The Gap Jobs

A total of 324 The Gap jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $93,007
Salary Range: $38,671

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
President International1$500kNA
Division Exec Vp Creative Director Br1$412kNA
Senior Director Gap Global Communications1$275kNA
Director Global Fashion Creative Concepts1$212kNA
Director Visual Concept Gap Brand1$207kNA
VP Of Store Experience2$204k
VP Global Communications Gap1$202kNA
Divisional Merchandise Manager Global Merchandisi1$202kNA
Vp Of Marketing1$199kNA
Vp Of Store Experience North America Canada1$199kNA
VP Communications1$194kNA
Vp Gap Inc Corporate Human Resources1$189kNA
Vp Hr Sourcing Vendor Development1$184kNA
Senior Director Innovation Capacity1$174kNA
Director Strategic Sourcing1$170kNA
Principal Software Engineer1$164kNA
Staff Software Engineer1$160kNA
Senior Director Head Of Merchandising Old Navy M2$153kNA
Director Global Operational Strategy1$150kNA
IT Project Manager IV2$145kNA
Director Of Facilities Store Maintenance1$144kNA
Senior Manager Outsourcing Vendor Relationships3$143k
Senior Director Hr Sourcing Vendor Dev1$141kNA
Director Customer And Market Analytics1$138kNA
Director Of Design1$136kNA
Senior Business System Analyst1$135kNA
Senior System Engineer Linux Unix1$135kNA
Senior Fashion Designer For Gap Woman S Denim1$135kNA
Senior Manager Supply Chain Strategy1$135kNA
Design Director Of Women S Knits Women S1$135kNA
Software Engineer III3$133k
Senior Designer Womens Sweaters1$132kNA
Solution Architect Corporate System1$131kNA
Director Support Services1$131kNA
Senior Software Development Engineer Retail Sales Aud1$130kNA
Senior Manager Business System Analyst Oracle F1$129kNA
Senior Data Analytics Engineer1$129kNA
Senior Essbase Engineer1$129kNA
Senior Technical Analyst1$127kNA
Senior Development Operations Engineer Enterprise1$126kNA
Senior Director Girl S Design1$126kNA
VP Of Production1$126kNA
Senior Director Color Print1$125kNA
IT Product Manager II Inventory Management1$125kNA
Senior Agile Qa Engineer1$125kNA
Director Real Estate Strategy1$125kNA
Senior Deployment Engineer2$125kNA
Senior Production Manager1$125kNA
Director Operating Strategy1$125kNA
Senior Software Engineer5$122k
Senior Designer Men S1$122kNA
Senior Director Of Production2$122k
Director Sales And Account Management Franchise1$121kNA
Senior Software Development Engineer4$121k
Director Of Accounting Operations1$120kNA
Senior Manager Of Brand Experience And Events1$120kNA
Senior Director Gap Body Production1$120kNA
Director Store Support1$119kNA
Lead Software Engineer Global Store Technologies2$118k
Senior Manager Software Development2$118k
Lead Iteration Manager1$118kNA
Platform Release Test Senior Manager1$118kNA
Product Manager II2$117k
Senior Merchandiser Gap Global Merchandising1$116kNA
Senior Designer Men S Knits1$115kNA
Oracle Retail Technical Engineer Oracle Retail S1$115kNA
Oracle Retail Engineer Inventory Management Syst1$115kNA
Senior Graphics Manager Kids Baby1$115kNA
Manager Stores And System Planning2$114k
Senior Sw Development Engineer1$114kNA
Senior Software Developer Engineer2$114k
Senior Interaction Designer3$113k
Senior Manager Finance1$113kNA
Senior Manager IT1$112kNA
Senior Manager Marketing2$112k
Lead Software Developer Engineer3$111k
Senior Development Engineer Data Warehousing Etl2$111k
Senior Designer4$111k
Senior Engineer Bi1$111kNA
Lead Business Analyst1$111kNA
Director Intl Strategy Consumer Insights1$110kNA
Senior Designer Of Women S Wovens1$110kNA
Lead Development Operations Engineer1$110kNA
Lead Qa Test Engineer1$110kNA
Bi Data Warehouse Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Report Analyst Microstrategy Developer1$110kNA
Director Human Resources1$110kNA
Associate Corporate Counsel1$110kNA
Senior Software Engineer Oracle Retail System1$109kNA
Lead Security Administrator5$108k
Lead Aix System Engineer2$108k
Lead Database Engineer4$108k
Senior Manager Sourcing Strategy1$107kNA
Senior Infrastructure Storage Engineer2$107k
Software Engineer II5$106k
Senior Monitoring Engineer1$106kNA
Senior Fabric Designer1$105kNA
Manager Ny Production Sweaters Knits1$105kNA
Software Development Engineer I2$105k
Oracle Financials Database Administrator1$105kNA
Network Engineer Tier III1$105kNA
Data Scientist1$105kNA
Designer Girls Sweaters3$104k
Lead Software Engineer8$104k
Senior Manager Operating Strategy2$104k
Lead Integration Engineer1$103kNA
Manager Global Legal Entity Reporting1$102kNA
Lead Deployment Engineer5$102k
Senior Engineer Business Intelligence Enterprise Data1$102kNA
Senior Business System Analyst Application Supp1$102kNA
Senior Business System Analyst Bi Edw1$102kNA
Senior Manager Brand Management1$101kNA
Cem Business Analyst1$101kNA
System Engineer III1$101kNA
Senior IT Manager1$101kNA
Lead System Engineer4$101k
Senior Studio Manager1$100kNA
Lead IT Administrator3$100k
Director Of Accounting Policy1$100kNA
Lead Qa Engineer2$100k
Designer Men S Knits And Graphics2$100kNA
Lead Software Engineer Identity Access Managem1$100kNA
Director Of Graphics1$100kNA
Lead Data Warehouse Engineer2$100k
Senior Test Engineer2$100k
Lead Business System Analyst1$99kNA
Senior Mgr Sourc Strategy Source Vendor Dvlpt1$98kNA
Senior Project Manager1$98kNA
Senior Manager Trend2$98k
Director Of Design Accessories1$98kNA
Manager Financial Planning And Analysis1$97kNA
Manager Old Navy Finance1$97kNA
Manager Finance1$96kNA
Manager For Logistics Finance1$96kNA
Lead System Analyst Service Transition1$96kNA
Lead Software Development Engineer38$95k
Lead Software Developer1$95kNA
Operations Project Manager1$95kNA
Senior Designer Boy S Knits1$95kNA
Senior Consultant Scientist1$95kNA
Senior Designer Infant Girl1$95kNA
Senior Manager Strategic Sourcing And Supply1$94kNA
Release Management Engineer2$94k
Iam Developer2$94k
Senior Director1$94kNA
Brand Manager1$94kNA
Designer Global Design Women S Sweaters1$93kNA
Project Manager2$93k
Designer Girl S Dresses Woven Tops Skirts1$93kNA
Regional Visual Manager2$92kNA
Lead Microstrategy Adminstrator2$92k
Senior Designer Men S Sweaters1$92kNA
Senior Director Production1$92kNA
Manager Of Inventory Management1$91kNA
Lead Report Analyst2$91k
Learning Development Dir Supply Chain Hr1$91kNA
Senior Consultant Strategy1$90kNA
Senior Men S Cad Designer1$90kNA
Manager Supply Chain Strategy1$90kNA
Cad Manager1$90kNA
Senior Fashion Designer1$89kNA
Senior Manager Strategic Sourcing2$89k
Senior Analyst II Performance Management1$89kNA
Senior Designer Allegory1$89kNA
Finance Manager2$88k
Senior Technical Designer1$88kNA
Designer Infant Boy Girl Accessories1$88kNA
Software Development Engineer Lead1$88kNA
Senior Application Developer1$88kNA
IT Administrator2$88k
Designer Outerwear3$88k
Manager Of Advanced Analytics2$87k
Manager Store Planning1$86kNA
Performance Engineer2$86k
Senior Analyst Real Estate Finance1$86kNA
Senior Cad Designer Men S3$85k
Designer Womens Wovens1$85kNA
Manager Graphic Design1$85kNA
Senior Consultant Operating Strategy1$85kNA
Industrial Engineer Senior Anlst II Perform Management1$85kNA
Designer Women S Knits And Sweaters1$85kNA
Software Development Engineer5$85k
Data Warehouse Engineer1$85kNA
Engineering Manager1$84kNA
Datawarehouse Engineer1$84kNA
Manager Of IT2$84kNA
Manager IT1$84kNA
Software Developer1$83kNA
Manager Of Distribution Planning2$83kNA
Lead Web Analyst1$82kNA
Manager Company Planning1$82kNA
Manager International Treasury1$81kNA
Manager Human Resources Strategy1$81kNA
Forecast Manager1$81kNA
Designer Girls And Baby Girls Denim1$81kNA
Internal Audit Manager1$80kNA
Manager Distribution1$80kNA
Manager Global Responsibility1$80kNA
Senior Analyst Supply Chain Strategy1$80kNA
Senior Analyst Global Supply Chain Strategy1$80kNA
Designer Gap Global Creative Center1$80kNA
Associate Prodctn Mgr Kids Baby Accessories1$80kNA
Consultant Strategy1$79kNA
4690 System Engineer1$79kNA
Lead Test Engineer9$79k
Senior Fp A Analyst1$79kNA
Manager International Logistics1$78kNA
Manager Sourcing1$78kNA
Senior Analyst Finance1$78kNA
Websphere Portal Engineer1$78kNA
Senior Analyst Strategic Sourcing2$78k
Senior Analyst II Hr Decision Support Benefits1$78kNA
Associate Manager Pre Production Production1$77kNA
Designer Boy S Knits1$77kNA
Product Manager1$77kNA
Senior Analyst External Reporting1$77kNA
Manager Inventory Control1$77kNA
Senior Analyst Construction Architecture1$77kNA
Senior Analyst Real Estate Strategy1$77kNA
Manager Of Social Responsibility Data Reporting1$76kNA
Manager Of Production2$76k
Inventory Management Planner1$76kNA
Senior Software Engineer Development1$75kNA
Technical Writer Senior Copywriter1$75kNA
Producer Bananarepublic Eu1$75kNA
Senior Analyst Costing Analytics2$75kNA
Designer Soft Accessories Gap Brand1$75kNA
Business Process Owner1$75kNA
Senior Associate Algorithms1$75kNA
Lead System Analyst5$75k
Web Software Engineer3$74kNA
Production Manager4$74k
Senior Graphic Designer Gap Brand1$74kNA
Senior Associate Science3$73k
Sourcing Senior Analyst1$73kNA
Designer Casual Wovens1$73kNA
Project Manager Logistics Strategy2$72k
Bi Production Support Analyst System Analyst1$72kNA
Manager Gift Card1$71kNA
Senior Accountant Analyst2$71k
Senior Graphic Designer1$71kNA
Senior Analyst Company Planning1$70kNA
Inventory Planner2$70k
System Analyst4$70k
Graphic Designer Marketing1$70kNA
Assistant Manager Production Kids Baby Accessori2$69k
Web Analyst1$69kNA
Associate Manager Production3$69k
Senior Analyst7$69k
Senior Compensation Analyst1$69kNA
Senior Cad Designer1$69kNA
Manager Strategic Sourcing And Supply1$68kNA
Technical Designer3$68k
Financial Analyst Senior Analyst1$67kNA
Senior Analyst II1$67kNA
Senior Financial Analyst4$67k
Associate Production Mgr1$67kNA
Manager Color Experience Room Product2$67kNA
Associate Manager Production Gap Maternity1$67kNA
Senior Industrial Engineer5$66k
Associate Designer Global Design Girl S Knits1$66kNA
Associate Designer Women S Wovens2$65k
Web Graphic Designer1$65kNA
Real Estate Analyst Data Management1$65kNA
Web Designer3$65k
Web Content Developer1$65kNA
Associate Production Manager10$64k
Associate Planner1$64kNA
Associate Manager Of Production3$64k
Assistant Manager Pre Production1$64kNA
Marketing Strategy Senior Analyst2$64k
Graphic Designer3$63k
Senior Financial Analyst Corporate Logistics1$62kNA
Associate Designer Men S Knits Sweaters Soft A1$62kNA
Associate Designer Men S Knits1$62kNA
Associate Designer8$62k
Staff Analyst1$62kNA
Brand Services Manager1$62kNA
Inventory Optimization Manager1$62kNA
Associate Production Manager Womens Wovens1$61kNA
Senior Legal Assistant Trademark1$61kNA
Senior Analyst Long Range Financial Planning1$61kNA
Senior Analyst Real Estate Investment1$61kNA
Senior Analyst Financial Budgeting Forecasting1$61kNA
Senior Analyst Inventory Strategy3$61k
System Engineer1$60kNA
Test Engineer2$60k
Associate Pre Production Manager2$60k
Trademark Paralegal1$60kNA
Senior Copywriter1$60kNA
Senior Analyst Inventory Optimization1$60kNA
Assistant Merchant1$59kNA
Inventory Analyst1$58kNA
Assistant Manager Pre Production Girls Wovens1$58kNA
Industrial Engineer9$58k
Associate Designer Kids Production1$57kNA
Cad Designer1$57kNA
Designer Men S Knits Graphics Underwear1$57kNA
Associate Designer Men S Sweaters1$57kNA
Associate Designer Gap Kids Sleep1$57kNA
Associate Designer Girls Woven S1$57kNA
Associate Japan Product Manager1$57kNA
Fashion Designer1$55kNA
Assistant Designer Old Navy2$55k
Assistant Designer Men S2$55k
Assistant Designer Girl S1$55kNA
Store Design1$55kNA
Analyst Product Assessment1$55kNA
Associate Manager Sourcing Pre Production1$54kNA
Merchandise Planner4$52k
Chemical Engineer Color Analyst2$52kNA
Associate Designer Mens1$50kNA
Assistant Cad Textile Designer1$50kNA
Assistant Designer Men S Knits Body Gap Brand1$50kNA
Assistant Production Manager2$46k
Assistant General Manager Brand Merchant1$45kNA
Associate Web Designer1$45kNA
Assistant Designer2$42k