Director Salesperson Energy Sector Spe1$168kNA
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents8$165k
Financial Manager Branch Or Department3$165k
Executive Director Index Tranche Trader Structu2$163k
Executive Director Sales3$162k
Director Emerging Markets Trader1$160kNA
Executive Director Emerging Markets1$160kNA
Director Capital Introductions Sales1$160kNA
Director Options Trader Ficc Macro1$160kNA
Managing Director Senior Research Analyst1$160kNA
Director Business Manager Equity Derivatives1$160kNA
Director Latam Structurer1$160kNA
Director Senior Structured Trader Emerging Marke1$159kNA
Executive Director Structurer Non Core And Lega1$159kNA
Director Quant On The Global Index Trading Desk1$159kNA
Managing Director Gamma Trader Ficc Macro1$159kNA
Director Fx Spot Trader Fx Trading1$159kNA
Managing Director Fx Currency Strategist1$159kNA
Director Us Cash Equities Regional Head Spg Oper1$159kNA
Executive Director1$159kNA
Director Investment Banking Media Telecom1$155kNA
Director Business Strategist Power Utilities1$155kNA
Director Investment Banker Investment Banking D1$155kNA
Director Prime Services Risk Manager1$154kNA
Executive Director Business Manager Credit Flow1$154kNA
Director Investment Banker Global Industrials G1$154kNA
Director Investment Banker Financial Institutio1$154kNA
Executive Director Em Trader1$151kNA
Director Trader Emerging Markets1$151kNA
Executive Director Portfolio Manager Credit1$150kNA
Director Lean Architect1$150kNA
Director Latin American Equities1$150kNA
Ex Dir Intl Equity Trading1$150kNA
Associate Director Associate Analyst1$150kNA
Associate Director Equities Sales And Trading1$150kNA
Exec Director Fixed Income Rates Currency1$150kNA
Director Fixed Income Rates Currency1$150kNA
Executive Director Credit Derivative Sales1$150kNA
Director Research Analyst1$150kNA
Director Em Options Trader Americas1$150kNA
Director Australian Equities3$150kNA
Executive Director Senior Research Analyst Equities1$150kNA
Director Australian Equity Sales1$150kNA
Client Relationship Manager Latin America Fx1$150kNA
Global Sourcing Manager1$150kNA
Associate Director Corporate Derivatives Marketer1$150kNA
Managing Director Investment Banking1$150kNA
Director Em Strategist1$149kNA
Director Debt Capital Markets Emerging Markets1$148kNA
Chief Executive1$147kNA
Director Head Of Operations Fxmm Spg1$147kNA
Director Investment Banker Metals And Mining2$147k
Director Equity Sales3$147k
Executive Director Equity Research Analyst1$145kNA
Director Associate1$145kNA
Executive Director Rates Salesperson1$143kNA
Director Quantitative Analyst4$143k
Director Investment Banking Media Telecom Group1$143kNA
Director Investment Banker Mergers Acquisitio1$143kNA
Director Investment Banker And Leveraged Finance1$143kNA
Executive Director Investment Banker Financial1$143kNA
Director Quant On The Global Index Trading Desk E1$142kNA
Director Investment Banker Real Estate Leisure1$142kNA
Managing Director Trader Latin America1$142kNA
Director Foreign Exchange Distribution1$141kNA
Director Account Manager5$141k
Executive Director Trading1$140kNA
Executive Director Sales Trader1$140kNA
Director Legal Counsel3$140k
Quantitative Strategist1$140kNA
Director Investment Banker Financial Institutions1$140kNA
Executive Director Marketer1$140kNA
Executive Director Structurer1$140kNA
Director Latin America Economist1$140kNA
Director Trader Structured Financing1$140kNA
Associate Director Equity Research Autos And Au1$140kNA
Director Trader Ficc1$140kNA
Director Capital Introductions Salesperson1$140kNA
Director Regional Head Derivatives Control Group1$140kNA
Executive Director Strategist Commodities1$140kNA
Director Equities Salesperson1$140kNA
Director Risk Manager Prime Services1$139kNA
Director Em Fx Options Trader2$139kNA
Director Desk Developer Credit Derivatives1$139kNA
Director Asset Liability Manager Cfct1$139kNA
Managing Director Special Situation Group Latin A1$139kNA
Director Trader Performing Loans1$139kNA
Director Senior Leveraged Finance Desk Analyst1$139kNA
Executive Director Brazil Local Markets Trader Em1$139kNA
Managing Director Special Situation Group Latam M1$139kNA
Director Quantitative Analyst Quantitative Analy1$139kNA
Director Financial Analyst2$138k
Managing Director Trader Latam Emerging Markets1$137kNA
Executive Director Strategist Equities1$137kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Investment Ba1$137kNA
Executive Director Investment Banker Ibd Real Est1$137kNA
Director Investment Banking Financial Sponsors1$137kNA
Director Australian Sales Person Australian Sal1$136kNA
Director Investment Banker Latin American Group1$136kNA
Director Salesperson1$136kNA
Director Investment Banker Financial Institution1$136kNA
Executive Director Salesperson1$136kNA
Director Attorney1$135kNA
Director Communications And Project Manager2$135kNA
Director Equities Sales1$135kNA
Real Time Trader1$135kNA
Director Chief Of Staff1$135kNA
Director Credit Officer1$135kNA
Associate Director Fixed Income2$135k
Director Quantitative Developer1$135kNA
Director Investment Banking Healthcare1$135kNA
Director Trader Risk Manager Structured Credit1$133kNA
Associate Director Execution Desk Specialist1$132kNA
Associate Director Trader3$130k
Investment Banking Associate Director1$130kNA
Director Senior Client Advisor1$130kNA
Director Risk Manager1$130kNA
Associate Director Investment Banking Healthcare1$130kNA
Asso Director Intl Portfolio Trading Salestrader1$130kNA
Director Senior Network Engineer2$130kNA
Associate Director Equity Research Associate He1$130kNA
Director Insurance Linked Securities Trader2$130kNA
Director Salesperson Distribution1$130kNA
Director Exchange Traded Derivatives Sales1$129kNA
Director Regional Head Derivatives Business Cont3$129k
Director Trader2$129k
Director Trader Equity Linked Trading Desk1$128kNA
Associate Director Financial Associate3$128k
Executive Director Investment Banking7$128k
Director Ficc Prime Brokerage Account Manager T1$128kNA
Financial Manager12$127k
Director Trader Equity Derivatives Exotics1$126kNA
Sales Agents Securities And Commodities1$125kNA
Third Year Associate Director1$125kNA
Director Investment Banker Ibd2$125k
Associate Director Trader Distressed Debt Analyst1$125kNA
Director Debt Capital Markets1$125kNA
Director Business Manager Equities1$125kNA
Director Finanical Analyst1$125kNA
Executive Director Investment Banker1$125kNA
Investment Grade Credit Trader2$124k
Associate Director Interest Rate Options Trader1$122kNA
Director Stir Trader Eur Stir Cash1$122kNA
Associate Director Rates Salesperson Ficc1$121kNA
Director Technology Sector Investment Banking Dep1$120kNA
Director Investment Banking40$120k
Director Quantitative Analyst Equity Research1$120kNA
Operations Research Analyst2$120k
Quantitative Analyst Algorithmic Trading Group1$120kNA
Director Research Associate1$120kNA
Director Head Us Index Derivatives2$120kNA
Associate Director Asia Sales1$120kNA
Quantiative Analyst1$120kNA
Director Equity Research Analyst1$120kNA
Director Equity Sales Trader1$120kNA
Associate Director Quality Assurance Manager1$120kNA
Associate Director Senior Developer1$120kNA
Abs Credit And Quantitative Analyst1$120kNA
Director Business Analyst1$120kNA
Director Fixed Income Sales1$120kNA
Associate Director Equity Research Senior Associa2$120k
Director Investment Banker4$119k
Director Fixed Income Structurer1$119kNA
Director Business Manager Credit Flow Us2$119k
Director Cdo Structurer2$118k
Director Salesperson Ficc3$115k
Director Investment Manager1$115kNA
Director Trading2$115k
Director Fixed Income High Yield Capital Markets1$115kNA
Otc Derivatives Confirmation Specialist1$115kNA
Associate Director Foreign Exchange1$115kNA
Director Senior Financial Analyst1$115kNA
Director Analyst2$115kNA
Director Equities Asia Cash Sales1$115kNA
Associate Director Prime Services Risk Manager E1$114kNA
Director Em Structured Trader1$114kNA
Executive Director Rates Trader2$114kNA
Associate Director Capital Introductions Sales1$114kNA
Emerging Markets Junior Trader1$114kNA
Associate Director Rln Analyst Complex Structure1$114kNA
Director Quantitative Index Analyst1$114kNA
Assc Dir Financial Accnt Compliance Expert2$113k
Associate Director5$112k
Director Senior Equity Trader1$112kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Leveraged1$112kNA
Director Analyst Equity Research1$112kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Global Healt1$112kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Latin Americ1$112kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Global Industr1$112kNA
Associate Directr Investment Banker Financial I1$112kNA
Director Investment Banker Ibd Healthcare Secto1$112kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Investment2$112k
Global Index Program Trading Desk Quant Equities1$111kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Analyst Emergin1$111kNA
Director Swaps Trader Ficc Macro1$111kNA
Director Title Rates Salesperson Ficc1$111kNA
Director Derivatives Trader1$111kNA
Director Prime Brokerage Salesperson Equities1$111kNA
Director Operational Risk Analyst2$111kNA
Director Accounting Manager1$110kNA
Associate Director Esoteric Banker1$110kNA
Director Global Credit Strategist3$110k
Associate Director Operations Risk Analyst1$110kNA
Associate Director Statistical Arbitrage Trader1$110kNA
Asso Dir Fx Distribution Acct Relationship Mngr1$110kNA
Associate Director Global Valuations1$110kNA
Associate Director Senior Business Analyst3$108k
Senior Software Developer1$108kNA
Associate Director Risk Manager2$108k
Associate Director Foreign Exchange Distribution2$108k
Associate Director Business Manager Equity Deri1$107kNA
Associate Director Research Analyst3$107k
Associate Director Quantitative Analyst17$106k
Associate Director Quantitative Developer1$106kNA
Director Business Analyst Equity Cash1$105kNA
Director Structurer1$105kNA
Computer System Analyst1$105kNA
Director Coal And Emissions Trader1$105kNA
Java Sybase Developer2$105k
Associate Dir Investment Banking1$105kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst3$103k
Associate Director Event Marketing Specialist1$103kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Global Ind3$103k
Trading Assistant Front Office Support2$103k
Associate Director Investment Banker Energy2$102k
Associate Director Analyst Equities1$102kNA
Financial Analyst87$102k
Credit Derivative Structurer2$101k
Associate Director Investment Banker Consumer P2$100k
Associate Director Financial Analyst5$100k
Associate Director Equity Quantitative Research A2$100k
Technical Lead1$100kNA
Director Portfolio Manager2$100kNA
Sec S Comm S Fin Ser Sales Agts1$100kNA
Director Equity Sales Trading1$100kNA
Structurer Aircraft Banker1$100kNA
Director Regional Head Cash Equities Change Oper1$100kNA
Executive Director Global Credit Strategist1$100kNA
Securities Commodities Financial Service Agents1$100kNA
Equity Research Senior Associate1$100kNA
Quantitative Developer1$100kNA
Director Collateral Analyst1$100kNA
Director Japanese Equities1$100kNA
Director Global Execution Sales Trader1$100kNA
Financial Associate Equity Research2$100kNA
Dir Emerging Markets Derivatives Sales Trader1$100kNA
Associate Director Research Analyst Equities1$100kNA
Client Advisor Asian Equities1$100kNA
Associate Director Equity Linked Origination1$100kNA
Associate Director Investment Banking Tech Group1$100kNA
Associate Director Emea Equities Sales1$100kNA
Associate Director Portfolio Manager1$100kNA
Associate Research Analyst1$100kNA
Associate Director Debt Management Strategy1$100kNA
Associate Director Corporate Finance1$100kNA
Associate Director Project Manager1$100kNA
Associate Director Equity Research Analyst3$100k
Associate Director Risk Analyst1$100kNA
Associate Director Equity Sales Trading Analyst1$100kNA
Associate Director Direct Market Access Products2$98k
Associate Director Investment Banking69$98k
Research Associate Equities3$97k
Associate Director Operations Product Specialist1$97kNA
Associate Director Municipal Derivatives Marketer1$97kNA
Associate Director Swaps Trader1$97kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker7$97k
Financial Analsyst1$97kNA
Associate Research Analyst Equities3$97k
Associate Director Business Manager3$97k
Associate Director Strucutred Credit Trader1$97kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Analyst Rates Lib1$97kNA
Associate Director Business Analyst For Asset Ser2$96k
Director Risk Control Specialist Firm Wide Risk1$96kNA
Associate Director Interest Rates Options Trader1$96kNA
Director Regional Head Of Exchange Margin Collate2$96kNA
Associate Director Market Risk Associate1$96kNA
Associate Director Analyst Equity Research1$96kNA
Director Investment Banker Consumer Products1$96kNA
Director Investment Banker Global Chemicals Gro1$96kNA
Market Research Analyst4$96k
Project Manager1$96kNA
Associate Director Mergers And Acquisitions1$96kNA
Associate Director Equity Capital Markets Corpo1$96kNA
Associate Director Equity Derivatives Trader1$96kNA
Associate Director Equity Quantitative Analyst1$96kNA
Associate Director Equity Derivatives Product Con1$95kNA
Associate Director Accounting Manager Equities1$95kNA
Associate Equity Research3$95k
Associate Investment Banking4$95kNA
Associate Director Global Healthcare Group1$95kNA
Associate Director Credit Associate1$95kNA
Equities Financial Accountant Expert1$95kNA
Equity Research Analyst3$95kNA
Associate Director Senior Auditor1$95kNA
Financial Associate Mergers And Acquisitions1$95kNA
Associate Director Investment Banking Tech Sector1$95kNA
Mortgage Analytics Developer1$95kNA
Director Cash Equities Change Operations1$95kNA
Network Application Engineer1$95kNA
Associate Director Equity Research5$95k
Associate Director Liability Management1$95kNA
Quantitative Analyst17$94k
Director Business Strategist1$93kNA
Authorized Officer Americas Frc Client Analyst1$93kNA
Associate Director Product Controller Global Synt2$92k
Investment Banker Global Industrials Group3$92k
Credit Analyst4$92k
Associate Director Fixed Income Trading1$92kNA
Investment Banker Technology Group1$92kNA
Attorney Anti Money Laundering Aml Advisor2$91k
Financial Associate11$91k
Accountant And Auditor1$91kNA
Director Credit Desk Analyst Ficc Rates Credi1$91kNA
Structured Credit Derivatives Trader Fixed Income1$91kNA
Associate Director Investment Banking Department1$91kNA
Structured Credit Derivatives Trader Fixed Incom1$91kNA
Associate Director Senior Risk Specialist Equit1$91kNA
Associate Director European Equity Salesperson1$91kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Media And T4$90kNA
Director Investment Banker Media And Telecommuni1$90kNA
Investement Banker1$90kNA
Associate Director Otc Deriviatives Sales1$90kNA
Associate Director Research Associate1$90kNA
Associate Director Equities4$90k
Associate Director Mergers Acquisitions1$90kNA
Equities Research Associate1$90kNA
Associate Analyst Equity Research1$90kNA
Associate Director Credit Officer1$90kNA
Director Team Leader Corporate Roadshows1$90kNA
Associate Director Debt Management Strategy Grp1$90kNA
Liability Management Analyst1$90kNA
Statistical Trader1$90kNA
Associate Director Underwriter1$90kNA
Investment Banker Consumer Products And Retail1$90kNA
Leveraged Finance Underwriting Analyst1$90kNA
Associate Originator1$90kNA
Investment Banker Leveraged Finance1$90kNA
Senior Software Engineer2$90kNA
Leverage Finance Underwriting Analyst1$90kNA
Loan Trader Structurer1$90kNA
Leveraged Finance Underwriter1$90kNA
Leveraged Finance Underwriter Analyst1$90kNA
Financial Research Associate Equities1$90kNA
Technical Analyst1$90kNA
Affiliate Settlements Reconciliations Controls1$90kNA
Associate Director Global Industrial Group2$90kNA
Finance Business Unit Controller1$90kNA
Associate Director Structured Credit Trading1$90kNA
Assc Direct Abs Credit Quantitative Analyst1$90kNA
Associate Director Sales Trader Equities Internat1$89kNA
Financial Associate Investment Banking54$89k
Associate Director Treasury Product Operations1$89kNA
Associate Director Treasury Product Op S1$89kNA
Associate Director Quant Trader1$89kNA
Analyst Mergers And Acquisitions1$89kNA
Investment Banker Infrastructure Group1$89kNA
Associate Director Investment Banking Lfg1$89kNA
Non Officer Desk Quantitative Analyst1$89kNA
Investment Banker Merger Acquisitions2$88k
Director Senior Operations Risk Analyst1$88kNA
Associate Director Trader Equity Derivatives Exot1$88kNA
Associate Dir Investment Banking Associate Media1$88kNA
Associate Director Otc Derivatives Business Manage1$88kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Lfg1$88kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Media Telecomm1$88kNA
Programmer Analyst3$88k
Associate Director Product Development2$88k
Director Analyst Usd Vanilla Options1$87kNA
Derivatives Business Manager1$87kNA
Options Trader Usd Vanilla Options1$87kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Health Car1$87kNA
Associate Director Equity Research Associate Gami1$87kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Ibd Restruc1$87kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Ibd1$87kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Fig1$87kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Leveraged Fi1$87kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Global Industri1$87kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Financial In1$87kNA
Associate Analyst Equities Research1$87kNA
Investment Banker Financial Institutions Group1$87kNA
Authorized Officer Business Analyst1$87kNA
Investment Banker Global Industrial Group1$87kNA
Investment Banker Investment Banking Department Me2$87kNA
Investment Banker Leveraged Finance Group2$87kNA
Investment Banker Mergers And Acquisitions1$87kNA
Director Quantitative Analyst Mbs Prepayment Mode1$87kNA
Salesperson Ficc1$87kNA
Ficc Associate Latam Em1$87kNA
Director Associate Fx Sales1$87kNA
Financial Associate Fixed Income10$86k
Associate Analyst Equities Us Research1$86kNA
Analyst Media And Telecommunications Investment1$86kNA
Associate Analyst1$86kNA
Analyst Operations Equities Pb Swaps1$86kNA
Associate Financial Institutions Group Investme1$86kNA
Sales Assistant Emea Equities1$86kNA
Authorised Officer Equity Finance Operations Spec1$86kNA
Investment Banking Associate1$86kNA
Associate Investment Banking Department2$86kNA
Associate Prime Brokerage Risk Manager1$86kNA
Macro Junior Trader1$86kNA
Associate Ficc1$86kNA
Associate Director Trader Macro1$86kNA
Desk Assistant Emerging Market Sales2$85kNA
Management Analyst1$85kNA
Director Tpra Americas Regional Head1$85kNA
Financial Associate Private Equity Group1$85kNA
Associate Director Home Equity Structuring2$85kNA
Senior Research Librarian1$85kNA
Associate Director Sales2$85k
Associate Director Equity Trading1$85kNA
Fx Hedge Fund Trading Specialist1$85kNA
Gtp Associate1$85kNA
Associate Director Investment Banking Analyst1$85kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Analyst Equities2$85k
Associate Director Associate Analyst Equities1$85kNA
Associate Analyst Semi Conductor Equipment Group1$85kNA
Associate Director Treasury Alm Repo Trader1$85kNA
Financial Associate Equities10$84k
Director Mortgage Pass Through Trader Ficc1$84kNA
Structuring Associate1$84kNA
Director Index Tranche Trader Structured Credit1$84kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Analyst Ficc1$84kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Analyst Global Pr1$84kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Analyst Prq1$84kNA
Associate Director Risk Manager Ficc1$84kNA
Associate Director Trader Global Correlation1$84kNA
Executive Director Trader Latam Emerging Markets1$84kNA
Analyst Interest Rates1$84kNA
Quantitative Analyst Credit Rates Structured Pr1$84kNA
Quantitative Analyst Equities1$84kNA
Business Unit Controller Equities Derivatives I1$84kNA
Associate Director Structurer Ficc1$84kNA
Associate Director Capital Structure Advisor Dc1$84kNA
Associate Director Emerging Markets Trader1$84kNA
Associate Director Financial Analyst And Trader S1$84kNA
Associate Director Dcm Analyst Ficc1$84kNA
Associate Director High Frequency Researcher Eq1$84kNA
Associate Director Options Trader Ficc Macro1$84kNA
Desk Quantitative Analyst Global Quantitative Anal1$84kNA
Authorized Officer Product Controller Balance S1$83kNA
Associate Director Analyst Ctb Equities Product1$83kNA
Associate Director Analyst Ctb Equitites Product1$83kNA
Equity Salesperson Japan Equities1$83kNA
Authorized Officer Industrialization Program Anal2$83k
Associate Director Municipal Derivatives Marketing1$83kNA
Business Analyst Equities Research1$83kNA
Deliveries Control Business Manager4$83k
Software Developer10$81k
Associate Director Leverage Underwriter1$81kNA
Investment Banker9$80k
Equities Sales Trader1$80kNA
Senior Developer1$80kNA
Financial Analyst Investment Banking Division2$80kNA
Associate Director Russian Sales Desk1$80kNA
Associate Director Team Manager Business Support2$80kNA
Associate Director Structurer Trader1$80kNA
Business Analyst Equities1$80kNA
Director Project Analyst1$80kNA
Junior Structurer1$80kNA
Associate Director Account Manager1$80kNA
Analyst Investment Banking Healthcare1$80kNA
Associate Director Government Bond Trader1$80kNA
Associate Director Marketer2$80kNA
Market Risk Control Analyst1$80kNA
Account Manager Prime Brokerage Client Services1$80kNA
Programmer Analyst Information Technology1$80kNA
Support Analyst Information Technology2$79k
Associate Director Structurer2$79k
Quantitative Analyst Quantitative Analytics1$79kNA
Associate Director Project Analyst1$79kNA
Direct Execution Sales Trader1$79kNA
Operations Manager2$78k
Associate Director Sales Trader Equities Intern1$78kNA
Business Analyst6$78k
Associate Director Collateral Analyst2$78k
Associate Director Trader Ficc1$77kNA
Global Cdo Group Senior Structurer1$76kNA
Associate Director Leveraged Underwriter2$75kNA
Gtp Equities2$75k
Finance Ctb Junior Analyst1$75kNA
Operations Specialist1$75kNA
Java Developer1$75kNA
Relationship Manager Operations1$75kNA
Investment Banker Equity Research2$75k
Analyst Financial Sponsors And Leveraged Finance4$74k
Support Analyst3$74k
Associate Investment Banker Ibd1$73kNA
Senior Auditor1$73kNA
Authorized Officer Software Engineer1$73kNA
Loan Syndicate Associate1$72kNA
Associate Director Equity Sales3$72k
Settlement Support Analyst3$72k
Associate Director Equity Research Associate1$72kNA
Associate Director Equities Accounting Controller1$71kNA
Associate Director Operations Business Analyst1$71kNA
Software Engineer1$71kNA
Senior Business Analyst2$71k
Associate Director Junior Marketer1$71kNA
Investment Banker Energy Group2$70kNA
Surveillance Analyst1$70kNA
Associate Director Network Business Manager1$70kNA
Account Manager Equities Prime Brokerage1$70kNA
Financial Analyst Equities And Trading1$70kNA
Quality Analyst Tester1$70kNA
Associate Director Investment Banker Energy Grou1$70kNA
Negative News Lead1$70kNA
Otc Rates Muni Settlements Specialist1$70kNA
Authorized Officer Business Unit Controller Ib B1$69kNA
Associate Director Product Controller1$69kNA
Financial Analyst Equities4$68k
Associate Director Equity Client Support Speciali1$68kNA
Analyst Equity Derivative Sales1$68kNA
Analyst Credit Associate2$68k
Analyst Leverage Finance Group1$68kNA
Analyst Prime Services1$68kNA
Salesperson Retail Structured Notes1$67kNA
Analyst Corporate Client Solutions3$67k
Equity Research Associate Oils2$67k
Analyst Real Estate Lodging Leisure2$66k
Analyst Tmt1$66kNA
IT Analyst Ibd2$66k
IT Anlyst Ibd1$65kNA
Authorized Officer Revenue Analyst Ccs1$65kNA
Associate Director Correlation Trader1$65kNA
Financial Analyst Energy Trading1$65kNA
Associate Director Latam Structurer1$65kNA
Analyst Mergers Acquisitions2$65kNA
Analyst Ibd Energy2$65k
Authorized Officer Securities Lending Trader1$65kNA
Financial Analyst Equity Sales And Trading1$65kNA
Junior Sales Trader1$65kNA
Analyst Leveraged Finance Group1$65kNA
Authorized Officer Operations Product Specialist1$65kNA
Authorized Officer Product Controller Css Ibd Fi1$65kNA
Authorized Officer Client Service1$65kNA
Junior Analyst Foreign Exchange Sales1$65kNA
Analyst Healthcare Group3$65k
Analyst Private Funds Group3$65k
Analyst Investment Banking Department17$65k
Analyst Foreign Exchange Ficc1$65kNA
Investment Banker Equities1$65kNA
Analyst Investment Banking3$64k
Trader Equities1$64kNA
Credit Analyst Leveraged Finance1$64kNA
Quantitative Researcher2$64k
Authorized Officer Prime Brokerage Collateral Man1$64kNA
Analyst Leveraged Finance2$63k
Junior Trader Equity Derivatives2$63k
Analyst Global Industrials Group7$63k
Analyst Financial Institutions Group4$63k
Financial Analyst Investment Banking Department2$63kNA
Analyst Fixed Income Securitization Banking1$63kNA
Analyst Equities Derivatives1$63kNA
Investment Banking Analyst1$63kNA
Research Analyst Fixed Income Credit Trading1$63kNA
Junior Trader1$63kNA
Authorized Officer Developer Statistical Risk Mea1$63kNA
Associate Director Business Analyst2$62k
Investment Banker Investment Banking Department4$62k
Application Developer1$62kNA
Non Officer Analyst Financial Sponsors And Lever1$62kNA
Analyst Fig1$62kNA
Analyst Securities1$62kNA
Analyst Healthcare1$62kNA
Analyst Global Insdustrial Group1$62kNA
Analyst Financial Sponsors Group1$62kNA
Analyst Global Industrial Group1$62kNA
Analyst Equities5$62k
Equity Derivatives Trade Support Analyst1$61kNA
Authorized Officer Trading Support1$61kNA
Prime Brokarage Margin Analyst Collateral Treasu1$61kNA
Swaps Trades Support Analyst1$61kNA
Analyst Latam2$61kNA
Director Marketing Technology1$61kNA
Financial Analyst Fixed Income13$60k
Junior Loan Transaction Manager1$60kNA
Analyst Derivative Business Control Group1$60kNA
Junior Trs Trader1$60kNA
Trading Assistant Operations Ecmg1$60kNA
Repo Collateral Manager1$60kNA
Analyst Equities Sales And Trading1$60kNA
Executive Assistant2$60kNA
Financial Analyst Junior Trader1$60kNA
Financial Analyst Equities Sales Trading1$60kNA
Loan Operations Specialist1$60kNA
Fixed Income Sales Specialist1$60kNA
Business Unit Controller Equity Derivatives1$60kNA
Financial Anlayst1$60kNA
Credit Associate1$60kNA
Analyst Equity Sales Trading1$60kNA
Operations Product Specialist Structured Product1$59kNA
Quantitative Analyst Investment Banking Departme1$59kNA
Financial Analyst Investment Banking80$59k
Operations Associate2$59k
Financial Analyst Equity Research2$58k
Analyst Ficc2$57kNA
Authorized Officer Business Product Controller1$57kNA
Credit Analyst Executive Director1$57kNA
Securities Analyst Ficc Treasury1$57kNA
Associate Director Prime Services Risk Manager1$57kNA
Analyst Dcm Latin America1$57kNA
Trader Equities Exotics Derivatives1$57kNA
Analyst Operations1$57kNA
Associate Director Trader Ficc Credit1$57kNA
Ficc Associate1$57kNA
Associate Director Abs Mbs Structurer Collatera1$57kNA
Data Management Project Support Specialist2$56kNA
Negative News Analyst Data Services Group1$55kNA
Trading Assistant Global Portfolio Lending Desk1$55kNA
Ficc Trader1$55kNA
Ficc Trader Fixed Income Rates Trading1$55kNA
Trading Specialist Global Portfolio Lending Desk1$55kNA
Financial Administrator1$55kNA
Financial Analyst Wealth Management2$55kNA
Financial Analyst Investment Banking Latin America1$55kNA
Financial Analayst Investment Banking1$55kNA
Project Analyst1$55kNA
Financial Analyst Equity Sales Trading1$55kNA
Business Unit Controller1$55kNA
Marketing Assistant2$55kNA
Research Analyst Fixed Income Fx Strategy1$55kNA
Authorized Officer Regulatory Reporting Analyst1$55kNA
Inter Company Reconciliations Analyst1$55kNA
Dcm Latam Analyst Ficc2$55k
Group Operations Analyst Ib1$55kNA
Know Your Client Analyst3$54k
Americas Client Analyst1$54kNA
Financial Control Specialist2$54k
Operations Analyst Ib5$54k
Operations Analyst10$53k
Trading Assistant4$53k
Tax Analyst1$52kNA
Client On Boarding Associate1$50kNA
Trading Assistant Market Risk Analyst1$50kNA
Sales Assistant Equities1$50kNA
Investor Relations1$50kNA
Business Operations Analyst2$50kNA
Network Manager1$50kNA
Sales Assistant1$50kNA
Network Business Manager1$50kNA
Data Financial Analyst1$50kNA
Financial Operations Analyst10$50k
Salesperson Equities1$50kNA
Business Analyst Project Manager1$47kNA
Ficc Marketing Strategist1$46kNA
Branch Analyst1$45kNA
Ficc Business Marketing Strategist1$43kNA
Financial Data Analyst4$42k
Data Analyst1$40kNA