The Kroger Salary

A total of 63 real salary data listed for The Kroger.

Salary Average: $84,111
Salary Range: $18,928

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Chief ExecutiveThe Kroger$258kCincinnati, OH (12/2013)
Chief Operating Officer Kroger Personal FinanceThe Kroger$200kCincinnati, OH (01/2014)
Chief Operating Officer Kroger Personal FinanceThe Kroger$160kCincinnati, OH (10/2012)
Chief Operating Officer Kroger Personal FinanceThe Kroger$125kCincinnati, OH (12/2009)
PharmacistThe Kroger$119kIndianapolis, IN (11/2010)
PharmacistThe Kroger$118kColumbia City, IN (02/2011)
PharmacistThe Kroger$114kIndianapolis, IN (11/2010)
Staff PharmacistThe Kroger$111kIndianapolis, IN (08/2011)
Pharmacy PharmacistThe Kroger$104kWesterville, OH (07/2007)
PharmacistThe Kroger$103kFerndale, MI (03/2008)
Corporate Project EngineerThe Kroger$102kCincinnati, OH (09/2006)
PharmacistThe Kroger$100kAtlanta, GA (03/2008)
Pharmacy ManagerThe Kroger$99kNew Baltimore, MI (08/2012)
Pharmacy PharmacistThe Kroger$99kWesterville, OH (12/2006)
Pharmacy ManagerThe Kroger$99kNew Baltimore, MI (09/2012)
PharmacistThe Kroger$99kGrand Blanc, MI (05/2006)
PharmacistThe Kroger$98kWesterville, OH (03/2007)
Pharmacy ManagerThe Kroger$95kIndianapolis, IN (05/2010)
Pharmacy ManagerThe Kroger$95kWesterville, OH (06/2009)
PharmacistThe Kroger$94kWesterville, OH (03/2010)
Pharmacy ManagerThe Kroger$94kNovi, MI (10/2009)
Pharmacy Co ManagerThe Kroger$92kGalloway, OH (10/2011)
PharmacistThe Kroger$92kTaylor, MI (05/2006)
PharmacistThe Kroger$92kWesterville, OH (09/2007)
Corporate Project EngineerThe Kroger$92kCincinnati, OH (11/2003)
PharmacistThe Kroger$91kMount Morris, MI (05/2008)
PharmacistThe Kroger$89kWesterville, OH (02/2010)
PharmacistThe Kroger$87kWesterville, OH (03/2007)
Staff PharmacistThe Kroger$85kNovi, MI (06/2010)
Pharmacy ManagerThe Kroger$85kColumbia City, IN (08/2012)
PharmacistThe Kroger$84kWesterville, OH (12/2006)
PharmacistThe Kroger$82kWesterville, OH (06/2010)
PharmacistThe Kroger$81kPortland, OR (04/2003)
PharmacistThe Kroger$81kKent, WA (01/2003)
PharmacistThe Kroger$80kNovi, MI (06/2010)
Staff PharmacistThe Kroger$80kWesterville, OH (06/2006)
Assistant Pharmacy ManagerThe Kroger$80kWesterville, OH (01/2009)
PharmacistThe Kroger$80kDublin, OH (06/2003)
PharmacistThe Kroger$79kGrand Blanc, MI (10/2006)
PharmacistThe Kroger$76kCincinnati, OH (03/2007)
PharmacistThe Kroger$75kToledo, OH (06/2004)
PharmacistThe Kroger$75kNovi, MI (05/2010)
PharmacistThe Kroger$73kToledo, OH (02/2004)
System AnalystThe Kroger$72kFt Mitchell, KY (10/2003)
PharmacistThe Kroger$71kWesterville, OH (08/2007)
PharmacistThe Kroger$65kWesterville, OH (03/2006)
Training SpecialistThe Kroger$64kCincinnati, OH (03/2007)
Pharmacist InternThe Kroger$62kMount Morris, MI (09/2006)
Pharmacy Graduate InternThe Kroger$62kFlint, MI (06/2006)
Pharmacist InternThe Kroger$62kSaginaw, MI (05/2006)
Pharmacist InternThe Kroger$62kSaginaw, MI (05/2006)
First Line Supervisor Of Retail Sales WorkerThe Kroger$58kWesterville, OH (06/2012)
Assistant Fuel MerchandiserThe Kroger$55kWesterville, OH (06/2009)
Fuel Marketing AnalystThe Kroger$52kWesterville, OH (07/2006)
Management AnalystThe Kroger$49kAtlanta, GA (09/2003)
Senior Fuel Field SpecialistThe Kroger$49kWesterville, OH (08/2012)
Intern PharmacistThe Kroger$42kColumbus, OH (09/2003)
Co ManagerThe Kroger$30kHowell, MI (03/2005)
Training SpecialistThe Kroger$29kCincinnati, OH (05/2006)
Co ManagerThe Kroger$29kColumbus, OH (03/2005)
Co Manager Assistant Store ManagerThe Kroger$25kWesterville, OH (09/2004)
Co ManagerThe Kroger$24kSteubenville, OH (03/2005)
Pharmacy TraineeThe Kroger$19kCordova, TN (02/2005)