Thomas Jefferson University Jobs

A total of 118 Thomas Jefferson University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $46,673
Salary Range: $22,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Assistant Professor Director Of Cardiothoracic R1$220kNA
Instructor Of Anesthesiology2$178k
Physician And Surgeon All Other2$175k
Health Specialties Teacher Postsecondary5$170k
Instructor Of Radiation Oncology1$163kNA
Internist General4$161k
Clinical Instructor Medical Physicist1$157kNA
Assistant Professor Medical Physicist1$150kNA
Clinical Instructor Hospitalist Division1$140kNA
Postsecondary Teacher All Other1$128kNA
Physics Teacher Postsecondary1$126kNA
Medical Phyicist1$125kNA
Assistant Professor Medical Phyics2$120kNA
Medical Physicist Instructor2$113k
Medical Physicist2$111k
Assistant Professor Academic Investigator Track1$98kNA
Associate Professor Research2$92k
Assistant Professor17$91k
Instructor Biostatistics1$90kNA
Associate Professor1$90kNA
Assistant Professor Microbiology Immunology1$87kNA
Senior System Analyst2$83k
Computer System Analyst Non R D1$80kNA
Senior Biostatistician1$78kNA
Assistant Professor Cancer Biology1$72kNA
Compliance Officer1$68kNA
Senior Contract Specialist1$68kNA
Senior Research Statistical Analyst1$66kNA
Research Assistant Professor12$64k
Executive Associate For External Affairs3$63k
Database Management Specialist1$63kNA
Programmer Analyst Health Services Research1$60kNA
Financial Analyst Senior1$60kNA
Senior Auditor2$60k
Business Manager2$60k
Senior Research Analyst2$58k
Research Analyst Senior1$57kNA
Assistant Professor Research7$57k
Statistician Biostatistician2$56k
Software Engineer Developer1$55kNA
Associate Director Of Alumni Relations1$55kNA
Research Programmer Analyst Senior1$54kNA
Contract Specialist Technology Transfer2$54k
Clinical Trails Budget Specialist1$53kNA
Research Assistant Instructor1$53kNA
Research Instructor6$53k
Clinical Research Coordinator III1$52kNA
Software Developer1$52kNA
Physics Resident I1$50kNA
Physics Resident L1$50kNA
Design Specialist1$50kNA
Technology Marketing Specialist3$49k
Research Assistant A Anesthesiology1$49kNA
Research Instructor I4$48k
Visiting Scientist1$48kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Research Senior1$47kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Research IV1$47kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists1$46kNA
Research Associate I10$46k
Physics Trainee1$46kNA
Senior Technology Licensing Specialist2$46kNA
Outcomes Research Fellow1$46kNA
Research Assistant II5$45k
Research Assistant A28$45k
Physician Research Fellow1$45kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow4$45k
Research Associate41$45k
Postdoctoral Trainee2$44k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow5$44k
Postdoctoral Fellow Neurological Surgery1$44kNA
Research Assistant I6$43k
Piostdoctoral Fellow Research6$43k
Reseach Study Coordinator2$43k
Health Economics And Outcome Research Fellow2$42k
Clinical Research Specialist Medical Oncology2$41k
Research Assistant2$41k
Health Economics And Outcomes Res Fellow1$41kNA
Compensation Analyst1$40kNA
Research Assistant B Radiation Oncology1$40kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Research295$39k
Programmer Analyst1$39kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator II3$39k
Lab Manager Research1$39kNA
Research Assistant III2$38k
Biological Scientist All Other1$38kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists1$37kNA
Primary Counselor2$37k
Primary Counselor II1$37kNA
Research Specialist Assistant B1$36kNA
Technology Licensing Assistant3$36k
Research Assistant B27$36k
Biological Sceintist All Other1$36kNA
Research Project Coordinator1$36kNA
Family Service Coordinator2$36kNA
Technology Licensing Specialist1$35kNA
Research III1$35kNA
Finacial Analyst3$35k
Research Assistant C60$33k
Programmer Trainee2$32k
Clinical Research Specialist Neurology2$31kNA
Research Technician C1$31kNA
Research Tech A1$30kNA
Clinical Research Assistant I4$30k
Research Technician B1$28kNA
Research Technician A46$28k
Research Data Coordinator1$27kNA
Clinical Research Assistant2$25k
Biological Technician1$24kNA
Research Technician1$22kNA