The University Of Southern Mississippi Jobs

A total of 60 The University Of Southern Mississippi jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $46,884
Salary Range: $20,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Research Technician2$110k
Director Instructor2$91k
Assistant Professor Of Marketing1$81kNA
Visting Assistant Professor Of Finance1$75kNA
Assistant Professor Of Management1$69kNA
Assistant Professor Of Economics3$68k
Professor Of Finance1$68kNA
Associate Professor3$68k
Assistant Professor Of Computer Science1$67kNA
Research Scientist5$62k
Assistant Research Scientist5$60k
Polymer Engineer1$60kNA
Geographic Information Specialist1$56kNA
Research Assistant Professor1$56kNA
Assistant Professor81$56k
Sytems Administrator II1$56kNA
Assistant Professor Of Polymer Science1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Of Psychology1$53kNA
Visting Assistant Professor4$51k
Visting Professor1$50kNA
Research Engineer1$50kNA
Evaluation Specialist1$50kNA
Assistant Professor Of Mass Communication1$49kNA
Museum Director1$49kNA
Coatings Chemist1$47kNA
Associate Java Programmer1$45kNA
Assistant Professor Of Mathematics1$43kNA
Performing Artist Cello Instructor1$40kNA
Visting Professor Of Mathematics1$40kNA
Head Women S Soccer Coach1$40kNA
Child Welfare Specialist2$40k
Visiting Assisting Professor1$39kNA
Visting Instructor1$39kNA
Research And Project Management1$39kNA
Instructional Design Specialist1$38kNA
Lab Coordinator1$38kNA
Sound Engineer1$36kNA
Postdoctoral Researcher8$36k
Early Intervention Training Specialist1$36kNA
Business Analyst1$35kNA
Lab Supervisor1$35kNA
Instructor Of Spanish1$35kNA
Catalog Librarian1$35kNA
Postdoctoral Associate4$34k
Assistant Professor Catalog Librarian1$34kNA
Research Associate5$34k
Postdoctoral Research Associate15$33k
Postdoctoral Assistant1$32kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow35$32k
Visting Instructor Of Spanish5$32k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow1$32kNA
Assistant Head Coac1$32kNA
Postdoctoral Research Assistant6$31k
Assistant Women S Soccer Coach3$30kNA
Research Assistant1$30kNA
Assistant Men S Women S Track Field Coach1$29kNA
Coordinator Of Film Exchange2$28k
Visiting Instructor1$23kNA