The Pennsylvania State University Jobs

A total of 142 The Pennsylvania State University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $55,861
Salary Range: $24,500

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Economics Teacher Postsecondary4$184k
Professor Of International Affairs2$150kNA
The H Laddie Linda P Montague Professor Of Law1$150kNA
Department Head2$146k
Business Teacher Postsecondary12$138k
Professor Of Law1$128kNA
Director Investment Strategy Research1$118kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor2$115kNA
Business Teacher1$110kNA
Director Senior Lecutrer1$105kNA
Associate Dean1$105kNA
Associate Professor Dir Ctr For Study Of Terrorism1$102kNA
Senior Lecturer Research Associate1$100kNA
Associate Profesor1$99kNA
Sect Head Diagnostic Microbiology Cl Assistant Prof1$97kNA
Senior Veterinary Virologist1$86kNA
Professor Of Education1$85kNA
Engineering Teacher Postsecondary11$84k
Assiatant Professor1$82kNA
Associate Professor41$82k
Computer Science Teacher Postsecondary4$82k
Director Microscopy Imaging Facility1$82kNA
Biological Science Teacher Postsecondary1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Research Associate4$80k
Agricultural Sciences Teacher Postsecondary1$80kNA
Assistant Professor696$78k
Assistant Professor Of Chemical Engineering1$78kNA
Health Specialties Teacher Postsecondary2$74k
Education Teacher Postsecondary2$73k
Assistant Professor Of Information Sciences Tech2$72kNA
Geography Teacher Postsecondary1$72kNA
Architecture Teacher Postsecondary1$70kNA
Political Science Teacher Postsecondary5$69k
Mathematical Science Teacher Postsecondary3$68k
Foreign Language And Literature Teacher Postsecondary1$68kNA
Assitant Professor1$67kNA
Psychology Teacher Postsecondary3$65k
Visiting Assistant Professor1$65kNA
Research Associate Assistant Professor1$64kNA
Instructor Recruitment Coordinator1$63kNA
Assistant Professor Of Engineering1$62kNA
Computer System Analyst1$62kNA
Senior Lecturer6$61k
Physics Teacher Postsecondary1$61kNA
Senior Research Associate19$61k
Physical Chemistry Lab Director1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Of Geography1$60kNA
Assistant Director Of Instructional Tech Media Serv1$59kNA
Programmer Analyst III2$59k
Lecturer In Chinese1$59kNA
Instructor And Recruitment Coordinator1$58kNA
Communications Teacher Postsecondary3$57k
Director Of Research Program3$56k
Research Programmer1$55kNA
Director Of Research Projects1$55kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow34$55k
Instructor And Research Associate1$55kNA
Analysis Planning Consultant II1$54kNA
Senior Investment Analyst1$54kNA
English Language And Literature Teacher Postsecondary1$54kNA
Resesarch Associate6$52k
Instructor Research Associate1$52kNA
Electronic Resources Cataloging Librarian1$52kNA
Research Assistant Professor1$52kNA
Programmer Analyst5$51k
Postdoctoal Scholar1$50kNA
Associate Director Of Communications1$50kNA
Instructor Research Assistant2$50k
Itap Programmer1$49kNA
Senior Research Assistant7$49k
Assistant Librarian1$49kNA
Senior Research Support Associate3$48k
Research Assistant Lecturer1$48kNA
Science Research Information Officer2$48k
Instructional Designer II2$48k
Project Associate1$48kNA
Postdoctoral Researc Fellow1$48kNA
Research Associate361$47k
Research Project Manager1$47kNA
Postdoctoral Scholar Lecturer1$47kNA
Lecturer Head Women S Soccer Coach1$46kNA
Assistant Professor Of Mathematics1$46kNA
Research Support Associate4$45k
Science And Research Information Officer4$45k
Lecturer In Computer Science1$45kNA
Financial Analyst2$45k
Staff Psychologist1$45kNA
Instructional Designer11$44k
Postdoctoral Fellow66$44k
Ressearch Assistant1$44kNA
Postdoctoral Research Scholar10$42k
Postdoctortal Scholar1$42kNA
Postdoctoral Associate1$42kNA
Human Research Technologist III1$41kNA
Instructor Head Soccer Coach1$41kNA
Lecturer Assistant Coach Wmns Soccer1$40kNA
Post Doctorate Researcher1$40kNA
Postdoctoral Scholar930$40k
Postdoctoral Fellow Scholar1$40kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate6$40k
Senior Scientist1$40kNA
Instructional Design1$40kNA
Research Assistant103$39k
Multimedia Specialist1$39kNA
Academic Counselor1$37kNA
Instructor Coach2$37kNA
Senior Lecturer Coordinator1$37kNA
Postdoctoral Student1$37kNA
Postdoctoral Scholar Fellow1$37kNA
Instructor Head Coach1$36kNA
Posdoctoral Scholar1$36kNA
Senior Research Technologist1$36kNA
Postdoctoal Fellow1$35kNA
Research Technologist II3$35k
Director Of Operations Women S Volleyball1$35kNA
Research Technologist4$35k
Lecturer Kinesiology Wmn S Soccer Coach1$34kNA
Assistant Coach Lecturer1$34kNA
Lecturer Assistant Women S Soccer Coach1$34kNA
Postdoctoral Researcher1$34kNA
Research Support Assistant5$34k
Senior Reseach Technician1$33kNA
Senior Research Technician1$33kNA
Athletic Trainer II3$33k
Instructional Design Assistant1$32kNA
Postdostoral Scholar1$32kNA
Assistant Instructional Designer1$31kNA
Research Technician II7$31k
Athletic Trainer1$30kNA
Postdoctoral Lecturer1$30kNA
Assistant Coach Men S Golf1$30kNA
Research Technician I2$29k
Assistant Coach5$29k
Research Tech II2$29k
Assistant Coach Men S Gulf1$28kNA
Research Tech I1$27kNA