The Dow Chemical Jobs

A total of 249 The Dow Chemical jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $85,081
Salary Range: $36,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Corporate VP2$600k
Compliance Manager1$200kNA
Commercial Director1$175kNA
Regional Sales Manager Director1$150kNA
Improvement Leader1$146kNA
Director Risk Management And Quantitative Analysis1$145kNA
Consulting And Expertise Service Director1$144kNA
Associate Marketing Director1$142kNA
Senior New Business Development Leader2$139k
Senior Tax Attorney2$137k
Research Fellow1$121kNA
Marketing Manager13$118k
Technology Leader1$118kNA
Senior Leader Manufacturing Engineering1$118kNA
Research Specialist R D1$117kNA
Senior Finance Manager2$117k
Senior Tax Counsel1$116kNA
R D Manager1$116kNA
Marketing Product Manager2$115k
North America Regional Marketing Manager1$114kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$110kNA
Veterinary Pathology Specialist1$110kNA
Implementation Leader For Work Processes1$110kNA
Industry Leader1$107kNA
Industrial Leader2$107k
Senior Manager Quantitative Analysis1$105kNA
Senior Manufacturing Representative3$105k
Engineer All Other1$104kNA
Mro Capital Strategic Sourcing Manager2$103kNA
Instrument Engineering Specialist1$102kNA
Industrial Engineer1$102kNA
Credit Manager Hydrocarbons Energy1$102kNA
Research Leader3$101k
Product Engineer Specialist Manufacturing Engineer1$99kNA
R D Engineer1$98kNA
Battery Product Development Specialist1$97kNA
Project Manager Biologist1$97kNA
Engineering Manager1$96kNA
Chemical Engineer12$96k
Associate Research Chemist Manager1$96kNA
Lead Polymer Scientist R D Polyurethanes1$95kNA
Senior M A Leader1$95kNA
Technology Manager1$95kNA
I I Developer Specialist6$94k
Materials Engineer7$94k
Business Finance Manager1$94kNA
Analyst Specialist1$94kNA
Research And Development Specialist1$94kNA
Materials Scientist3$94k
Associate Sicentist1$93kNA
Research And Development Engineer Specialist1$93kNA
Operations Leader M E1$93kNA
Information Security Manager1$92kNA
Associate Research Scientist3$92k
Purchasing Manager1$92kNA
Senior Engineer Senior Chemist1$92kNA
R D Materials Science Engineer1$91kNA
Member Of Finance Rotation Program1$91kNA
Senior Engineer Researcher2$91kNA
Senior R D Leader1$91kNA
Finance Specialist1$91kNA
Product R D Scientist1$91kNA
Associate Scientist5$91k
Application Development Manager1$90kNA
Manufacturing Representative2$90k
Senior Analytical Chemist Researcher1$90kNA
Senior Human Resources Specialist1$90kNA
Senior Reseach Specialist1$90kNA
Senior Development Engineer Specialist1$90kNA
Project Engineer1$89kNA
Senior Molecular Microbiologist1$89kNA
Senior Product Engineer2$89kNA
Process Engineer Specialist1$89kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager2$89k
Reliability Engineer2$89k
Computer Software Engineer Application3$88k
Engineer R D2$88k
Global Operations Leader1$88kNA
Reliability Engineer Specialist3$88k
Development Specialist High Throughput Informati1$88kNA
Senior Application Development Specialist1$88kNA
Senior Licensing Engineer1$88kNA
Computer Software Engineer1$87kNA
Commercial Manager3$87k
Senior Research Engineer Associate Scientist1$87kNA
Research Specialist Optical Spectroscopy1$87kNA
Protein Biochemist Immunochemist1$87kNA
Supply Chain Technology Specialist1$86kNA
Sustainability Advocacy Manager3$86kNA
Tech Svcs Develop Specialist App Tech Leader1$86kNA
Senior Chemist70$86k
Senior Process Research Engineer1$86kNA
Senior Process Reserach Engineer1$86kNA
Senior Engineer98$85k
Research Specialist Improvement Engineer1$85kNA
R D Laboratory Manager1$85kNA
Senior Research Chemist Engineer2$85k
Senior R D Engineer3$84k
Senior Engineer R D33$84k
Senior Chemist Analyst Specialist R D2$84kNA
Research Specialist Technical Leader1$84kNA
Engineering Specialist1$84kNA
R D Senior Engineer1$84kNA
Research Scientist5$84k
I S Functional Analyst1$84kNA
Senior Research Chemist Global Optical Spectroscopy1$83kNA
Research Engineer M E3$83k
Technologist Leader Manufacturing Rep1$83kNA
Senior R D Chemist2$83k
Senior Analytical Chemist2$83k
Business Development Specialist1$83kNA
Business System Analyst1$82kNA
R D Scientist Specialist1$82kNA
Senior Research Engineer Specialist1$82kNA
Senior Research Specialist4$82k
Development Engineer Plastics Ts D Latin America2$82k
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer1$82kNA
Engineering Group Leader Exteriors1$82kNA
Senior Planning Analyst2$82k
Lead Chemist1$82kNA
Senior Research Engineer39$81k
R D Scientist1$81kNA
Senior Computational Chemist1$81kNA
Regional Business Financial Analyst1$81kNA
Senior Research Engineer R D1$81kNA
Senior Analytical Specialist2$81k
Customer Technical Support Specialist1$80kNA
Lib Cathode Materials Specialist1$80kNA
Postdoctoral Senior Research Physicist1$80kNA
Senior Analytical Engineer1$80kNA
Risk And Quantative Analyst1$80kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$80kNA
Senior Research Chemist19$80k
Chemistry Specialist R D3$80k
Advanced Analytics Modeler1$80kNA
Senior Eh S Analytical Specialist2$80kNA
Supply Chain Process System Specialist1$79kNA
Senior I S I I Specialist1$79kNA
Enterprise Reporting Architech Specialist1$79kNA
Senior Construction Engineer1$79kNA
Senior Research Chemical Engineer1$79kNA
Materials Engineering Center Development Engineer1$78kNA
Engineering Group Leader4$78k
Senior Research Development Engineer1$78kNA
Research Development Specialist4$78k
Lead Analyst1$78kNA
Environmental Engineer3$78k
Research Chemist6$77k
Senior Research And Development Engineer2$77k
Senior Engineering R D1$77kNA
Development Specialist3$77k
Lead Terc Specialist1$77kNA
Sap Technical Specialist3$77k
Technology Specialist1$77kNA
Technical Service And Development Engineer3$77k
Financial Manager1$76kNA
Hr Communications Specialist Corporate Comm1$76kNA
Business Communications Manager1$76kNA
Senior Process Researcher1$76kNA
Senior Engineer Research And Development1$76kNA
Mec Development Engineer1$76kNA
Biochemist Toxicologist I1$75kNA
Construction Engineer1$75kNA
Technical Services Development Engineer1$75kNA
Process Analyst1$74kNA
Senior Finance Analyst1$74kNA
Tax Accountant1$74kNA
Senior Ts D Engineer2$73k
Analytical Chemist4$73k
Research Specialist10$73k
Product Line Manager1$73kNA
R D Specialist2$73k
Tax Manager Canada2$73k
R D Textile Chemist1$72kNA
Mechanical Engineer7$72k
Process Improvement Engineer1$72kNA
Process Automation Specialist1$71kNA
Senior R D Chemical Engineer1$71kNA
Enviromental Health And Safety Delivery Speciali1$71kNA
Analytical Specialist3$71k
Process Control Engineer1$71kNA
Ehs S Specialist1$71kNA
Senior Chemist R D5$71k
Senior Chemistry Specialist1$70kNA
Process Research Specialist1$70kNA
Production Engineer Project Manager1$70kNA
Technologist Leader Manufacturing Representative1$70kNA
Process Engineer6$70k
Customer And Technical Support Specialist1$69kNA
Sp3d Product Support Leader1$69kNA
Supply Chain Planning Specialist1$69kNA
Purchasing Specialist2$69k
Tech Service And Devel Spec1$68kNA
Technical Service And Development Specialist1$68kNA
Improvement Engineer6$68k
R D Material Specialist1$68kNA
Project Engineer II1$67kNA
Information System Development Analyst II1$67kNA
Global Business Supply Chain Planner1$67kNA
Supply Chain Analyst2$67kNA
Information Specialist1$66kNA
Postdoctoral Predictive Toxicology1$66kNA
Development Specialist Plastics Engineer1$66kNA
Application Development Specialist1$66kNA
Advanced Analytics Modeling Resource2$66k
Hr Generalist2$66k
Human Resources Representative1$66kNA
Research And Development Engineer2$65k
Toxicologist II Eh S1$65kNA
Customer Relationship Manager Area Sme1$65kNA
Production Engineer4$64k
Finance Manager1$64kNA
Technical Service Development Engineer2$64k
Research Engineer7$64k
Production Finishing Engineer1$63kNA
Production Engineer Specialist1$63kNA
Senior R D Engineering Engineer1$62kNA
Credit Manager1$62kNA
Toxicologist II1$60kNA
Research Associate1$59kNA
Process Engineer II2$59k
Analyst II1$59kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$58kNA
Human Resources Site Service Leader1$58kNA
Technical Service Sales Representative1$58kNA
Development Engineer1$57kNA
Engineer II1$57kNA
Pricing Analyst1$57kNA
Finance Analyst I2$56k
Thin Film Process Controls Engineer1$56kNA
Validation Specialist1$54kNA
Treasury Accounting Analyst1$54kNA
Bio Analytical Specialist1$54kNA
Applied Statistician1$54kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow1$53kNA
Supply Chain Specialist1$52kNA
Information System Technology Specialist1$51kNA
Service Analyst1$51kNA
Technical Support Development Engineer1$51kNA
Research Biochemist2$49k
Public Affairs Representative1$48kNA
Sales Engineer2$47k
Communications Specialist Manager2$47k
Investment Manager1$46kNA
Human Resource Rotational Program2$44k
Quality Control Chemistry Analyst1$36kNA