Ubs Jobs

A total of 710 Ubs jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $96,739
Salary Range: $43,160

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Executive Director Private Banking2$235kNA
Executive Director Private Wealth Management1$235kNA
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents1$230kNA
Global Portfolio Analyst Manager7$217k
Executive Director Business Analyst Head Of Wma1$214kNA
Executive Director Synthetic Equities Salesperson1$206kNA
Director Trading1$200kNA
Executive Director Quantitative Risk Management1$198kNA
Managing Director Client Advisor2$188k
Executive Director Desk Head Mexico Miami1$185kNA
Executive Director Portfolio Manager1$181kNA
Director Algorithmic Trading1$180kNA
Executive Director Structured Products1$175kNA
Director Emea Trader1$175kNA
Executive Director Global Valuations Buc1$175kNA
Director Trader Ccs Americas Finance Corporate2$172k
Managing Director Head Of Ficc Mexico2$170k
Director Portfolio Manager2$168k
Executive Director Head Of Ip Connectivity2$168k
Director Attorney Cds Cdo1$165kNA
Associate Attorney Cds Cdo1$165kNA
Ex Dir Global Head Of Tech Sourcing Contract Mg1$165kNA
Executive Director2$162k
Branch Head Complex Director1$160kNA
Executive Director Global Capital Analyst1$160kNA
Senior Client Advisor1$160kNA
Global Head Interest Deriv Quant Res1$160kNA
Executive Director Global Equity Legal Structurer1$159kNA
Managing Director Head Us Fx Research Strategy1$159kNA
Executive Director Fx Spot Trader2$159k
Senior Developer Team Lead For Equity Derivatives1$155kNA
Executive Director Client Advisor9$153k
Managing Director Global Head Of Treasury Prime1$151kNA
Executive Director Senior Client Advisor4$151k
Director Risk Manager Ficc1$151kNA
Director Project Manager IT1$150kNA
Exccutive Director Credit Officer1$150kNA
Managing Director Prime Services Operations1$150kNA
Global Gsd Manager1$150kNA
Executive Director Chief Operating Officer Firc IT1$150kNA
Director Client Service Advisor1$150kNA
Director Developer1$150kNA
Managing Director Global Head Of Treasury And Pri1$150kNA
Director Associate Research Analyst1$150kNA
Director Structurer Illiquid Products1$150kNA
Director Regional Head Of Operations Fxmm Spg1$147kNA
Executive Direcector Desk Head Wealth Management1$147kNA
Director Senior Client Advisor7$146k
Director Legal Counsel1$145kNA
Derivatives Researcher1$143kNA
Global Head Interest Rates Der Quant Res2$140kNA
Hrbp Global Research Analyst1$140kNA
Director Senior Developer2$140k
Executive Director Credit Analyst1$140kNA
Director Global Cdo Group Senior Structurer1$140kNA
Associate Director Analyst Derivative Credit Expo1$140kNA
Director Quantitative Credit Risk Analyst1$139kNA
Director Client Advisor Wealth Management2$138k
Stabfund Investment Manager Fund Finance1$137kNA
Director Stabfund Investment Manager Fund Financ1$137kNA
Personal Financial Advisors5$137k
Director Quantitative Analyst1$136kNA
Associate Director Senior Quantitative Research A1$136kNA
Development Manager1$135kNA
Associate Director Senior Gui Developer1$135kNA
Director Quantitative Developer1$135kNA
Director Equities Sales1$135kNA
Director Compliance Officer1$135kNA
Associate Director Business Analyst Equities1$135kNA
Executive Director Energy Trading1$135kNA
Director Manager Accounting Policy And Support1$135kNA
Financial Manager7$133k
Director Complex Administrative Manager1$132kNA
Project Manager Business Analyst1$130kNA
Director Commodities Business Analyst1$130kNA
Associate Director Senior Straonge Administrator1$130kNA
Associate Director Regional Manager1$130kNA
Executive Director Risk Analyst1$130kNA
Developer Equities Risk Trading Technology1$130kNA
Director Development Manager1$130kNA
Managing Director Branch Head Complex Director1$130kNA
Valuation Control Manager1$130kNA
Associate Director Database Administrator1$130kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Risk Analyst Quant1$130kNA
Associate Director Etl Architect Delivery Lead1$130kNA
Industrial Production Manager1$129kNA
Director Ficc Prime Brokerage Account Manager T1$128kNA
Marketing Manager2$127k
Director Hr Business Partner1$127kNA
Associate Director Qa Manager1$125kNA
Associate Director Market Risk Officer1$125kNA
Director Premium Finance Program1$125kNA
Associate Director Mortgage Analytics Developer1$125kNA
Senior Application Developer1$125kNA
Director Senior Foreign Exchange Derivatives Trader1$125kNA
Senior Oracle Dba Associate Director1$125kNA
Associate Director Equity Research Associate1$125kNA
Senior Commodities Business Analyst1$125kNA
Server Side Developer1$125kNA
Associate Director Equity Research2$125k
Associate Director Quantitative Technologies Deve1$124kNA
Director Investment Banking4$123k
Associate Director Equity Strategist1$123kNA
Associate Director Software Engineering Group T1$123kNA
Associate Director Developer Equities1$122kNA
Director Project Manager7$121k
Associate Director Foreign Exchange Support Analy1$120kNA
Director Gfs IT Project Manager2$120kNA
Associate Director Software Engineer IT1$120kNA
Corporate Service Financial Advisor1$120kNA
Mq Support Specialist1$120kNA
Associate Director Technical Lead1$120kNA
Director Cdo Structurer1$120kNA
Director Foreign Exchange Trading1$120kNA
Oracle Dba1$120kNA
Associate Firector Client Advisor1$120kNA
Executive Director Investment Banking1$120kNA
Associate Director Senior Software Engineer2$120k
Quantitative Risk Manager1$120kNA
Associate Dir Quantitative Risk Analyst1$120kNA
Senior Program Manager1$120kNA
Director Fixed Income Business Unit Control Amer1$120kNA
Associate Director Database Architect1$120kNA
Director Valuation Analyst2$120kNA
Director Global Capital Group1$120kNA
Director Investment Solutions1$120kNA
Director Quantitative Trader1$120kNA
Associate Director Senior Oracle Developer2$120k
Authorized Officer Lead Developer Equities IT1$119kNA
Associate Director Application Developer Global1$119kNA
Director Compliance Manager Anti Money Launderi1$119kNA
Associate Director Technical Lead IT Legal Comp1$118kNA
Associate Director Developer For D El IT Equities1$118kNA
Director Senior Developer Equities Algo Trading1$118kNA
Director Market Risk Analyst5$118k
Associate Director Project Manager Shareholding1$118kNA
Authorized Officer Project Manager Shareholding1$118kNA
IT Security Specialist Corporate Center IT1$118kNA
Director IT Investigation Forensics Expert2$118k
Quality Assurance Analyst2$118k
Quantitative Analyst2$118k
Director Senior Financial Analyst2$118k
Associate Director Application Developer IT Eq1$117kNA
Director Audit Manager2$117k
Risk Manager Prime Services1$117kNA
Associate Director Senior Support Analyst4$115k
Associate Director Desk Analytics Manager2$115k
Director Valuations Control Manager2$115kNA
Datawarehouse Developer Manager1$115kNA
Human Resources Manager All Other1$115kNA
Director Quantitative Risk Analyst2$115kNA
Director Credit Officer1$115kNA
Associate Director Ect Business Analyst1$115kNA
IT Payments Testing Specialist1$115kNA
Commodities Business Analyst1$115kNA
Associate Director Senior Developer20$115k
Associate Director Test Engineer Group Technology1$115kNA
Director Equities Product Lead Market Risk IT2$114k
Associate Director Stress Testing Analyst Risk Me1$114kNA
Associate Director Valuations Analyst Ib Business C1$114kNA
Director Client Advisor35$114k
Authorized Officer Senior Oracle Database Etl D1$114kNA
Associate Director Senior Developer Group Technol2$114kNA
Associate Director Application Developer Group Te1$114kNA
Associate Director Senior Software Developer Grou1$114kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Analyst3$114k
Software Developer Equity Derivatives Technology1$114kNA
Associate Director Application Developer IT Ficc1$114kNA
Developer Senior Support Analyst1$114kNA
Lead Developer Equities IT1$114kNA
Associate Director Senior C Developer Front O1$114kNA
Director Client Advisor Salesperson Eastern Di2$114kNA
Director Audit Manager Capital Markets1$113kNA
Associate Director Quality Assurance Manager2$113k
Senior Business Analyst4$112k
Associate Director Senior Storage Administrator3$112k
Wm Support Client Market Analyst1$112kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Developer Librar3$112k
Associate Director Senior Software Developer3$112k
Computer Software Engineer System Software5$112k
Director Global Change Manager Banking Products S1$111kNA
Director Operational Risk Analyst1$111kNA
Director Us Cash Equity Ales1$111kNA
Associate Director Software Engineer3$111k
Associate Director Application Developer IT It Fi1$111kNA
Director Senior Programmer Analyst1$110kNA
Associate Director Voice Infrastructure Engineer1$110kNA
Associate Dir Mortgage Analytics Developer1$110kNA
Associate Direct Corporate Advisory Group1$110kNA
Manager Business Unit Controller1$110kNA
Executive Director Audit Expert1$110kNA
Portfolio Accounting Developer1$110kNA
Associate Director Messaging Infrastructure Engin1$110kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Developer1$110kNA
Associate Director Quality Assurance Mgr1$110kNA
Associate Director Network Management Passport Engin1$110kNA
Technical Manager IT1$110kNA
Client Advisor Regional Head1$110kNA
Trade Monitoring Technical Lead1$110kNA
Trading Assistant Front Office Support1$110kNA
Director Senior Business Analyst1$110kNA
Associate Director Gpl Program Manager1$110kNA
Authorized Officer Senior Oracle Developer1$110kNA
Director Account Manager1$110kNA
Ass Dir Rgnl Mgr Ect Global Serv Delivery1$110kNA
Director Trader1$110kNA
Authorized Officer Group Technology Production Sv1$110kNA
Director Head Structurer1$110kNA
Associate Director Lead Developer1$110kNA
Equity Research Associate2$110kNA
Associate Director Global App Support Team Lead1$110kNA
Associate Director Process Improvement Lead1$110kNA
Authorized Officer Service Manager And Delivery S1$110kNA
Computer And Information System Manager8$109k
Associate Director Solution Design Architect IT1$109kNA
Financial Examiners2$108k
Computer Information System Mgr1$108kNA
Associate Director Application Developer6$108k
Director Senior Software Developer2$108k
Instrument Gsd Lead Americas1$108kNA
Instrument Dsg Lead North America1$108kNA
Director Application Architect1$107kNA
Computer System Analyst20$107k
Director Business Analyst2$107k
Associate Director Auditor Group Internal Audit1$107kNA
Director Audit Expert Gia1$107kNA
Associate Director Developer19$107k
Director Investment Advisor2$107k
Director Trader Strategist Energy1$106kNA
Support Analyst Deployment And Testing2$106kNA
Associate Director Finance U S Equity Valuatio1$106kNA
Associate Director5$106k
Associate Director Senior Analyst2$106k
Senior Storage Administrator2$105k
International Financial Advisor9$105k
Associate Director Group Internal Audit2$105k
Ect Business Analyst1$105kNA
Associate Director Project Testing Manager1$105kNA
Support Analyst Credit Derivatives Gsd1$105kNA
Associate Director Product Analyst1$105kNA
Director Otc Rates Settlements1$105kNA
Comp Software Engineer App S1$105kNA
Quality Assurance Manager1$105kNA
Business Manager Management Support Officer1$105kNA
Senior Qa Analyst Associate Director1$105kNA
Sql Database Administrator1$105kNA
Associate Director Auditor Global Asset Manageme1$105kNA
Software Engineer Algo Developer Ibit1$105kNA
Accountant And Auditor3$104k
Director Project Manager Ib Bc Tax Operations1$104kNA
Director Team Head1$104kNA
Global Support Mgr Dir Team Head1$104kNA
Associate Director Senior Developer Prime Broker1$104kNA
Senior Developer28$104k
Computer Software Engineer Application16$104k
Director Hr Relationship Manager3$103k
Associate Director Analyst1$103kNA
Associate Director Project Change Mgr1$103kNA
Associate Director Software Developer4$103k
Associate Director Senior Business Analyst4$103k
Authorized Officer Developer Equities2$102k
Authorized Officer Application Developer1$102kNA
Associate Director Investment Banking3$102k
Authorized Officer Service Manager Delivery Spe1$102kNA
Amer Regional Support Manager1$102kNA
Director Security Specialist3$101k
Authorized Officer Support Analyst IT Eq Cft1$101kNA
Associate Director Us Regional Manager Middlewar1$101kNA
Associate Director Support Analyst4$101k
Senior Support Analyst7$100k
Development Lead1$100kNA
Commodities Developer1$100kNA
Director Quantitative Strategist1$100kNA
Director Energy Trader Research Strategist1$100kNA
Mbs Prepayment Analyst1$100kNA
Authorized Officer Business Manager Ibit1$100kNA
Technical Team Leader1$100kNA
Investment Analyst1$100kNA
Global Application Support Analyst1$100kNA
Associate Director Structurer1$100kNA
Fixed Income Valuation Controller1$100kNA
Associate Director Market Risk Analyst2$100k
Attorney Anti Money Laundering Aml Advisor1$100kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$100kNA
Associate Director Release Manager Supportanalyst1$100kNA
Technical Lead1$100kNA
Associate Director Quality Assurance Lead1$100kNA
Technical Team Lead1$100kNA
Associate Director Financial Analyst1$100kNA
Quantitative Developer2$100k
Associate Director Database Architect Group Techn1$99kNA
Director IT Application Auditor3$99k
Associate Director Senior Support Analyst IT Fir1$98kNA
Associate Director Application Developer Algorith1$98kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Risk Analyst3$98k
Director Treasurer Group Treasury1$98kNA
Authorized Officer System Administrator IT1$98kNA
System Administrator Group Technology IT1$98kNA
Associate Director System Administrator Group T1$98kNA
Associate Director System Administrator IT1$98kNA
Financial Examiner1$98kNA
Client Advisor Director1$98kNA
Authorized Officer System Manager Group Technolog1$98kNA
Associate Director Application Developer Gt1$98kNA
Release Manager2$98k
Associate Director Test Manager Group Technology1$97kNA
Application Developer Group Technology2$97k
Authorized Officer Software Engineer Legal Compl1$97kNA
Authorized Officer Software Developer1$97kNA
Management Analyst3$97k
Valuation Controller3$97k
Associate Director Project Manager13$97k
IT Application Auditor3$96k
Authorized Officer App Mainte App Serv Delivery A1$96kNA
Authorized Officer Application Developer IT Eq Cas1$96kNA
Authorized Officer Application Developer IT Eq Ca1$96kNA
Associate Director Global Telephony And Trader Vo1$96kNA
Quantitative Analyst Rates And Credit1$96kNA
Director Junior Trader Fx Derivatives1$96kNA
Associate Director Internal Auditor1$95kNA
Quantitative Risk Associate1$95kNA
Equity Research Associate Analyst1$95kNA
Energy Business Analyst1$95kNA
Qa Analyst Engineer1$95kNA
Associate Director Products And Services1$95kNA
Director Support Analyst1$95kNA
Senior Support IT Analyst1$95kNA
Associate Director Project Manager System Analys1$95kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer1$95kNA
Front Office Developer1$95kNA
Financial Associate1$95kNA
Client Application Developer1$95kNA
Business Data Analyst1$95kNA
Whole Loans Developer1$95kNA
Support Analyst Websphere Infrastructure Services2$95k
Business Objects Developer1$95kNA
Business Analyst IT Credit Risk System1$95kNA
Database Analyst2$95k
Associate Director Programmer Analyst6$95k
Authorized Officer Software Engineer7$95k
Director Manager Leadership Development3$95k
Senior Software Developer4$95k
Qa Lead1$94kNA
Director Audit Expert2$94k
Associate Director Product Controller Group Tre1$94kNA
Technical Specialist1$94kNA
Comp Software Eng System Software1$94kNA
Financial Analyst34$94k
Associate Director Client Advisor19$94k
Associate Director System Analyst1$94kNA
Associate Director Business Analyst8$93k
Associate Director Senior C Developer Front Off1$93kNA
Associate Director Technical Analyst Technical L1$93kNA
International Financial Analyst2$92k
Quantitative Risk Analyst4$92k
Market Research Analyst2$92k
Authorized Officer Software Engineer Equity Fin1$92kNA
Asociate Director Project Manager Structured Ir1$92kNA
Authorized Officer Java Software Developer Cleari2$91kNA
Support Analyst26$91k
Financial Analyst Financial Control2$91k
Associate Director Senior Auditor5$90k
Project Manager3$90k
Sybase Database Administrator Ficc Fx Ibd1$90kNA
Associate Director Research Analyst Investment St1$90kNA
Associate Director Fx Support Analyst2$90k
Sybase Database Administrator1$90kNA
Senior Tech Specialist1$90kNA
Application Support Analyst2$90k
Senior Support Analyst Identity Management1$90kNA
Associate Director Credit Strategy Group1$90kNA
Senior IT Specialist3$90k
Technical Manager If Fxcct Gsd1$90kNA
Test Manager Lead2$90kNA
Senior Software Engineer1$90kNA
System Developer2$90kNA
Application Developer Mortgage Analytics1$90kNA
Senior Oracle Database And Etl Developer2$90kNA
Valuation Analyst1$90kNA
Financial Associate Wealth Management1$90kNA
Associate Director Structured Credit Product Cons1$90kNA
Developer Infrastructure Messaging1$90kNA
Associate Director Us Regional Manager1$90kNA
Cross Sector Business Unit Controller1$90kNA
Associate Director Valuation Analyst1$90kNA
Junior Entrepreneur Advisor1$90kNA
Java Database Developer1$90kNA
International Business Manager1$90kNA
Infrastructure Support Analyst1$90kNA
Global Mis Specialist1$90kNA
Client Advisory Associate1$90kNA
Financial Associate Investment Banking1$90kNA
Fixed Income Product Control Manager1$90kNA
Associate Director Structured Credit Product Con1$90kNA
Associate Director Risk Infrastructure Developer1$90kNA
Director Head Of Business Management1$90kNA
Associate Director Head Of Evt Desk Development Us1$90kNA
Mortgage Analytics Developer1$90kNA
Otc Project Manager1$90kNA
Associate Director Hr Ib Analyst1$90kNA
Associate Director Lead Associate1$90kNA
Etl Developer1$90kNA
Executive Director Audit Expert Audit Manager1$90kNA
Authorized Officer Support Analyst Credit Deriva2$89k
Authorized Officer Production Support Senior An1$89kNA
Authorized Officer Business Analyst2$89k
Director Portfolio Investment Advisor Investmen1$89kNA
Associate Director Americas Pnl Controls Manager1$88kNA
Executive Director Risk Control Specialist Frcm1$88kNA
Interface Developer3$88k
Database Developer3$88k
Associate Director Senior Auditor Group Internal1$88kNA
Associate Director Test Engineer2$88k
Senior Auditor4$88k
Support Analyst IT Credit Derivatives Gsd1$87kNA
Associate Director Snb Analyst1$87kNA
Authorized Officer Product Specialist Products1$87kNA
Associate Director Business Manager Ib1$87kNA
Java Engineer Developer3$87k
Associate Director Senior Accountant2$87k
Associate Director Credit Analyst Leveraged Fin3$86k
Associate Director Business Analyst IT Risk1$86kNA
Associate Director Operations Manager1$86kNA
Application Developer IT Eq Cft1$86kNA
Equity Research Associate Equity Research2$86kNA
Associate Director Fixed Income Valuation Control1$86kNA
Associate Analyst Equities Us Research1$86kNA
Java Developer6$86k
Associate Director Quantitative Credit Risk Analy1$86kNA
Authorized Officer Risk Reporting Analyst1$86kNA
Associate Director Fxpb Senior Client Service Rep1$86kNA
Director Fx Spot Trader Ficc1$86kNA
IT Analyst2$86k
Associate Director Application Support Analyst1$86kNA
Authorized Officer Software Developer Group Techn1$86kNA
Authorized Officer Analyst Information Technology1$86kNA
Credit Associate2$85k
Ass Dir Key Clients Financial Intermediaries1$85kNA
Business Analyst IT1$85kNA
Comp Software Eng Syst Software2$85kNA
Support Analyst Business Management1$85kNA
Associate Director Credit Analyst2$85k
Client Relationship Manager Confirmations1$85kNA
Support Analyst IT1$85kNA
Municipal Credit Analyst1$85kNA
Senior Oracle Database Etl Developer1$85kNA
Quantitative Credit Analyst1$85kNA
Associate Director Qa Analyst1$85kNA
Valuations Controller2$85k
Test Lead1$85kNA
Associate Director Testing Lead1$85kNA
Developer Fixed Income Securities2$85k
Associate Director Oes Engineer1$85kNA
Junior Market Risk Analyst1$85kNA
System Desk Developer1$85kNA
Technical Analyst1$85kNA
Associate Director Market Risk Control Analyst1$85kNA
Associate Director Technical Manager IT Fxcct G1$85kNA
Authorized Officer Developer1$85kNA
Associate Developer Mortgage Analytics Developer1$85kNA
Quantitative Analyst Quantitative Analytics1$84kNA
Associate Director Business Analyst Ib S Msc1$84kNA
Authorized Officer Market Risk Controller Credi1$84kNA
Associate Director Quantitative Analyst Quantitat1$84kNA
Associate Director Balance Sheet Senior Analyst1$84kNA
Associate Director Cross Sector Business Unit Con1$84kNA
Associate Director Risk Manager Ficc1$84kNA
Associate Director Business Analyst Collateral M1$84kNA
Associate Director Business Analyst Ficc Change1$84kNA
Director Latam Economic Associate Andean Cent1$84kNA
Analyst Securities1$84kNA
Senior Developer Interest Rate Derivatives IT1$84kNA
Authorized Officer Product Controller Credit Fi2$84k
Director Audit Expert Group Internal Audit2$84k
Associate Director Business Auditor3$83k
Associate Director Senior Java Developer Eq IT1$83kNA
Developer Equities Cash IT Risk Management1$83kNA
Authorized Officer Application Developer Technic1$83kNA
IT Analyst Authorized Officer1$83kNA
Authorized Officer Software Engineer Gt1$83kNA
Associate Director Senior Ir Application Develope1$83kNA
Authorized Officer Application Developer IT Eq D1$83kNA
Application Developer IT Eq D El1$83kNA
Authorized Officer Equities Derivatives Etl Devel1$83kNA
Authorized Officer Application Developer IT Eq1$83kNA
Support Analyst Application Management2$83kNA
Software Engineer Equity Derivatives Technology1$83kNA
Quality Control Engineer2$83k
Associate Director Senior Wealthy Strategy Associate1$83kNA
Project Manager Credit Derivatives Gsd2$83k
Fixed Income Associate2$83k
System Analyst3$82k
Software Developer9$82k
Associate Director Leverage Underwriter1$81kNA
Associate Director Java Developer1$81kNA
Authorized Officer Developer Ibit Controls Op1$81kNA
Market Risk Analyst5$81k
Java Developer Client Connectivity1$80kNA
Java Sybase Developer1$80kNA
Network Lead Analyst1$80kNA
Associate Director Senior Tax Qa Ctb Analyst1$80kNA
Associate Director Wealth Management1$80kNA
Associate Director Team Manager Business Support1$80kNA
Associate Director Structurer Trader2$80kNA
Government Agency Bond Trader1$80kNA
Chat Application Engineer Developer1$80kNA
Associate Director Auditor1$80kNA
Storage Administrator1$80kNA
Financial Analyst Interest Rates1$80kNA
Associate Director Credit Officer1$80kNA
Analyst Latin America Corporate Advisory1$80kNA
Associate Director Human Resources1$80kNA
Technology Team Lead1$80kNA
Testing Manager1$80kNA
Authorized Officer Software Engineer Group Techn1$80kNA
Credit Analyst6$80k
Authorized Officer Financial Analyst Ibbc1$79kNA
Business Unit Controller2$79k
Software Engineer4$79k
Authorized Officer Bus Product Controller Senior1$78kNA
Associate Director IT Application Auditor1$78kNA
Structured Credit Product Controller3$78k
Authorized Officer Application Developer IT Ficc1$78kNA
Service Introduction Technician2$78k
Financial Analyst Fixed Income4$78k
Analyst Information Technology2$78k
Director Audit Expert Audit Manager1$77kNA
Business Analyst26$77k
Middle Office Specialist1$77kNA
Client Advisor6$77k
Market Risk Control Analyst1$77kNA
Support Analyst Information Technology12$77k
Developer Ib IT1$76kNA
Application Developer Ib IT3$76kNA
Application Developer9$76k
Associate Director Performance Analyst1$76kNA
Client Relationship Director1$76kNA
Business Operations Specialist2$76k
Programmer Analyst8$76k
Developer Pm Prime Services1$76kNA
Investment Advisor2$76k
Credit Derivatives Gcs Controller2$76k
Network Analyst1$75kNA
Associate Director Reconciliations Manager Rtb1$75kNA
Associate Director Operations Specialist1$75kNA
Associate Director Product Specialist2$75k
Senior Java Developer1$75kNA
IT Support Analyst1$75kNA
Financial Analyst Energy1$75kNA
Junior Client Relationship Director1$75kNA
Business Unit Controller Pfca1$75kNA
Financial Analyst Group Internal Auditor1$75kNA
Deliveries Control Business Manager1$75kNA
Support Analyst I2$75kNA
Application Developer Team Leader1$75kNA
Authorized Officer Application Support Analyst2$74k
Associate Director Global Plus Hiperformance Rtb1$74kNA
Storage Manager Group Technology IT1$74kNA
Software Engineer Group Technology4$74k
Tax IT Specialist1$74kNA
Computer Software Engineer1$74kNA
Support Analyst Credit Derivatives IT1$74kNA
Associate Director Infrastructure Engineer IT1$73kNA
Senior Network Analyst1$73kNA
Junior Global Valuation Controller1$73kNA
Authorized Officer Ui Developer Cash Equity Tra1$73kNA
Authorized Officer Reconcilation Supervisor Glo1$73kNA
Qa Analyst3$73k
Financial Analyst Investment Banking2$73k
Software Developer Group Technology1$73kNA
Associate Director Internal Auditor Asset Manag1$72kNA
Technical Manager IT Fxcct Gsd1$72kNA
Senior IT Application Auditor1$72kNA
Derivatives Data Service System Developer1$72kNA
Authorized Officer Software Engineer Group Techno2$72k
Risk Control Analyst1$71kNA
Support Analyst Info Tech1$71kNA
Associate Director Specialist Controller Tax Oper1$71kNA
Associate Director Business Analyst Tax Operation2$71k
Brokerage Clerk1$70kNA
Programmer Analyst Info Technology1$70kNA
Associate Director Assistant Portfolio Manager1$70kNA
Information Technology Analyst1$70kNA
Associate Director Ibd System Analyst1$70kNA
Associate Director Investor Advisor1$70kNA
Associate Director Client Relationship Manager1$70kNA
Analyst IT6$70k
Authorized Officer Equity Structured Derivative A1$70kNA
Associate Director Investment Advisor1$70kNA
Analyst Group Technology2$70kNA
Operations Product Specialist Ficc Spg2$69kNA
Monitoring Analyst1$69kNA
Programmer Analyst IT3$68k
Global Mis Analyst1$68kNA
Credit Derivatives Controller1$68kNA
Authorized Officer Business Product Controller2$68k
Analyst Fixed Income1$68kNA
Software Engineer Commodities IT1$67kNA
Associate Director Aml Compliance Officer3$67k
Associate Director Business Manager3$66k
Associate Director Ict Supporter1$66kNA
Associate Director Global Plus Rtb1$66kNA
Authorized Officer Etl Developer Instrument Ref1$66kNA
Senior Java Client Developer2$66kNA
Accountant Auditor1$66kNA
Authorized Officer Equity Valuations Controller1$65kNA
Crm Developer1$65kNA
Technology Lead1$65kNA
Business Analyst Investment Banking2$65kNA
Junior Client Advisor6$65k
Financial Associate Equities1$65kNA
Group Diversity Associate1$65kNA
Authorized Officer Americas Pmo Lead IT C S Sec1$64kNA
Investment Research Analyst1$64kNA
Compliance Analyst2$64kNA
Revenue Analyst1$64kNA
Product Manager Technology Associate1$64kNA
Programmer Analyst Information Technology18$63k
Wealth Management Support Client Market Analyst2$63k
Associate Diretor Lending Products Transaction Ma1$63kNA
Associate Director Client Market Analyst1$63kNA
Authorized Officer Business Sales Management Su1$63kNA
Authorized Officer Developer Statistical Risk Mea1$63kNA
Financial Analyst Equities2$62k
IT Software Engineer1$62kNA
Wealth Management Support Client Advisor Assistant2$62k
Rates Middle Office Analyst1$62kNA
Client Service Manager1$62kNA
Manager Operations Associate1$62kNA
Analyst Wma Entrepreneurs Advisory Group1$62kNA
Project Manager Cto Business Analyst1$62kNA
Associate Director Client Advisor Wma Internatio1$62kNA
Director Client Advisor Wealth Management Interna1$62kNA
Counterparty Risk Analyst1$61kNA
Authorized Officer Management Support Officer Pri2$61k
Authorized Officer Us Prop Equities Ib Business1$61kNA
Cash Liquidity Management Analyst1$61kNA
Loan Administrator Ib S Msc1$60kNA
Portfolio Administrator Operations1$60kNA
Client Advisor Analyst1$60kNA
Client Advisor Analyst Wealth Management1$60kNA
Associate Director Volunteer Program Manager1$60kNA
Associate Director Volunteer Program Mgr1$60kNA
Financial Analyst Debt And Capital Markets1$60kNA
Client Market Analyst1$60kNA
Business Analyst Commodities Buc Ctb1$60kNA
Financial Investment Advisor1$60kNA
Regulatory Analyst1$60kNA
Financial Risk Analyst1$60kNA
West Gas Scheduler1$60kNA
Rates Us Rtb Analyst Governments1$59kNA
Financial Analyst Loan Administrator1$58kNA
Portfolio Administrator1$58kNA
Financial Analyst Wealth Management International2$58k
Analyst Ficc1$57kNA
Product Specialist Ib Operations1$57kNA
Analyst Finance1$57kNA
Operations Analyst Otc Fi Rates1$57kNA
Financial Analyst Wealth Management6$56k
Operations Analyst15$56k
Junior Risk Analyst1$56kNA
Business Unit Controller Equities Derivatives2$55kNA
Operations Specialist1$55kNA
Associate Director Manager Credit Derivatives1$55kNA
Operations Analyst Ib1$55kNA
Loan Trading Administrator1$55kNA
Credit Derivatives Analyst1$55kNA
Onboarding Associate1$55kNA
Wealth Management Support Professional1$55kNA
Confirmation Specialist1$55kNA
Financial Confirmation Controller Interest Rates1$55kNA
Financial Control Specialist1$55kNA
Analyst Financial Banking1$55kNA
Analyst Operations1$55kNA
Analyst Equities1$55kNA
Analyst Investment Banking3$54k
Operations Associate2$54k
Know Your Client Analyst2$54kNA
Otc Settlements Associate2$54kNA
Financial Accountant6$54k
Compliance Trade Surveillance Analyst1$54kNA
Director Product Controller Ficc Emerging Marke1$53kNA
Interest Rate Derivatives Associate1$52kNA
Otc Interest Rates Derivatives Settlements Associate1$52kNA
Analyst Programmer1$52kNA
Tax Analyst5$51k
Loan Settlements Specialist1$50kNA
Director Financial Journalist1$50kNA
Otc Derivatives Confirmation Specialist1$50kNA
Program Trading Support Specialist1$50kNA
Financial Project Analyst Specialist1$50kNA
Financial Analyst Program Management1$50kNA
Financial Project Specialist1$50kNA
Otc Derivatives Ir Settlements Specialist1$50kNA
Equity Control Technical Specialist1$50kNA
Financial Operations Analyst2$50kNA
Director Client Advisor Brazil Team1$49kNA
Authorized Officer1$48kNA
Project Analyst2$48k
Pmo Analyst1$46kNA
Business Operations Analyst1$46kNA
Authorized Officer Cash Liquidity Management An1$44kNA
Credit Derivative Confirmation Controller1$44kNA
Ficc Business Marketing Strategist1$43kNA