The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions Jobs

A total of 77 The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $48,038
Salary Range: $24,440

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Visiting Professor1$250kNA
Clinical Associate1$229kNA
Associate Professor1$170kNA
Instructor Of Medicine2$122k
Clinical Physicist1$112kNA
Instructor Assistant Professor1$100kNA
Assistant Professor17$97k
Assistant Scientist1$81kNA
Senior Associate Director Of Development1$80kNA
Senior Program Officer1$73kNA
Senior Scientist Statistical Analyst1$70kNA
Resea And Evaluation Officer1$67kNA
Proteomics Specialist Mass Spectrometrist1$65kNA
Statistical Geneticist1$63kNA
Image Programmer1$62kNA
Lan Administrator II1$61kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst3$57k
Spine Fellow1$57kNA
Advanced Specialty Training Program1$57kNA
Clinical Research Fellow1$55kNA
Clinical And Research Fellow1$55kNA
Senior Ophthalmic Ultrasound Specialist1$55kNA
Senior User System Specialist II1$54kNA
Senior Financial Analyst Financial Administrator1$54kNA
Senior Research Technician II1$53kNA
Clinical Fellow3$53k
Senior Program Analyst2$53k
Visiting Assistant Professor1$52kNA
Senior Research Program Coordinator II1$52kNA
Research Associate27$52k
Programmer Data Analyst1$51kNA
Research Data Analyst1$50kNA
Senior Assistant Resident1$50kNA
Mohs Histotechnician1$50kNA
Microcomputer Support Specialist1$49kNA
Senior Res Data Coordinator1$49kNA
Instructor In Medecine1$49kNA
Instructor In Medicine1$49kNA
Senior Research Specialist2$46k
Research Coordinator1$45kNA
Senior Research Data Analyst1$44kNA
Senior Research Fellow1$43kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow15$42k
Research Fellow43$42k
Mri Data Analyst1$42kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow95$41k
Data Program Analyst1$40kNA
Research Program Coordinator II1$40kNA
Senior Research Program Coordinator1$39kNA
Research Assistant II1$39kNA
Academic Program Coordinator1$39kNA
Budget Analyst1$38kNA
Animal Studies Coordinator1$38kNA
Research Technicain1$38kNA
Senior Research Technician3$38k
Senior Research Assistant2$38k
Research Assistant2$37kNA
Research Specialist6$37k
Senior Medical Coder Abstractor1$37kNA
Clinical Program Coordinator1$35kNA
Research Technician16$35k
Research Program Coordinator6$35k
Laboratory Technician1$34kNA
Research Prog Coordinator1$32kNA
Research Program Coord1$32kNA
Budget Assitant III1$31kNA
Senior Lab Technician II6$31k
Senior Lab Technician10$30k
Research Technologist10$29k
Data Assistant1$29kNA
Lab Tech II2$28k
Lab Technician1$26kNA
Research Data Assistant1$25kNA
Research Program Assistant III1$25kNA