Twitter Jobs

A total of 151 Twitter jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $127,361
Salary Range: $50,939

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Staff Software Engineer2$201k
Engineering Manager2$189kNA
Senior Manager Software Engineering1$187kNA
Staff Software Engineer5$177k
Human Factor Engineer1$175kNA
Senior Product Manager2$175k
Manager Software Engineer1$171kNA
Senior Software Manager1$168kNA
Senior Manager Of International Development1$165kNA
Senior Product Marketing Manager1$165kNA
Software Engineer Manager1$164kNA
Software Engineering Manager1$164kNA
Senior Security Engineer2$163k
Staff Technical Program Manager1$162kNA
Manager Software Engineering3$162k
Senior Manager Site Reliability Engineering1$158kNA
Software Engineer Aurora1$158kNA
Senior Data Scientist3$157k
Senior Software Engineer48$156k
Software Engineer II1$155kNA
Engineering Manager Platform Services1$154kNA
Computer And Information System Manager5$153k
Senior Technical Program Manager4$153k
Senior Network Engineer2$153k
Product Marketing Manager2$150k
Swe Analytics1$150kNA
Geographic Information System Specialist2$150kNA
Software Engineer Web Apps1$145kNA
Hyperion Application Lead1$145kNA
Software Engineer Geo1$145kNA
Swe Storage1$145kNA
Software Engineer Quality Engineering1$141kNA
Software Engineer Performance1$140kNA
Business Product Manager1$140kNA
Platform Relations Manager1$140kNA
Computer Programmer1$140kNA
Staff Engineer Monetization1$137kNA
Software Engineer Test And Quality1$137kNA
Member Technical Staff1$135kNA
Business System Analyst1$135kNA
Software Engineer Product1$135kNA
Experience Designer Consumer Product1$135kNA
Senior Human Resources Operations Analyst1$135kNA
Data System Engineer2$133k
Software Developer System Software30$133k
Product Manager2$133k
Research Engineer1$133kNA
Senior Site Reliability Engineer5$132k
Security Engineer II1$132kNA
Software Engineer System22$132k
Software Engineer Relevance Discovery2$131kNA
Software Engineer Anti Spam2$131kNA
Software Engineer Relevance Ml1$131kNA
Software Engineer Growth1$131kNA
Software Engineer Relevance Machine Learning2$131kNA
Developer Advocate Platform1$131kNA
Software Engineer Database Internals1$131kNA
Hadoop Software Engineer4$131k
Computer Software Engineer Application2$131k
Software Engineer Search5$130k
IT System Engineer1$130kNA
Data Analyst1$130kNA
Ui Designer II1$130kNA
Software Engineer Platform Infrastructure1$130kNA
Software Developer Application83$129k
Software Engineer Runtime System3$129k
Linux Allocation Engineer1$129kNA
Relevance Machine Learning Software Engineer1$129kNA
System Engineer Monetization2$128k
Software Engineer Revenue2$127k
Computer System Analyst11$126k
IT Apps Engineer1$125kNA
Vertical Marketing Manager Retail1$125kNA
Senior User Researcher1$125kNA
Database Administrator1$125kNA
Manager Business Development Mobile1$125kNA
Software Engineer Mobile Android1$125kNA
Site Reliability Engineer11$125k
Partner Engineer Data Platform Twitter1$125kNA
Data Scientist9$124k
Hardware Engineer2$124k
Software Engineer Quality2$124k
Software Engineer Hadoop2$122k
Software Engineer Java Virtual Machine1$122kNA
Software Engineer Search Quality1$122kNA
Software Engineer Core Storage1$122kNA
Data Scientist Monetization1$122kNA
Core Storage Software Engineer1$122kNA
Data Scientist Analytics1$122kNA
Software Engineer Backend1$122kNA
Software Engineer171$121k
Software Engineer Linux Kernel Performance1$121kNA
Member Of Technical Staff1$121kNA
Software Engineer Observability Infrastructure3$120k
Software Engineer Salesforce Developer1$120kNA
Vine Qa Automation Engineer1$120kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software2$120k
Operations Engineer2$117k
Software Engineer Web Application3$117k
Capacity Planning Engineer3$116k
Software Engineer Relevance1$115kNA
Operation Engineer1$115kNA
Software Engineer Research3$115k
Product Manager International Growth1$115kNA
Software Engineer Runtime Services1$115kNA
Software Engineer Platform Services1$115kNA
Software Engineer Billing1$115kNA
Data Visualization Scientist2$115k
Software Engineer Data System2$113k
Software Engineer Quality And Automation1$112kNA
User Researcher Consumer1$112kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$112kNA
Quantitative Analyst2$111kNA
Software Engineer New Grad1$110kNA
Software Engineer Mobile Japanese Clients1$110kNA
Research Analyst1$110kNA
Software Engineer Developer Productivity1$110kNA
Software Engineer Release3$110k
Mysql Database Administrator1$107kNA
Core Storage Engineer1$107kNA
Technical Account Manager3$107k
Technical Support Engineer2$105kNA
Industry Relations Manager1$104kNA
Partner Manager1$100kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator2$100k
Senior Sales Operations Analyst1$100kNA
Quality Assurance Analyst1$99kNA
User Interface Designer2$99k
System Engineer2$98k
Software Engineer Front End8$98k
Management Analyst1$93kNA
Financial Analyst1$92kNA
Graphic Designer2$91k
Interaction Designer1$90kNA
Tools Engineer1$85kNA
General Ledger Accountant1$85kNA
Product Designer1$85kNA
Accountant And Auditor2$78k
Account Manager Demand5$77k
Sales Solutions Planner1$73kNA
Business Analyst2$71k
Associate Product Manager Global Content1$70kNA
Localization Project Manager Community1$68kNA
Localization Specialist German1$65kNA
User Support German1$65kNA
Mid Market Account Analyst1$60kNA
Platform Associate International Contracts1$60kNA
Operations Finance Associate1$57kNA
Market Analyst1$51kNA