The University Of South Carolina Jobs

A total of 39 The University Of South Carolina jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $49,986
Salary Range: $17,570

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Internal Medicine4$108k
Business Teacher Postsecondary3$102k
Engineering Teacher Postsecondary4$89k
Health Specialties Teacher Postsecondary4$85k
Instructor Of Clinical Neuropsychiatry Behav Sci1$80kNA
Atmospheric Earth Marine And Space Sciences Teacher Postsecondary1$77kNA
Instructor Of Clinical Neuropsychiatry Behavioral Science1$75kNA
Psychology Teacher Postsecondary1$75kNA
Political Science Teacher Postsecondary2$75k
Mathematical Science Teacher Postsecondary4$67k
Sociology Teacher Postsecondary1$65kNA
Library Science Teacher Postsecondary2$60kNA
Senior Application Analyst2$58k
Foreign Language And Literature Teacher Postsecondary1$57kNA
Associate Professor6$57k
Assistant Professor141$56k
Clinical Associate Professor2$54k
Intramural Sports Director1$47kNA
Chemistry Teacher Postsecondary1$45kNA
Research Associate Professor3$44k
Visiting Assistant Professor3$43k
System Programmer II1$43kNA
Biomed Eng Undergrad Laboratory Research Associate1$38kNA
Research Professor2$37k
Statistical Lab Manager1$37kNA
Research Assistant Professor23$37k
Postdoctoral Fellow65$35k
System Librarian1$35kNA
Research Specialist III3$34k
Xps Facility Director1$33kNA
Fiscal Analyst II1$33kNA
Research Specialist II3$33k
Research Associate14$32k
Assistant Athletics Trainer1$29kNA
Assistant Men S Soccer Coach1$18kNA
Assistant Women S Tennis Coach1$18kNA