Thomson Reuters Jobs

A total of 370 Thomson Reuters jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $95,010
Salary Range: $36,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Business Process Analyst2$303k
Senior Consultant1$300kNA
Global Editor Data2$290kNA
Global Technical Director Real Time Analytics1$280kNA
Global Head Of Platform Framework1$275kNA
Head Of Investment Management Americas1$250kNA
Head Of Business Intelligence For Collaboration M1$236kNA
Finance Director1$234kNA
Senior Technologist Search1$220kNA
Global Product Head Multimedia Centre2$186k
Head Of Quality Assurance For Automation Eikon1$185kNA
Technical Lead For News Infrastructure1$185kNA
Business Planning Manager1$170kNA
Senior Quantitative Research Analyst1$165kNA
Sales Manager North America1$163kNA
Senior Business Analyst Transfer Pricing1$160kNA
Regional Head Of Professional Services1$160kNA
Senior Director International Business Operations1$158kNA
Head Of Technology Operations Portia1$157kNA
Senior Network Engineer1$155kNA
Vp Finance Ib Segment1$154kNA
Senior Product Manager Product Research1$150kNA
VP Product Operations1$148kNA
Media Solutions Architect1$145kNA
Director Of Engineering1$145kNA
Global Head Of Hr Investors And Marketplaces1$145kNA
Technical Analysis Services Application Senior1$142kNA
Senior Researcher2$140kNA
Technical Lead Software Development Engineer1$140kNA
Architect Identity Access Management2$140k
Director Finance1$140kNA
Technical Analysis Services Application Develop1$140kNA
Project Leader1$138kNA
Manager Global Consulting1$135kNA
Finance Manager Asset Management Finance1$135kNA
Head Of Portfolio Analytics1$135kNA
Workstation Programmer Analyst1$134kNA
Senior Manager Transfer Pricing1$133kNA
Software Development Management Project Leader1$133kNA
Application Solutions Manager1$133kNA
West Coast Housing Economics Correspondent1$133kNA
Software Development Manager1$132kNA
Vp Strategic Marketing And Business Development1$131kNA
Technical Director2$131kNA
Director North American Power1$130kNA
Senior Project Manager Desktop Platform1$130kNA
Senior Mobile Interaction Designer1$130kNA
General Operations Business Process Management L1$130kNA
Application Solution Manager1$129kNA
Global Technical Lead2$129k
Data Infrastructure Senior Developer1$128kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$126kNA
Senior Software Engineer Eikon Analytics Developm1$125kNA
Senior Product Manager1$125kNA
Assistant VP Financial Product Manage1$125kNA
Control Library Platform Environment Developer1$125kNA
Investment Bank Product Manager1$122kNA
Head Of Application Support Desktop Platform1$122kNA
Senior Data Solutions Product Manager1$121kNA
Manager Technology1$121kNA
Quality Assurance Automation Specialist1$120kNA
Investment Banking Product Manager1$120kNA
Senior Technical Specialist1$120kNA
Qa Engineer Server Side Performance1$120kNA
Product Manager7$120k
Automation Lead Data Cloud1$119kNA
Director Of Strategy Business Development1$119kNA
Senior Manager Finance1$118kNA
Major Account Director1$118kNA
Database Administrator Technical Lead1$118kNA
Regional Business Manager2$118k
Avp Idb IT Support Developer1$117kNA
Director Of Marketing1$116kNA
Head Of Company News Automation1$116kNA
Director Of Global Brand Management1$115kNA
Technical Lead Sql Server1$115kNA
Bpms Software Developer1$115kNA
Senior Consultant Global Consulting1$115kNA
Quality Assurance Specialist1$115kNA
Senior Manager Technology Consulting Implementa1$115kNA
Automation Test Engineer1$115kNA
Senior Manager Technology1$114kNA
Manager Of Business And Organizational Development1$114kNA
I Journalist1$113kNA
Technical Database Specialist2$112k
Product Manager Content Interface1$112kNA
Senior Informatica Engineer1$111kNA
Senior Developer2$111k
Senior Application Developer2$110k
Manager Workflow Tools Technology1$110kNA
Sap Developer1$110kNA
Senior Managing Consultant2$110kNA
Senior Engineer Advanced Engineering1$110kNA
Application Servers And Infrastructure Developer2$110kNA
Senior Political And Economic Policy Reporter2$110k
Senior Software Developer8$109k
Application Architect1$109kNA
Senior Implementation Consultant6$109k
Web Administration Manager1$109kNA
Managing Consultant2$108k
Lead Support Analyst1$107kNA
Senior Strategy Analyst1$107kNA
Principal Software Engineer2$107k
Senior Softwrare Engineer1$107kNA
Lead System Analyst1$106kNA
Ms Sql Database Administrator2$106k
Senior Database Administrator1$105kNA
Director Computational Biology Bioinformatics2$105k
Implementation Technical Lead1$105kNA
Manager Content Production1$105kNA
Server Developer1$105kNA
Developer Bulk Data Controls1$105kNA
Manager Software Development1$104kNA
Strategic Planning Analyst1$104kNA
Lead Design Development Wan Engineer1$104kNA
Senior Database Engineer4$104k
Principal System Engineer1$103kNA
Network Management Architect1$103kNA
Senior Project Manager3$102k
Technical Lead4$102k
Quantitative Research Analyst3$102k
Team Lead3$102k
Informatica Administrator2$102k
Software Engineeri1$101kNA
Technical Specialist1$101kNA
Medical Health Services Manager1$101kNA
Software Developer Application8$101k
Principal Consultant2$101kNA
Lead Quality Assurance Engineer1$101kNA
Research Software Engineer2$100k
Mobile Developer1$100kNA
Avp Retail Tech Developer1$100kNA
Strategic Analytical Consultant Investment Mgmn1$100kNA
Network Implementation Engineer1$100kNA
Agile Tester1$100kNA
Strategic Data Manager1$100kNA
Websphere Administration Manager1$100kNA
Management Associate1$100kNA
Senior Desktop Design Consultant1$99kNA
Technical Analyst1$99kNA
Quantitative Analyst III1$99kNA
Senior Application Support Engineer9$98k
Finance Manager1$98kNA
Database Administrator5$98k
Desktop Design Consultant2$97k
Product Manager Data Scope Select1$97kNA
Sales Manager3$97k
Section Manager1$97kNA
Senior Software Engineer51$96k
Senior Java J2ee Developer2$96k
System Engineer1$96kNA
Senior Performance Engineer Quality Assurance1$96kNA
Senior Data Analyst2$96k
Transfer Pricing Manager3$96k
Lead Software Engineer7$96k
Avp Developer1$96kNA
Senior Configuration Release Engineer1$96kNA
Sennior Appllication Support Engineer1$96kNA
Dba Technical Lead1$95kNA
Quality Assurance Automation Engineer1$95kNA
Research Engineer1$95kNA
Pricing Service Solution Specialist2$95kNA
Fixed Income Client Specialist1$95kNA
Network And Security Implementation Engineer1$95kNA
Software Developer2$95k
Global Project Manager1$94kNA
Client Specialist Manager1$94kNA
Lead Client Specialist1$94kNA
Senior Performance Engineer2$94k
Lead Sql Server Database Administrator1$94kNA
Senior Statistician1$94kNA
Senior Business Analyst3$93k
Software Qa Engineer2$93k
Sql Database Engineer2$93k
Global Implementation Manager2$93kNA
Computer Programmer1$93kNA
Senior System Engineer3$93k
Network Engineer III2$93k
Database Engineer5$92k
Application Support Engineer2$92k
Senior Salesforce Com Software Developer1$92kNA
Software Engineer Release1$92kNA
Network Security Implementation Manager1$92kNA
Sql Database Developer1$92kNA
Implementation Manager3$92k
Product Manager Wealth Management1$92kNA
Business Consultant1$92kNA
Senior Informatica Database Engineer1$92kNA
Senior Performance Analysis Engineer1$91kNA
Programmer Analyst2$91k
Application Development Analyst3$91k
Web Developer1$91kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst1$91kNA
Trading Technology Specialist2$91k
Director Content Strategy1$90kNA
Junior Developer2$90kNA
Avp IT Support1$90kNA
Project Lead Senior Software Engineer1$90kNA
Product Manager Corporate Business Intelligence1$90kNA
Product Manager W Corporate Business Intelligence1$90kNA
Mt Software Developer2$90k
Netbackup Administrator2$90k
Strategic Analysis And Data Manager1$90kNA
Senior Web Developer5$90k
Qa Automation Engineer3$89k
Senior Application Support Enginer1$89kNA
Commercial Manager1$89kNA
Software Engineer Equities Web App Data Mining1$89kNA
Senior Science Research Analyst2$88k
Vp IT Quality Assurance1$88kNA
Software Development Engineer7$88k
Strategic Marketing Data Manager1$88kNA
Director Business Development1$88kNA
Database Team Leader1$88kNA
Qa Automation Performance Architect2$88kNA
Strategic Consultant Investment Management1$87kNA
Senior Software Qa Engineer2$87k
Senior Reverse Engineer1$87kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst3$86k
Performance Engineer1$86kNA
Senior Engineer Quality Assurance1$86kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application10$86k
Senior Solution Designer1$86kNA
Lead Engineer Quality Assurance2$86k
Sales Specialist2$85k
Senior Storage Engineer1$85kNA
Mobile Product Manager1$85kNA
Global Product Manager1$85kNA
Computer System Analyst4$85k
Software Engineer39$85k
System Support Engineer1$85kNA
Software Engineer User Interface1$84kNA
Sales Specialist Enterprise1$84kNA
Associate Managing Consultant2$84k
Implementation Consultant3$84k
Software Release Engineer1$83kNA
System Engineer Security1$83kNA
Sales Specialist Consultant1$82kNA
Hedge Fund Research Analyst1$82kNA
Senior Research Scientist1$82kNA
Senior Platforms Engineer1$82kNA
Senior Engineer Qa4$82k
Product Manager Ir Online Content1$82kNA
Senior Science Analyst1$82kNA
Unix Support Analyst1$82kNA
Senior Application Services Engineer1$81kNA
Qa Lead Newsscope Direct1$81kNA
Exchange Manager1$81kNA
Senior Analytic Consultant1$81kNA
Asp Net Developer1$80kNA
Assistant VP Development1$80kNA
Relationship Manager Account Manager1$80kNA
Research Scientist Lead Biologist1$80kNA
Qa Anaylst1$80kNA
Senior Financial Analyst3$78k
Product Support Specialist1$78kNA
Senior Java Developer2$78k
Financial Developer1$78kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer6$77k
Senior Application System Support Specialist2$77kNA
Programmer Analyst II2$77k
Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer1$76kNA
Senior Qa Engineer6$76k
Senior Business System Analyst2$75k
Research Scientist Computational Biology Bioinf1$75kNA
Junior Product Manager Excel1$75kNA
Senior Economist Transfer Pricing1$75kNA
Support Engineer1$75kNA
Content Manager Knowledge Network1$75kNA
Application System Support Specialist1$75kNA
Lead Scientist1$75kNA
Lead Research Analyst1$74kNA
Processing Support Analyst1$74kNA
System Engineer System Analyst1$74kNA
Software Quality Assurance Engineer3$73k
Product Business Analyst1$73kNA
Client Specialist1$72kNA
Storage Engineer1$72kNA
Crm Technical Bus Analyst Developer Sales Info S1$72kNA
Marketing Specialist1$72kNA
Technical Support Engineer2$72k
Oracle Database Engineer1$71kNA
Informatica Database Engineer1$71kNA
Manager Customer System1$71kNA
Quality Assurance1$71kNA
Investigative Data Analyst1$70kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Technician1$70kNA
Senior Analyst1$70kNA
Project Manager2$70k
Senior Technical Writer1$69kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer4$68k
Strategic Marketing Analyst3$68k
Senior Database Developer1$68kNA
Product Support Representative Transfer Pricing1$68kNA
Technical Support Research Analyst1$68kNA
Senior Market Analyst4$67k
Avp IT Data Mining1$67kNA
Portia Product Consultant1$67kNA
Msg Business Analyst1$67kNA
Senior Data Integration Engineer1$67kNA
Computer System Engineer Architect1$67kNA
Economist Transfer Pricing1$67kNA
Senior Analyst Agriculture Research2$67kNA
Computer Unix Operator1$66kNA
Associate Product Manager Portfolio Analytics1$66kNA
User Data Migration Specialist3$66k
Oracle Developer2$65k
Technical Consultant3$65k
Metrics Specialist1$65kNA
Treasury Consultant1$65kNA
Medical Journalist1$65kNA
Product Consultant1$64kNA
Technical Project Support Engineer1$64kNA
Application Support Analyst3$63k
Marketing Communications Specialist1$63kNA
Business Analyst4$63k
Capital Markets Senior Associate1$62kNA
Financial Engineer1$62kNA
Senior Consultant Property Tax1$62kNA
Technical Support Analyst1$61kNA
Quality Assurance Engineeer1$61kNA
Unix Operator1$61kNA
Reverse Engineer1$61kNA
User Interface Designer1$60kNA
System Analyst1$60kNA
Financial Analyst4$59k
Quality Assurance Test Engineer1$59kNA
Project Manager Excel And Analytics1$59kNA
Client Specialist Global Accounts1$59kNA
Information Technology Project Manager1$58kNA
Corporate Associate1$58kNA
Account Manager3$58k
Manager Sales User Tax Processing1$58kNA
Team Lead Business Prospectors1$57kNA
Staff Writer1$57kNA
Market Analyst Municipals1$56kNA
Market Business Analyst1$55kNA
External Consultant1$55kNA
Implementation Specialist1$55kNA
Senior Qa Analyst1$54kNA
Consultant Property Tax2$53k
Transfer Pricing Junior Economist1$53kNA
Appraisers Real Estate1$51kNA
Analyst Strategy1$50kNA
Market Analyst5$50k
Quality Assurance Consultant1$50kNA
Junior Sales Rep Transfer Pricing1$50kNA
News Associate Journalist1$50kNA
New Business Prospector1$50kNA
Database Manager1$49kNA
Programmer Business Analyst1$49kNA
Advisory Services Surveillance Senior Associate1$46kNA
Development Manager1$45kNA
Consultant Unclaimed Property1$45kNA
Quality Assurance Analyst1$44kNA
Business System Analyst3$43k
Product Specialist1$42kNA
Direct Account Manager1$42kNA
Editorial Research Assistant1$40kNA
Associate Product Support Representative1$40kNA
Analyst Global Agriculture1$36kNA