The Memorial Hospital Salary

A total of 8 real salary data listed for The Memorial Hospital.

Salary Average: $96,478
Salary Range: $38,480

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Medical ResidentThe Memorial Hospital$38kPawtucket, RI (06/2003)
Family Medicine ResidentThe Memorial Hospital$40kPawtucket, RI (03/2004)
Housekeeping ManagerThe Memorial Hospital$50kNorth Conway, NH (08/2005)
Intensivist PhysicianThe Memorial Hospital$190kPawtucket, RI (10/2007)
Manager Of HousekeepingThe Memorial Hospital$56kNorth Conway, NH (06/2008)
Compliance Contract AdministratorThe Memorial Hospital$72kNorth Conway, NH (08/2008)
PhysicianThe Memorial Hospital$160kOwosso, MI (10/2009)
PhysicianThe Memorial Hospital$165kCorunna, MI (04/2012)