The Children S Hospital Of Philadelphia Jobs

A total of 164 The Children S Hospital Of Philadelphia jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $61,684
Salary Range: $25,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Director Center For Applied Genomics1$340kNA
Scientist IV2$225kNA
Attending Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiologist1$203kNA
Clinical Associate Attending Physician3$175kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other1$164kNA
Pediatric Intensivist Physician3$155k
Attending Pediatrician1$155kNA
Pediatric Physiatrist1$151kNA
Associate Director Ctr For Applied Genomics1$150kNA
Pediatrician General6$137k
Attending Physician11$134k
Pediatric Gastroenterologist1$130kNA
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist1$120kNA
Database Administrator III1$115kNA
Oncology Hospitalist1$114kNA
Pediatric Hospitalist1$110kNA
Software Developer Application1$110kNA
Information Analyst III1$105kNA
Primary Care Pediatrician1$103kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$103kNA
Computer And Information Research Scientist1$99kNA
Business Manager2$98k
Computer System Analyst1$97kNA
Senior Scientist1$95kNA
I Developer III1$95kNA
Manager Corporate Sponsored Research1$93kNA
Broad Vision Application Engineer3$92k
Senior Application Developer1$92kNA
Fetal Surgery Fellow1$92kNA
Research Biostatistician2$90kNA
Senior Statistician1$85kNA
Fellow Pl VII1$85kNA
Information Analyst II4$85k
Network And Computer System Administrator1$84kNA
Project Manager II1$84kNA
Manager Genomics Education And Outreach1$81kNA
Computer System Analyst Non R D1$80kNA
Ast Analyst2$80kNA
Research Labor Manager1$80kNA
Physical Therapy Team Leader1$79kNA
Clinical Research Nurse Lead1$77kNA
Medical And Health Services Manager2$77k
Senior System Analyst1$76kNA
Clinical Data Management Specialist1$75kNA
Mr Physicist1$75kNA
Bioinformatics Specialist5$74k
Bioinformatics Scientist3$74k
Database Network Administrator1$73kNA
Pl VII1$72kNA
Database Administrator2$71k
Biochemist And Biophysicists1$71kNA
Pl VII Fellow8$70k
Lead Clinical Data Analyst1$70kNA
Data Analyst Biostatistician1$70kNA
Technical Developer1$69kNA
Research Scientist9$69k
Computational Engineer2$69kNA
Senior Biostatistician4$68k
Technical Specialist II1$68kNA
Technical Director Transgenic Laboratory5$68k
Mass Spectrometrist1$68kNA
Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator II1$67kNA
Senior Quality Data Manager1$66kNA
Cag Informatics Manager1$66kNA
Genetic Counselor2$66k
Research Associate II3$66k
Pl VI Fellow8$65k
Bioinformatics Associate Scientist2$65k
Bioinformatics Specialist I1$65kNA
Audiologist I2$65kNA
Biomechanical Crash Analyst1$64kNA
Talent Strategist2$64k
Pl VI Neuromuscular Medicine Fellow1$64kNA
Pl VI Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellow1$63kNA
Physical Therapist II2$63k
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator1$62kNA
Fellow Pl VI1$62kNA
Manager All Other1$61kNA
Senior Research Associate2$61k
Pl V1$61kNA
Pl V Fellow7$60k
Orthopaedic Surgical Fellow1$60kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists1$60kNA
System Analyst I1$60kNA
Clinical Research Regulatory Specialist1$58kNA
Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator I1$58kNA
Senior Research Assistant3$58k
Senior Contracts Administrator1$58kNA
Clinical Research Navigator1$57kNA
Pl IV Fellow4$57k
Health Educator2$56k
Program Coordinator1$56kNA
Medical Resident Pl II1$55kNA
Staff Accountant II2$55kNA
Biological Scientist All Other1$55kNA
Research Associateg1$55kNA
I Test Analyst I3$55k
Research Associate I5$54k
Pl III Resident2$54k
Child Psychiatry Fellow1$54kNA
Researcher Research Associate1$52kNA
Statistical Programmer1$52kNA
Pl II Resident1$51kNA
Research Association1$51kNA
Research Coordinator1$50kNA
Medical And Clinical Laboratory Technician1$50kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator1$50kNA
Network Database Administrator1$50kNA
Resident In Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiology2$50kNA
Research Associate37$50k
Fellow Pediatric Neonatology1$49kNA
Posdoctoral Fellow2$49k
Biomedical Research Assistant1$48kNA
Senior Contract Administrator1$48kNA
Pediatric Resident1$48kNA
Orthopedic Fellow1$48kNA
Medical Resident Fellow1$48kNA
Sas Programmer3$48k
Data Analyst1$47kNA
Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow3$47k
Database Analyst I2$47kNA
Research Fellow3$47k
Clinical Research Coordinator II3$47k
Fellow Pgy5 Anesthesiology1$47kNA
Postdoctoral Researc Fellow1$46kNA
Bioinformatics Coordinator1$46kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologist1$45kNA
Pediatric Nephrology Fellow1$45kNA
Staff Accountant2$43kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow73$42k
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Program3$42k
Senior Research Technician12$41k
Budget Analyst1$41kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow3$40k
Reaearch Assistant1$40kNA
Research Assistant9$40k
Researchtechnician II2$39k
Biomedical Research Technician3$39k
Research Technician III1$39kNA
Research Technologist II1$39kNA
Database Coordinator1$38kNA
Research Technician II26$38k
Clinical Research Assistant1$36kNA
Clinical Research Assistant I1$36kNA
Resource Coordinator1$36kNA
Post Doctorate Research Fellow3$35k
Clinical Research Assistant II2$35k
Research Tech1$35kNA
Research Technician20$34k
Postdoctoral Researcher1$32kNA
Research Technician I6$31k
Biological Technician2$29k