The George Washington University Jobs

A total of 187 The George Washington University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $67,968
Salary Range: $35,568

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Assistant Professor Of Accountancy Dept Of Accountancy1$175kNA
Research Professor Of Space Policy International1$154kNA
Assistant Professor Dept International Business1$131kNA
Assistant Prof Dept Of International Business1$129kNA
Professor Of Anthropology1$127kNA
Assistant Professor Of Accountancy2$126k
Assistant Professor Of Marketing Gwu Dept Of Mar1$124kNA
Assistant Prof Of Health Policy Dept Of Health Polic1$123kNA
Assistant Professor Accounting1$120kNA
Assistant Prof Of Intl Business Dept Of Intl Bus1$120kNA
Assistant Professor Of International Business4$120k
Assistant Professor Dept Of Marketing1$115kNA
Professor Department Of Anthropology1$115kNA
Assistant Professor Dept Of Decision Sciences2$115k
Assistant Professor Dept Of Intl Business1$115kNA
Assistant Prof Of Management Dept Of Management1$113kNA
Assistant Professor Of Global Health1$110kNA
Assistant Prof Of Economics Dept Of Economics1$110kNA
Assistant Professor Dept Of Finance2$109k
Assistant Professor Of Strategic Management Public P1$105kNA
Assistant Professor Finance1$105kNA
Assistant Professor Of Decision Sciences3$104kNA
Senior Research Scientist Office Of Homeland Secu1$101kNA
Assistant Prof Of Econ Intl Affairs Dept Of Economi1$100kNA
Assistant Prof Of Econ Intl Affairs Elliott Sch Of1$100kNA
Assistant Prof Of Eng Applied Science1$100kNA
Visiting Professor Of Biomedical Engineering1$99kNA
Assistant Professor Of Information System Tech3$98k
Assistant Prof Of Eng App Sci Dept Of Elec Comp En1$97kNA
Assistant Professor Engineering Applied Science1$95kNA
Assistant Professor Dept Of Computer Science1$95kNA
Assistant Prof Of Eng And App Sci Dept Of Elec And Com1$95kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Dept Of Finance2$95kNA
Assistant Professor International Business2$93k
Associate Professor Dept Of Decision Sciences2$92k
Assistant Prof Of Engineering Management System Engineering1$92kNA
Research Scientist Dept Of Civil Environ Engi1$92kNA
Assistant Professor Dept Of Elect Computer Engine2$91k
Assistant Prof Of Mathematics Dept Of Mathematics1$90kNA
Assistant Professor Of Engineering Applied Scien1$90kNA
Research Scientist Dept Health Policy Health Care1$90kNA
Assistant Professor Of Economics1$89kNA
Research Sci Dept Of Microbio Imm Trop Med1$88kNA
Assistant Professor Dept Of Eng Management System Eng1$88kNA
Research Scientist Dept Civil Environmental En1$87kNA
Assistant Professor Of Economics Intl Affairs1$87kNA
Assistant Professor Dept Of Elec Comp Eng1$86kNA
Assistant Prof Of Anthropology Dept Of Anthropology1$85kNA
Assistant Professor Of Physics Dept Of Physics2$85kNA
Director Police Science Pgrm Associate Professor1$85kNA
Associate Prof Of Prac And Intl Aff Elliott Sch Of I1$85kNA
Research Scientist Dept Of Civil Environmental1$85kNA
Assistant Professor Dept Of Economics2$84kNA
Associate Research Professor Political Management1$84kNA
Research Scientist Dept Of Civil Environ Engine1$83kNA
Senior Research Scientist Office Of Homeland Security1$83kNA
Assistant Prof Eng App Science Mech Aerospace1$83kNA
Assistant Professor Dept Of Management Science1$82kNA
Assistant Professor Of Civil Engineering1$82kNA
Assistant Professor Of Engineering Applied Science1$82kNA
Assistant Prof Of Physics Department Of Physics2$81k
Research Scientist Dept Of Env Occ Health1$80kNA
Research Scientist Dept Of Engineering1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Of Tourism Studies2$80kNA
Assistant Prof Of Political Science Dept Of Polical S1$78kNA
Assistant Professor Of Political Science Internation2$75k
Assistant Professor Engineering Mngmt System Engineering1$75kNA
Associate Professor Of International Affairs1$75kNA
Assistant Professor Of The Practice Of Political Management1$75kNA
Assistant Prof Of Biological Sciences Dept Of Bio Scie1$75kNA
Assistant Prof Of Biological Sci Dept Of Biological Sc1$75kNA
Assistant Prof Of Bio Sci Dept Of Biological Sciences1$75kNA
Assistant Professor Economics Intl Affairs1$74kNA
Assistant Professor Department Of Statistics1$74kNA
Assistant Prof Elliott School Of Intl Affairs2$73k
Assistant Professor Of Chemistry Department Of Ch1$73kNA
Assistant Professor Of Statistics1$72kNA
Assistant Professor Of Sociology Dept Of Sociology1$71kNA
Visiting Assst Prof Of Statistics1$70kNA
Senior Research Scientist Electrical Engin1$70kNA
Senior Research Scientist Electrical Comp Eng2$70kNA
Assistant Prof Of Biol Dept Of Biol Sci1$70kNA
Assistant Prof Engineering Management System Eng1$70kNA
Research Scientist Computer Science1$70kNA
Director Esia Professional Education1$70kNA
Assistant Research Prof Dept Of Microbio Imm Trop M1$69kNA
Chart Of Accts Financial Data Apps Secur Analyst2$67kNA
Coa Financial Data Application System Analyst2$67kNA
Assistant Prof Of French Dept Of Romance Germ Sl1$67kNA
Assistant Professor Of Philosophy1$67kNA
Korea Foundation Assistant Prof Of History Intrnatl1$67kNA
Assistant Professor Of Sociology1$67kNA
Assistant Professor Of Physics4$66k
Assistant Professor Dept Of Ed Leadership1$66kNA
Assistant Professor Of Psychology1$66kNA
Assistant Professor Of Mathematics4$65k
Assistant Professor Dept Of Physics1$65kNA
Research Scientist Dept Of Mech Aerospace Eng1$65kNA
Research Scientist Cntr For Intl Bus Research1$65kNA
Assistant Professor Dept Of Sociology2$65k
Coa Financial Data Application Security Analyst1$64kNA
Librarian III Science And Technology2$64k
Assistant Professor Dept Of Statistics2$63k
Teaching Assistant Prof Of Eng For Acad Purpose1$61kNA
Assistant Professor Department Of History1$60kNA
Visiting Associate Professor Of Intl Affairs1$60kNA
Research Scientist Dept Of Elect Engineering1$60kNA
Assistant Research Professor Physics1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Of Educational Research2$59kNA
Assistant Prof Of History Gwu University Honors Progra1$59kNA
Teaching Instr In Chinese Lang Dept Of E Asian La1$59kNA
Teaching Instructor Romance German Slavic Lan1$58kNA
Assistant Research Professor Dept Of Physics4$58k
Teaching Assistant Prof Of Chinese Dept Of East Asian1$58kNA
Financial Data Security Analyst1$58kNA
Research Scientist Dept Of Anatomy Cell Bio2$58k
Assistant Research Prof Dept Of Biochem Mol Bio2$58k
Teach Inst In The Chinese Lang Dept Of East Asian1$57kNA
Assistant Research Professor Molecular Biology1$57kNA
Teaching Instructor In The Arabic Language2$57k
Assistant Research Prof Dept Of Pharmacology1$56kNA
Teaching Assistant Professor Of Chinese1$56kNA
Research Scientist Dept Of Microbiology5$56k
Assistant Professor Of Spanish2$56k
Teaching Instructor In The Arabic Language Cnelc1$56kNA
Research Scientist Dept Of Physics7$55k
Postdoctoral Research Sci Dept Of Env Occ Heal1$55kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Computer Science1$55kNA
Teaching Instructor Spanish Language1$55kNA
Research Scientist Biochemistry2$54k
Research Scientist Dept Of Biochem Molec Bi2$54k
Research Scientist Dept Of Biochem Molec Biol2$54k
Assistant Research Prof Dept Of Biochem Molec Biolog1$54kNA
Research Scientist1$54kNA
Assistant Professor Dept Of Mathematics2$54k
Research Scientist Department Of Chemistry1$54kNA
Rsrch Scientist Dept Of Biochem Molecular Bio1$53kNA
Assistant Professor Of Chemistry1$53kNA
Research Scientist Anatomy Cell Biology2$53k
Assistant Professor Dept Of English1$53kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Department Of Physics4$53k
Assistant Research Prof Dept Of Biochem Molec Bio2$52k
Visiting Assistant Professor Of Geography1$52kNA
Assistant Research Professor Dept Of Pharmacology1$52kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Mech Aero Engine1$52kNA
Assistant Professor Dept Of Educational Leadership2$51k
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Geography1$51kNA
Assistant Research Prof Of Biochemistry Molec Biol1$51kNA
Assistant Professor1$50kNA
Senior Research Associate1$50kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Civil Environ E1$50kNA
Research Scientist Teacher Prep Special Ed2$49kNA
Research Scientist Department Of Physics2$48kNA
Librarian II China Documentation Center Librarian1$48kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist2$48k
Research Scientist Dept Of Biochemistry6$48k
Postdoctoral Scientist Mechanical Aerospace Eng1$47kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Biochem Molec Bio1$47kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Mech Aerospace Engineering1$47kNA
Visiting Assistant Prof Earth Environmental Science1$47kNA
Research Scientist Dept Of Chemistry4$47k
Post Doct Scientist Deptofbiochemistry Molecularb1$46kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Department Of Chemistry5$46k
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Biochemistry Mol3$46k
Japanese Resource Center Librarian3$46k
Assistant Rsrch Prof Dept Of Biochem Molecular Bio1$45kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Dept Of Physics2$45kNA
Postdoctoral Research Scientist Dept Civil Environme1$45kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Biological Sciences1$44kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Biological Sciences2$44kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Chemistry7$44k
Postdoctoral Scientist Mech Aerospace Eng2$43k
Research Scientist Biochemistry Molecular Biology1$43kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Anatomy3$43k
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Biochem Molec Bi1$42kNA
Research Scientist Chemistry1$42kNA
Postdoctoral Research Scientist Physics1$42kNA
Research Scientist Physics2$41k
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Biological Scienc1$41kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Biological Scien1$40kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Biochem Mol Bio1$39kNA
Research Scientist Dept Of Pharmacology3$39k
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Med Div Of Gen M1$38kNA
Accounting Analyst Teacher Prep And Special Ed1$38kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Biochemistry2$38k
Postdoctoral Scientist Dept Of Pharmacology2$38k
Postdoctoral Scientist Anatomy Cell Biology2$36k