Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Jobs

A total of 226 Thomas Jefferson University Hospital jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $54,466
Salary Range: $25,116

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Radiologic Technologist Ct1$568kNA
Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon1$150kNA
Instructor Oral Maxillofacial Surgery1$150kNA
Radiology I Administrator1$120kNA
Chief Resident Physician Pgy IV6$97k
Medicla Physicist1$90kNA
Medical Physicist1$90kNA
Physician Assistant1$87kNA
Research Physicist1$81kNA
Clinical Fellow Urology Pgy VII1$75kNA
Ultrasound Specialist1$72kNA
Pathology Assistant2$70kNA
Nuclear Medicine Technologist7$69k
Senior Technical Analyst1$69kNA
Fellow In Urology Pgy VIII1$68kNA
Fellow In Cardiothoracic Surgery Pgy VIII1$68kNA
Imaging Physics Assistant1$67kNA
Ct Scan Technologist1$66kNA
Mri Technologist1$64kNA
Fellow In Urology Pgy VII1$64kNA
Pelvis Lower Extremity International Fellowhsip1$64kNA
Pelvis Lower Extremity International Fellowhsihp1$64kNA
Headache Fellow1$64kNA
Nephrology Transplant Fellow1$64kNA
Fellow Radiology Neuroradiology Ent Musculoskeleta2$62kNA
Senior Data Analyst Biostatistician1$60kNA
System Engineer I2$60kNA
Fellow In Radiology1$60kNA
Colon And Rectal Surgery Fellow1$60kNA
Fellow In Abdominal Imaging Pgy VI1$60kNA
Fellow In Abdominal Imaging Pgy61$60kNA
Clinical Fellow In Adult Reconstruction Pgy VI2$60kNA
Radiology Fellow Pgy VI2$60kNA
Fellow In Cardiothoracic Surgery1$60kNA
Fellow In Cardiothoracic Surgery Pgy VI1$60kNA
Neurocritical Care Fellow1$60kNA
System Analyst1$59kNA
Fellow In Radiology Pgy VI3$58k
Hematopathology Fellow1$58kNA
Pgy VII Fellow In The Department Of Cardiology1$58kNA
Medical Fellow Pgy VII Surgery1$58kNA
Staff Nurse1$58kNA
Staff Physical Therapist1$58kNA
Pgy VI Fellow In Orthopaedic Surgery1$58kNA
Fellow In Hematology Medical Oncology1$57kNA
Tissue Type Technologist II1$57kNA
Fellow In Endocrinology Diabetes Metabolic Dis2$56k
Pgy VI Pulmonary And Critical Care Fellow1$56kNA
Pgy VI Musculoskeletal Neuroradiology Fellow1$56kNA
Fellow In General Cardiovascular Disease1$56kNA
Fellow In Nephrology Pgy IV V5$55k
Neonatal Perintal Fellow2$55k
Geriatric Medicine Fellow2$55k
Pgy V Neuromuscular Fellow1$55kNA
Pgy V VI Fellow In Hematology And Medical Oncology1$55kNA
Pgy V Fellow In Pain Management1$55kNA
Fellow In Neurology Pgy V1$55kNA
Fellow In Anesthesiology Pgy V VI1$55kNA
Pgy Fellow In Neurosurgery2$55kNA
Clinical Fellow Pgy6 In Orthopaedics1$55kNA
Clinical Fellow Pgy6 Neurosurgery1$55kNA
Fellow In Endocrinology Pgy IV V2$55k
Neonatal Perinatal Fellow1$55kNA
Fellow Hematology Medical Oncology Pgy IV VI1$55kNA
Resident In Endicrinology Pgy IV V1$55kNA
Pgy Fellow In Neuroradiology3$54k
Fellow In Epilepsy Pgy V VI1$54kNA
Pgy III Internal Medicine2$54kNA
Resident In Internal Medicine1$54kNA
Resident In Pathology Pgy III IV2$54kNA
Pgy IV V Fellow In Rheumatology1$53kNA
Resident In Endocrinology Pgy IV V1$53kNA
Resident In Surgery Pgy IV VII1$53kNA
Resident In Neurosurgery Pgy IV VII1$53kNA
Pgy IV VI Fellow In Hematology Medical Oncology1$53kNA
Pgy VI Adult Reconstruction Orthopaedic Surg1$53kNA
Pgy VI Radiology1$53kNA
Pgy VI Cardiothoracic Surgery1$53kNA
Pgy VI Hematology Medical Oncology2$53kNA
Resident In Anesthesiology Pgy III IV1$53kNA
Clinical Research Associate II1$52kNA
Pgy IV VI Fellow In Pumonary Critical Care Medicin3$52k
Clinical Fellow Orthopeadic Surgery Pyg VI2$52k
Pgy V Pain Management2$52k
Pgy4 Geriatric Medicine Fellow1$52kNA
Fellow In Carduology Pgy4 VI1$52kNA
Fellow In Endocrinology Pgy IV VI1$52kNA
Pgy IV V Resident Fellow In Pathology1$52kNA
Clinical Fellow In Nephrology1$52kNA
Medical Fellow Pgy IV VI Hematology Med Onc1$52kNA
Clinical Cardiovascular Disease Fellow Pgy4 VI1$52kNA
Pgy IV Geriatric Medicine Fellow1$52kNA
Resident In Anesthesiology Pgy II IV2$52k
Pgy V Family Medicine Geriatric Medicine1$52kNA
Resident In Pathology Pgy II IV4$52k
Clinical Fellow Radiation Oncoloogy Pyg VI1$52kNA
Clinical Fellow Radiation Oncoloogy1$52kNA
Clinical Fellow Pgy VI Orthopaedic Surgery2$52kNA
Resident In Internal Medicine Pgy III1$52kNA
Clinical Research Fellow Radiation Oncoloogy1$52kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other1$51kNA
Pgy IV VI Fellow Medical Oncology Hematology1$51kNA
Pgy IV VI Pulmonary Critical Care1$51kNA
Resident In Radiology1$51kNA
Resident In Surgery Pgy II1$51kNA
Pgy IV VI Hematology Medical Oncology2$51kNA
Pgy IV Family Medicine Geriatric Medicine2$51kNA
Pgy IV V Nephrology1$51kNA
Resident In Internal Medicine Pgy21$51kNA
Pgy IV V Endocrinology1$51kNA
Tissue Type Tech II1$51kNA
Fellow Radiology Pyg VI Abdominal Imaging3$51k
Resident In Anesthesiology1$50kNA
Resident Physician In Family Community Medicine1$50kNA
Medical Resident In Internal Medicine1$50kNA
Clinical Fellow Radiology Pyg VI8$50k
Fellow Radiology Pyg VI Breast Imaging1$50kNA
Upper Year Med Resident Pgy2 V Orthopaedics1$50kNA
Pgy IV V Fellow Medical Oncology1$50kNA
Clinical Fellow Pain Management Pgy V1$50kNA
Pgy IV V Fellow Infectious Disease1$50kNA
Clinical Fellow Pul Med Critical Care Pgy V VI1$50kNA
Clinical Fellow Nephrology Pgy V1$50kNA
Pgy IV VI Fellow Pulmonary Critical Care2$50kNA
Medical Resident Pgy III Internal Medicine2$50kNA
Pgy II III Resident In Surgery2$50kNA
Pgy II IV Resident Dermatology And Cutaneous Biolog1$50kNA
Clinical Resident Fellow Radiology Pyg V VI1$50kNA
Pgy IV VI Fellow Neonatal Perinatal1$50kNA
Pgy IV VI Fellow Oncology Hematology1$50kNA
Fellow Radiology Pyg VI Cardiothoracic Img2$50kNA
Clinical Coordinator1$50kNA
Resident In Neurology2$50k
Clinical Fellow Child Adol Psychi Pgy IV V3$50k
Resident In Emergency Medicine Pgy I III3$49kNA
Pgy III IV Anesthesiology1$49kNA
Fellow Resident Cardiothoracic Surgery1$49kNA
Clinical Fellow Orthopaedic Surgery Pyg VI1$49kNA
Resident In Pathology Pgy I II2$49k
Resident In Pathology Pgy I IV2$49kNA
Resident In Internal Medicine Pgy I III1$49kNA
Resident In Family Community Med Pgy I III1$49kNA
Resident In Orthopaedic Surgery Pgy I III1$49kNA
Resident In Surgery Pgy I IV1$49kNA
Fellow Geriatric Medicince Pgy IV3$49kNA
Fellow Gastroenterology Pgy IV V1$49kNA
Fellow Nephrology Pgy IV V1$49kNA
Fellow Gastroenterology Pgy IV1$49kNA
Clinical Fellow Pul Med Critical Care Pgy4 VI1$49kNA
Resident In Neurology Pgy I IV1$49kNA
Pgy II IV Resident Nuclear Medicine1$49kNA
Clinical Fellow Medical Oncology Pgy4 VI1$49kNA
Medical Resident Pgy IV Ca III3$48k
Clinical Fellow Infectious Diseases Pgy IV V3$48k
Clinical Fellow Surgery Pgy VI VIII1$48kNA
Pgy II IV Psychiatry1$48kNA
Clinical Fellow Neurology Pyg VI1$48kNA
Critical Care Medicine And Pulmonology Fellow1$47kNA
Pgy I III Internal Medicine4$47k
Medical Resident Ob Gyn Pgy41$47kNA
Physician Surgeon All Other2$47kNA
Medical Resident Pgy I IV Psychiatry1$47kNA
Clinical Fellow Nephrology Pgy IV V1$47kNA
Resident Ob Gyn Pgy IV1$47kNA
Pgy II III Internal Medicine1$47kNA
Medical Resident Pgy II IV Neurology1$47kNA
Pgy I III Emergency Medicine2$47kNA
Medical Resident Pgy III IV Ca II III2$47kNA
Medical Resident Pgy II IV Anesthesiology2$46k
Pgy I III Pathology2$46kNA
Clinical Fellow Neurosugery Pgy IV VI1$46kNA
Clinical Fellow Pul Med Critical Care Pgy IV VI2$46k
Clinical Fellow Cardiology Pgy III VI1$46kNA
Upper Year Medical Resident Anesthesiology1$46kNA
Medical Resident Pgy II Anesthesiology3$46kNA
Clinical Fellow Surgery Pyg VI2$46k
Medical Resident Pgy I III Oral Surgery2$46kNA
Medical Resident Pgy1 III Emergencymedicine1$46kNA
Clinical Residency Neurosugery Pgy III IV1$46kNA
Medical Resident Pgy I IV Surgery1$46kNA
Medical Resident Pgy I IV Neuro Surgery1$46kNA
Medical Resident Pgy III Ca II1$46kNA
Clinical Fellow Gastroenterology Hepatology2$45k
Medical Resident Pgy I III Internal Medicine11$45k
Physician And Surgeon1$45kNA
Radiologic Technologist3$45k
Clinical Fellow Neurology Pyg V1$45kNA
Medical Resident Pgy III IV Anethesiology1$45kNA
Medical Resident Pgy1 II1$44kNA
Medical Resident Pgy1 Internal Medicine1$44kNA
Internist General1$44kNA
Medical Resident Pgy II Ca I1$44kNA
Medical Resident Pgy I III Emergency Medicine1$44kNA
Medical Resident Pgy1 Pediatrics1$44kNA
Clinical Fellow Maxillofacial Surgery Pyg V VI1$44kNA
Neurosurgery Resident Upper Year1$43kNA
Upper Year Resident Anesthesiology1$43kNA
Upper Year Resident Internal Medicine2$43kNA
Medical Resident Anesthesiology Pgy II III1$43kNA
Medical Resident Pgy II IV Radiology1$43kNA
Medical Resident Pgy II2$43kNA
Medical Resident Pgy II III3$43k
X Ray Technician1$43kNA
Medical Resident Pgy I III Orthopaedic Surgery1$43kNA
Medical Resident Pgy II Anethesiology1$42kNA
Medical Resident In Pathology1$42kNA
Medical Resident Pgy I III Family Med1$42kNA
Medical Resident Pgy I III Medicine1$42kNA
Medical Resident Pgy2 Pgy41$42kNA
Medical Resident Pgy I Internal Medicine1$42kNA
Medical Resident Fellow Ob Gyn Pgy2 IV1$42kNA
Clinical Resident Maxillofacial Surgery Pgy I III3$42kNA
Medical Resident Pgy I2$41k
Medical Resident Pgy1 Pgy32$41k
Medical Resident Pgy1 III4$40k
Medical Resident Pgy I III1$40kNA
Senior Data Analyst1$40kNA
Medical Resident Fellow Pgy2 IV1$40kNA
Medical Resident Pgy11$39kNA
Medical Technologist Non Registered1$38kNA
Dental Surgical Assistant2$25kNA