The University Of Southern California Jobs

A total of 117 The University Of Southern California jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $77,487
Salary Range: $12,500

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Assistant Professor Of Obstetrics Gynecology1$255kNA
Vice Provost For Globalization Initiatives1$250kNA
Computer Scientist10$247k
Visiting Assistant Professor Of Clinical Anesthesi1$215kNA
Assistant Professor Of Surgery1$212kNA
Assistant Professor Of Research Surgery1$200kNA
Assistant Professor Of Accounting1$195kNA
Associate Administrator International Program1$180kNA
Assistant Professor Of Medicine1$180kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Pathology2$171k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Medicine3$150kNA
Director Usc Asia Pacific Museum1$150kNA
Research Associate Professor1$146kNA
Director Institutional Research2$145kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor3$143k
Associate Professor9$140k
Digital Strategy Director1$133kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Pharmacy1$115kNA
Director Of Develoopment1$115kNA
Assistant Professor Of Biochemistry Molecular Bi1$109kNA
Assistant Professor94$107k
Associate Professor Of Engineering Practice1$105kNA
System Administrator1$102kNA
Director Of Education2$100kNA
System Programmer IV2$100k
Clinical Instructor6$99k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Dentistry6$99k
Lawson Financial Analyst1$97kNA
Senior Manager1$95kNA
Program Manager2$93k
Associate Professor Of Research3$91k
Clinical Project Manager1$90kNA
Senior IT Business Analyst1$90kNA
Research Programmer II25$88k
Clinical Laboratory Scientist Senior1$87kNA
Clincial Lab Scientist Senior1$87kNA
Web Developer III1$87kNA
Senior Computer Consultant Supervisor1$87kNA
Associate Professor Of Clinical Management1$85kNA
Research Scientist9$85k
Programmer Analyst IV5$83k
Senior Lecturer5$83k
Assistant Professor Of Clincal Dentistry1$82kNA
Web Designer III1$82kNA
Research Assistant Professor24$82k
Clinical Assistant Professor Of Urology5$81k
Facilities Commissioning Administrator1$81kNA
Clinical Associate Professor5$79k
Insturctor Of Clinical Radiology1$79kNA
Computer System Engineer1$78kNA
Computer System Engineer I1$78kNA
Research Programmer I12$78k
Staff Perfusionist2$77k
Assistant Professor Of Research17$77k
Senior Research Scientist1$75kNA
Clinical Instructor Of Radiology1$75kNA
Instructor Of Research1$75kNA
Instructor Of Cinema Practice1$75kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Of Clinical Surgery1$75kNA
Technical Grant Writer3$75k
Financial Analyst II1$75kNA
Senior Research Associate12$74k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Pediatrics6$73k
Programmer Analyst III7$72k
System Administrator III2$72k
Clinical Imaging Informatics Analyst1$72kNA
Computer Consultant Supervisor Senior2$71k
Department Business Manager1$70kNA
Librarian II5$68k
Assistant Professor Of Pediatric Research3$68kNA
Program Administrator1$67kNA
Accountant II1$67kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical2$66k
Programmer Analyst II10$65k
Technical Project Specialist1$64kNA
Statistician II7$63k
Computer Services Consultant II1$61kNA
Instructional Laboratory Manager1$61kNA
Postdoctoral Scholar1$60kNA
System Analyst II1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Of Philosophy1$60kNA
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow1$59kNA
Statistician I4$59k
Project Specialist8$58k
Safety Specialist I1$57kNA
Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate19$56k
Project Manager2$56k
Auditor II2$55k
Librarian I1$55kNA
Computational Scientist Bioinformatics1$54kNA
System Analyst I3$54k
Ntt Assistant Professor1$53kNA
Web Developer I1$52kNA
Budget Business Analyst1$51kNA
Research Associate95$50k
Physician Clinical1$50kNA
Research Lab Technician III1$50kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate100$49k
Project Specialist Administrative1$49kNA
Procurement Specialist1$48kNA
Laboratory Technician III Supervisor1$46kNA
Research Lab Specialist9$45k
Accountant I1$44kNA
Research Lab Tech III5$43k
Visiting Research Assistant Professor Of Clinical1$43kNA
Research Assciate1$42kNA
Assistant Coach2$42k
Research Lab Tech III Supervisor7$39k
Senior Library Assistant2$38k
Research Lab Technician III Supervisor3$37k
Professor Of Clinical Pediatrics2$13kNA