The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Jr Jobs

A total of 158 The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Jr jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $73,924
Salary Range: $10,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Clinical Associate Step1$760kNA
Clinical Professor1$255kNA
Associate Professor Of Law1$219kNA
Assistant Professor Of Business1$211kNA
Clinical Associate Professor2$208k
Assistant Professor Of Organizational Behavior1$202kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor18$201k
Professor Of Chemical Engineering1$195kNA
Dean Of Religious Life1$180kNA
Professor Of Anthropology1$175kNA
Information System Specialist1$175kNA
Professor Of Pediatrics1$175kNA
Associate Professor3$169k
Assistant Professor Of Economics4$168k
Professor Med Center Line1$165kNA
Professor Of Education1$160kNA
Associate Professor Of Neurosurgery1$160kNA
Manager Private Equity1$154kNA
Professor Of Biology1$147kNA
Assistant Professor Research2$143k
Executive Director2$139k
Senior Research Scientist Basic Life1$139kNA
Software Proj Mgr Architect1$135kNA
Technical Manager3$134k
Associate Director1$133kNA
Assistant Professor45$126k
Senior Research Engineer6$124k
Visiting Assistant Professor2$123k
Software Developer Business5$122k
Computer Information System Analyst1$120kNA
Assistant Professor Of Genetics1$120kNA
Assistant Professor Of Physics3$116k
Application Administrator1$115kNA
Business Analyst1$115kNA
Computing Information System Analyst5$114k
Associate Director Of Development1$112kNA
Consulting Professor1$112kNA
IT Business Analyst1$110kNA
Acting Assistant Professor1$110kNA
Oracle Application Database Adminstrator1$110kNA
Senior Research Scholar1$109kNA
Peoplesoft System Analyst1$108kNA
Senior Application Developer2$107kNA
Clinical Instructor36$106k
Teaching Research Fellow1$105kNA
Software Engineer2$103k
Peoplesoft Software Developer1$103kNA
System Analyst4$100k
Admin Services Administrator2$99k
Senior Research Scientist Physical Science1$99kNA
Deputy Director1$99kNA
Software Developer3$99k
Computing Informations System Analyst1$98kNA
Software Test Engineer1$96kNA
Senior Biocurator1$95kNA
Academic Research Program Officer2$94k
System Engineer1$94kNA
Computing Info System Analyst6$93k
Research Associate Physical Sciences1$92kNA
Senior Research Scientist Basic Life Sciences1$91kNA
Software Developer Research9$91k
Science And Engineering Associate2$90k
Information Technology Specialist1$90kNA
Budget Analyst1$89kNA
Consulting Assistant Professor1$88kNA
Engineering Research Associate31$88k
Associate Division Manager1$88kNA
Senior Training And Communication Specialist1$87kNA
Senior Research Scientist8$87k
Technology Support Associate1$85kNA
Academic Technology Specialist1$85kNA
System Software Developer1$85kNA
Museum Curator1$85kNA
Social Science Research Associate6$85k
Collections Curator1$83kNA
Academic And Research Program Officer1$80kNA
Statistician Bioinformatician1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Of Sociology1$80kNA
Database And Web Application Developer1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Of English2$78k
Science And Engineering Research Associate1$78kNA
Clinical Laboratory Scientist2$77k
Assistant Professor Of Philosophy1$77kNA
Engineering Research Associat1$76kNA
Laboratory Manager1$75kNA
Ultrasound Fellow In Emergency Medicine2$75kNA
Assistant Professor Of Political Science4$75k
Financial Management Analyst1$75kNA
Academic Research And Program Officer2$75k
Lecturer And Associate Director1$74kNA
Evaluation Research Analyst1$73kNA
Physical Science Research Associate41$73k
Lockss Program Software Developer1$72kNA
Other Research Assistant1$72kNA
Research Analyst1$72kNA
Szego Assistant Professor1$71kNA
Hoover Research Fellow1$70kNA
Quantitative Policy Analyst1$70kNA
Acting Instructor1$70kNA
Data Analyst11$70k
Physical Sciences Research Associate9$70k
Visiting Instructor Lecturer1$69kNA
Student Affairs Officer1$68kNA
Programing Languages Researcher1$68kNA
Lecturer Japanese Language Program1$67kNA
Research Associate Research Scientist1$65kNA
China Projects Officer1$65kNA
Financial Specialist1$65kNA
Social Science Researcher1$64kNA
Study Coordinator1$63kNA
Oseas Seminars Ext Progs Coordinator1$63kNA
Research Associate2$63k
Life Science Technician III3$61k
Basic Life Science Research Associate181$61k
Basic Life Sci Res Associate6$61k
Basic Life Sciences Research Associate2$60k
Assistant Director Of Research Evaluation And Asse1$60kNA
Associate Professor Visiting1$60kNA
Student Services Officer1$60kNA
Visiting Associate Professor1$60kNA
Physical Science Research Assistant2$60k
Life Science Research Associate21$59k
Research Assistant3$59k
Assistant Director Of Admission1$58kNA
Senior Life Science Research Assistant II1$57kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator1$55kNA
Lecturer In Fiction1$55kNA
Social Science Research Assistant17$55k
Life Science Research Assistant II2$54k
Life Science Research Assistant67$53k
Postdoctoral Research Affiliate178$51k
Global Information System Annalyst1$51kNA
Design Research Assistant1$51kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow38$50k
Academic Fellow Law1$50kNA
Assistant Men S Golf Coach1$50kNA
Energy And Policy Research Fellow1$50kNA
Fellow Center For Internet Society1$50kNA
Fellow For The Center For Internet And Society2$50kNA
Postdoctoral Res Affiliate2$50k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow1$50kNA
Postdoctoral Scholar102$49k
Life Science Research Assistant I1$49kNA
Clinical Research Assistant1$47kNA
Staff Research Assistant1$47kNA
Assistant Women S Golf Coach1$47kNA
Postdoctoral Affiliate1$46kNA
Radiochemistry Research Assistant1$46kNA
Instructor Acting1$43kNA
Staff Assistant For Football2$34k
Assistant Professor Of Biogenineering1$11kNA